v2 Chapter 3748: : Shameless Dragon Eagle

Latest website: Lin Yi's speculation shocked the two women again.

At this time, Chen Zhiyi came up with a different idea.

"The parchment you found in the Mayan ruins is a motto for the tribe. It can be seen that the dwarves should be a very proud race. Can they allow their bodies to become like a hostile race?"

"In the face of absolute interests, it is possible to do this."

Lin Yi tilted his head, "I'm even wondering whether the so-called giant race evolved in this way?"

This bold guess also made the two people fall silent and think secretly.

"You mean, the dwarves and the giants have the same origin?"

"Yes." Lin Yi said:

"You can imagine that among the dwarves, there may be several different tribes. Some tribes are responsible for researching animal hybridization, and some tribes are responsible for researching how to improve their own genes and become taller and stronger. Then one day, they The research was successful, and I found that my combat effectiveness was greatly enhanced, so I came up with the idea of ​​breaking away from the original race. After a long period of reproduction, I became the so-called giant race."

After listening to Lin Yi's analysis, the two women began to think seriously again.

"I think this possibility exists, but it is only a possibility. We cannot rule out the possibility that the giants are also aborigines." Chen Zhiyi said.

"What I provide is also a guess. The specific content will have to wait until the parchment is deciphered."

"Leave the rest to me."

Twisting her hair out of habit, Chen Zhiyi said: "Not only are you going to the island, but you also come over to help us analyze the experimental results when you have free time. I'm a little embarrassed. If you have time at noon, I'll treat you to dinner."

"I'm OK."

"I also have time." Lin Yi said with a smile.

"You two pick a place, and I'll go change clothes."

Ning Che didn't have anything in particular that he wanted to eat, so Lin Yi set the place at Qin Han's barbecue restaurant, which was considered to be a way to attract business for him.

While eating, the three of them talked about this topic again.

"If that is the territory of the dwarves, does that mean there are no other places worth noting in the cave?"

"That should be the case, but the situation on the island is too complicated, and we can only analyze it step by step. It's still a little early to make a determination."

"Then don't think so much and let's eat first." Ning Che said.

"But this time is the most dangerous. I feel that those big organizations will definitely keep an eye on us. Maybe some people will have psychological fluctuations and need you to keep an eye on us."

"We are already working on it. If you have any doubts, you can tell us directly."

Chen Zhiyi twitched her hair, "I knew that after suffering so many losses, you would definitely take precautions in advance."

"The others are fine, mainly you group leaders. The danger is much greater than the others."

"My family has found four bodyguards for me. They pick me up and drop me off every day. They are all equipped with guns. There should be no problem with safety."

"There are no results yet. The situation in all aspects should be better. When the results come out, it will be time to focus on prevention." Lin Yi said.

"In this regard, we can only do our best. It is really impossible to prevent it."

"There is nothing we can do. If we are ahead of schedule, we will definitely face this kind of thing."

After chatting about work for a while, the three of them talked about other things. The lunch was quite pleasant.

At around two o'clock in the afternoon, the three of them finished their meal and prepared to go back to work.

Ring ring ring—

On the way back, Chen Zhiyi's cell phone rang. It was a call from a colleague in the team.

After picking up the phone, Lin Yi saw Chen Zhiyi's expression change.

"Is it settled?"

"Does Mr. Lu know about this?"

"Okay, I understand, I'm going back now."

After a few brief exchanges, Chen Zhiyi hung up the phone.

But both of them could tell that something bad must have happened.

"What happened?"

"Dragon Eagle's laboratory has been established, but their battle sequence has not made any achievements, which has caused this department to be idle all the time, so I want to take some of the work from us."

"So shameless, openly robbing the fruits of the revolution?"

"That's what they are like. They have mentioned it many times, but they have never succeeded." Chen Zhiyi said contemptuously:

"They have lowered their stance this time, and the leaders above also know that the Central Guard Brigade has a heavy workload, so they have this idea. Mr. Liang is discussing this matter, and I don't know what the final result will be. , but I heard that the effect is not great, it seems that the higher-ups have decided to do this, so I need to go back quickly to check the situation."

Ning Che speeded up the car and drove to the Zhongwei Brigade in more than twenty minutes.

Chen Zhiyi returned to the research institute, and Lin Yi and Ning Che went to Liu Hong's place.

"Why are you back again?"

"We'll go back to Yangcheng and send the two of them back when we're done. If nothing happens, we'll come back and have a look." Lin Yi said, "How is the situation on the island?"

"The conditions of the second and fourth groups are not bad, and the journey has been smooth. As for whether they can discover new things, it is hard to say."

Liu Hong held a cigarette and said:

"Overseas organizations are very uneasy. News has spread that the Zhongwei Brigade has found something new on the island and has set its sights on us. This is something that needs to be guarded against in the near future."

"It is impossible to completely prevent this kind of thing. We can only use troops to cover it up with water and earth."

"You don't have to be too nervous, don't let them lead you."

"I don't really care about this, but I heard that Dragon Eagle is coming to take our jobs. How did the higher-ups decide?"

"I've also heard about this, and it seems to have been decided."

Liu Hong looked at his watch and said, "I'll probably bring someone over soon to hand over some of the work."

"These people are really shameless, how can they be so embarrassed?"

"They don't want to do this until they have to, but for such a long time, Dragon Eagle's people have made no achievements, and the mission of Death Hill has left a stain on them. UU Kanshu www.uukanshu.com They need Looking for an opportunity to prove myself, I simply used this method."

Liu Hong sighed with a helpless expression.

"It's going to rain and my mother is going to get married. This is not something we can control. Let nature take its course."

Lin Yi and Ning Che looked at each other and realized that this matter was indeed beyond their control.

"Okay, you go and do your own business. Dragon Eagle's people will be here soon, and I have to receive them, **** it."

"You should calm down, men also have uncles, be careful of early menopause." Lin Yi said with a smile.

"go away."

Liu Hong cursed, and Lin Yi and Ning Che left.

As soon as the two people walked out of the administrative building, they saw two off-road vehicles driving in.

"It looks a bit like Dragon Eagle's car." (End of Chapter)