Chapter 1665 The Last Chess Game.

Time passed by slowly.

In the void outside the region.

In the vast and boundless void, a huge ball of clouds stretched across like a Nebula. Countless Thunderbolts roared and interweaved. The vast void was illuminated by lightning.

A terrifying pressure filled the air.

In the middle of the Dao tribulation, a figure dressed in green and with silver hair like the moon stood quietly. It was Yao qingying!

At this moment, her silver hair was fluttering in the wind, and her jade-green dress was fluttering in the wind. Her aura was extremely powerful and was still rising.

A dense number of lightning snakes gathered like a tide, and the Thunder of tribulation was like a raging wave, blasting Yao qingying from all directions, but she did not use any means to defend herself.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom!

Yao qingying's entire body was submerged in the blinding lightning. &Quot; water flowers " appeared on her green clothes. Green liquid dripped from her fingertips, and the fragrance spread in the air. In the void, life force surged and grew into Jade flowers and grass. As the leaves swayed, lightning patterns could be seen.

In the blink of an eye, the injuries on Yao qingying's body had already recovered.

The Tribulation lightning continued to strike down, and his injuries recovered quickly.

Before the next Thunderbolt struck, it was already as good as new.

Finally, within the ball of clouds, a roar could be heard as all the lightning snakes fused into one. This was the final round of lightning tribulation!

It was as if a bolt of lightning had cut off a large river as it whistled down.


Yao qingying's body was instantly covered in wounds.

However, in that instant, all of his injuries started to recover rapidly.

The Thunderbolts in all directions fell silent, and the Tribulation clouds began to dissipate.

Before the thick clouds had completely dispersed, her injuries had already completely healed.

Yao Qing Ying's beautiful eyes flickered as she looked at the grey and deathly silent void in front of her. She opened her mouth slightly and spat out a mouthful of foul air.

Using this tribulation of Dao, she had finally refined the sudden majestic power.

She was going through the 64th tribulation. As long as she didn't use any special means to bring forward the Tribulation, the next tribulation would be in eight years and eight months.

In the meantime, he could finish all the things he had to do ...

Just as she was thinking, Yao Qing Ying suddenly turned her head slightly and looked in a certain direction.

The next moment, a figure with a neat crown and a majestic aura walked out of the void.

The aura around his body was surging, and he was a Mahayana realm.

His calm gaze peeked through the gaps between the crown beads and he nodded slightly at Yao qingying, saying, " "Fellow Daoist Yao!"

Yao qingying's eyes were slightly surprised as she nodded and said, " "Fellow Daoist Cang Xing, may I know why you are here?"

Cang Xing didn't reply immediately. Instead, he waved his hand and set up a large array to block out any probing from the outside world. He also used various methods to prevent prying. Then, he took out the heirloom seal and the Emperor sword to suppress the fate energy in this place, not allowing any information to leak out.

Seeing the "Cang Xing" retired emperor being so serious about this matter, Yao qingying was slightly startled in her heart, but at the same time, she quickly understood that what the other party wanted to tell her this time was very important, and it was very likely to be related to the higher realm!

At this moment, Cang Xing had already arranged everything. He was certain that even if an immortal was beside them, it would be difficult to hear the contents of their conversation. Only then did he transmit his voice with extreme caution,"The 'Huang Huang' pill ancestor asked me to bring a message to you."

"There's no need for you to find a successor for the ancestor of alchemy, my friend."

"If I can ascend this time, I must seize the opportunity!"


No longer need to find a successor for master?

Yao qingying was slightly startled and immediately asked, " "Why?"

Cang Xing shook his head but did not explain anything.

Yao qingxuan immediately understood that his master had only left behind this one sentence!

In the past, before the opening of the fleeting life chess game, the nine great sects 'Mahayana stage cultivators would communicate with the nine sects' upper worlds in advance.

If the demonic path was asking about immortal techniques, the righteous path was asking about the chess game.

If the demonic path asked about the chess game, then the righteous path asked about the immortal Technique, and the two sides would take turns ...

The last time the floating life chess game was opened, the righteous path asked about immortal techniques, while the demonic path asked about the chess game.

The " curse " that was the guide to the immortal path had invited all the top cultivators of the nine sects to gather in the million fathoms sea for the secret of the chess game and the news from the upper realm ...

In order to make her immortal path more smooth in the future, her master had also brought her along to attend the meeting ...

However, after she and her master met the 'bane of fortune' Demon Lord and fought, her master's attitude suddenly changed. He asked her to find a successor for her and after she returned, he set many harsh conditions for the future successor. She was not allowed to ascend to the upper realm before she completed this task ...

Apart from that, her master had also set a request for her. If someone could cultivate the [ true eternal fire technique ] to the Mahayana stage ... That person would be her new master! (See Side Story: pill ancestor Huang Huang.)

She knew at that time that her master was leaving behind his funeral arrangements!

The demon Lord, the 'source of fortune', must have told master something. Master was already prepared to die in the fleeting life chess game!

The owner even thought that the next fleeting life chess game would be extremely dangerous!

The mission of finding a successor was to help her avoid the dangerous chess game.

But now, her master told her that she didn't need to find a successor ...

That's right, master had already become an immortal. He must have calculated that this chess game would no longer be dangerous, so he let her seize the opportunity ...

However, to her, immortal Ascension was not that important!

Ever since her master had entered the floating life realm, she had been worried about her master's mission for thousands of years!

The pill discussion ceremony, which was held once every thirty years, was not only a grand event for the entire Pan Xu world, but also a chance for her to wake up from her deep sleep and remember her master.

He had been thinking about it again and again, disappointed again and again, and worked hard again and again ... He couldn't give up halfway at this final moment!

PEI Ling and Jin sumian ... They were her blood, sweat, and tears!

She wanted to complete her master's mission perfectly before ascending to the upper realm to meet her master!

She wanted to meet her master with the attitude of a true expert!

She wanted to let her master see that she had not been wasting her thousands of years, but had truly left a lineage of inheritance for her master in the lower realm!

As he thought of this, Yao qingxuan immediately said, " "Master's mission is still lacking a bit."

"I have to complete master's mission before I can ascend!"

Hearing this, Cang Xing immediately frowned and sent a voice transmission, " "The rules of heaven are strict, Immortals don't interact with mortals."

&Quot; we can communicate with the upper realm now because we are all going to go to the chess game. We all have the possibility of becoming Immortals in the future! &Quot;

"Even so, each sect can only ask one thing, and it can't be passed on to the descendants of the sect for accumulation."

"If fellow Daoist Yao does not participate in this chess game, I can not tell you anything else about this chess game."

"No need to tell me," Yao qingying replied calmly.

Cang Xing nodded slightly and transmitted his voice again, " "Don't let any living being know about the words that the pill ancestor 'Huang Huang' had passed to you."

"Understood," Yao qingxuan replied.

The glazed avarice dynasty must have communicated with the upper realm about the chess game.

And her master wanted her to seize the opportunity to ascend. This matter must have been initiated by her master ...

Seeing this,"Cang Xing" did not say anything more."Zhen Huang" had already conveyed the words of the pill ancestor, and Yao Qing Ying had no intention of participating in this chess game. Other things could not be said anymore ...

Thus, with a wave of his sleeve, he put away the heirloom seal and the emperor's sword. He then removed all the restrictions and removed the formation.

A moment later, the void returned to normal.

&Quot; Cang Xing " cupped his hands and said, " fellow Daoist, farewell! &Quot;

After saying that, his figure disappeared.

Yao qingying didn't stay here any longer. A green shadow flashed across the air and she too, flew toward the pan Hu realm ...