v2 Chapter 2879: : bad news

The latest website: Entering this line, they are not afraid of death.

If Lin Yi can give them a good time, he will thank God for his blessing.

But the problem is that if he did that kind of thing and was taken to such a place, he would not give himself a chance.

And now, the impossible opportunity has appeared, and it is necessary to fight for it.

"They'll take a boat to Pretty Country, then a private jet, back to headquarters."

"Yes, yes, they will go to the beautiful country for a transfer. I also know the flight number, which is reserved there."

Those who were arrested were eager to try, and said what they knew, just to get a chance.

Even if you don't give yourself a car, you can let yourself go out.

And black-faced men are also not allowed to call.

Lin Yi's way of playing his cards made him incomprehensible.

Lin Yi gave Ning Che a look, and the latter understood.

Ning Che called a few people and took them away.

Lin Yi sat on the sofa, took Conland's mobile phone, and uploaded the video he just recorded to the Internet.

The video was posted on the Internet, because the explosive content spread all over the world in a very short period of time.

The number of clicks has increased exponentially.

After doing these things, Lin Yi threw the phone aside, closed his eyes and sat on the sofa.

As for the rest, Lin Yi didn't pay attention.

About half an hour later, Ning Che returned to Lin Yi's side.

"It's all done."

"Let's go."

"it is good."

"and many more!"

A person who provided the news stopped Lin Yi.

"We've already told you the news, why don't you let us go."

"Don't worry, they will let you go."

After speaking, Lin Yi called in a group of people.

"Come in."

Hearing Lin Yi's voice, a group of people walked in one after another.

Seeing the corpse on the ground, the expressions of a group of people changed slightly, but they soon returned to normal.

"Blood and blood, you can deal with the remaining people," Lin Yi said.


The people in the workers' union were a little panicked.

"You guys, what are you going to do, let us go!"

"Let you go?" Zhang Chaoyue said with a cold face:

"Do you really think we are good men and women?"

"But you've all released Apner, why don't you let us go!"

Zhang Chaoyue shrugged and said:

"Forgot to tell you, his car exploded on the road, maybe the quality of the car is too bad, it's a pity."

Hearing this, the people of the Gongyuan Association were dumbfounded.

Only then did he realize that he was tricked by Lin Yi, everything was a scam he knew, and he just wanted to get news from himself.

"Let's go first. If you need help, you can contact the three groups. I've already greeted them, and I'll be on call at any time," Ning Che said.

"Thank you, Sister Ning."

Ning Che nodded and left with Lin Yi.

The two went to the hotel they often went to. Ning Che gave Lin Yi some aromatherapy, just to let him relax.

"Let's rest for a while, it will be dawn soon."

"I'll sit for a while and give me one of your cigarettes."

Ning Che handed over the cigarette and lighter.

"The video you posted on the Internet has already been seen by the brigade, but nothing has been said. It should have acquiesced to your actions." Ning Che said:

"However, before you released the video, the brigade issued a statement through other channels, and will take this matter seriously, let us regain the initiative in this matter, and fight back as a victim."

"This should be Lao Lao's idea. I can guess what he does, and I don't know how scary he will be when he is young."

"Mother Lu's ability to restrain someone like your father must be beyond doubt."

Ning Che massaged Lin Yi's shoulders, "It's just that I'm old now, and I can't do what I want. Otherwise, I can take the Zhongwei Brigade to the next level."

Lin Yi nodded, but did not speak.

Lu Beichen does have such ability.

bell bell —

At this moment, Lin Yi's cell phone rang, he glanced at it, and found that it was Luo Qi's call.

Taking Lin Yi's phone, Ning Che turned on the amplifier and put it aside.

"Brother Lin, something happened at the hospital."

Lin Yi's expression tightened.

"What happened."

"Chen Bing, the daughter of Team Leader Chen, was not rescued."

Lin Yi and Ning Che's expressions were frozen at the same time.

A little overwhelmed for a while.

"I see."

After hanging up the phone, Lin Yi stomped out the cigarette **** in his hand.

"Let's go and have a look."

The two got dressed and went downstairs and drove to the hospital.

Liu Hong and the other three leaders of the five to eight groups are here.

In the ward, Chen Shengli and his wife had regained consciousness, but their mental state was very poor.

After entering the door, Liu Hong gave Lin Yi and Ning Che a look, and then moved his lips.

Signaling the two, Chen Shengli already knew about it.

But after the two came, they didn't know what to say, so they could only stand by silently.

No one has experienced what Chen Shengli has experienced, so no one can empathize with it.

Perhaps a broken arm and a missing leg would not make the couple like this.

But without the child, their spiritual temple collapsed.

"Let's, let's be quiet..." Chen Shengli said weakly.

Liu Hong nodded and greeted everyone else out.

But everyone did not go far, standing in the corridor stairwell smoking.

"Boss Liu, how is the next thing arranged?" Ning Che asked.

"Everyone let you take it away, and we can't arrange it."

"Are the people from the second group back?" Lin Yi said suddenly.

"On the way, will be there tomorrow."

"Don't let them come back, and send the three groups too."

Liu Hong glanced at Lin Yi, and found that Lu Beichen was really clever.

He said that Lin Yi would make specific arrangements for this matter, but he didn't expect it to come so soon.

"What else needs to be done?"

"You don't need the others, just send everyone to the island."

"it is good."

Just as the two were talking, an exclamation came.

"Come on, the patient of 709 has an accident!"

Hearing this, Lin Yi and others also panicked.

Because Chen Shengli lives in Ward 709.

And there is still a high-care ward, only their husband and wife, and no one else. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

Throwing away the cigarette butts, a few big men rushed over in a hurry.

It was found that both of their wrists were covered in blood, forming a trickling stream on the ground.

But the couple's hands were tightly clasped together.

They cut their wrists and committed suicide.

Out of their own responsibilities, the doctors and nurses were still rescuing, but Lin Yi knew that there was no need for rescuing.

"Who are you leaders?" the doctor asked.

"I am." Liu Hong said.

"The patient seems to have left a note, take a look."

I took the note handed over by the doctor and found a few words written on it.

"I didn't betray the Zhongwei Brigade, please bury us together."