Chapter 118 - I Had a Strange Dream

Song Ci said righteously, “We have to take turns.”


Song Ci was not willing to give in at all.

“Maybe next time.”


Song Ci pressed.

Lu Gan looked at her.

“Go and take a shower.”


Regardless, Song Ci complied. After cleaning up, she said, “We must settle this before I start working.”

“Why don’t we talk about it next year?”

Lu Gan teased.

Song Ci pinched him.

“No way. If we drag it out until next year, I won’t be interested in you anymore.”

Lu Gan could not help but laugh.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Are you sure? Why would you lose interest in me?”

“I can see, but I can’t touch!”

Song Ci gritted her teeth.

Lu Gan chuckled.


He kissed Song Ci on the forehead.


Song Ci snorted.

Lu Gan kissed his wife again to dissipate her anger.

Song Ci leaned into his embrace. Shortly after, she fell asleep and began dreaming. In the dream, she was kissing Lu Gan affectionately. She wrapped her body around him like glue.

When Song Ci woke up, she was stunned. After contemplating a long time, she quietly got out of bed. Why did she have such a dream?! It was all Lu Gan’s fault! He did something completely unexpected last night! After all, she was a pure and innocent girl!

Song Ci avoided eye contact with Lu Gan for the whole morning. She always felt anxious, as if something would happen at any time.

To ease herself, she stayed by Song Yujin’s side.

Song Yujin was already used to having her around. He even asked, “Should I go to the Song family’s house with you?”

“No need. Just stay at home and read your books. Your brother-in-law will accompany me.”

Song Ci ruffled the little boy’s hair. She knew he did not care about the Song family, so there was no point in forcing him to go.

The siblings read together for a while.

Suddenly, Song Ci thought of something and went to Lu Suo’s room.

“Little Suo, you wanted to read with Yujin, right?”

Lu Suo was playing with his tablet.


Song Ci walked over and carried him.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to your little uncle.”

Lu Suo felt helpless. What kind of person actually liked reading?! Song Yujin was weird!

He hugged Song Ci while looking aggrieved.

Song Ci smiled and kissed him.

“You don’t like reading, do you?”

Lu Suo said pitifully, “I do…”

Clearly, he was being dishonest.

Song Ci could not help but laugh.

“It’s fine. You can slack off until you’ve entered elementary school.”

“I’m very good at studying. I just don’t like reading after classes are over… Besides, my grades are excellent.”

“That’s true. Little Suo is so smart. By the way, your father and I are going out. You should stay by your little uncle’s side and keep each other company. If you don’t want to read, just play with your table.”

Song Ci smiled.

“You’re going out? Can I go with you?”

Lu Suo asked energetically.

“Not this time. We’re going to see my father and he has a bad temper. There’s no need for you to put up with him.”

Song Ci answered calmly.

Upon hearing this, Lu Suo became curious.

“Then why are you going to meet him?”

“Because I want to take back your little uncle’s belongings.”

“Like what?”

Lu Suo was puzzled.

Song Ci asked, “Little Suo, do you understand the definition and concept of money?”

Lu Suo nodded. He was not a fool!

“That’s what I’ll be taking back.”

Lu Suo was still confused. How come Song Ci’s father had Song Yujin’s money? Both of his grandfathers were so unreliable. As expected, his uncle was the best! He had become fond of Song Ci as well and trusted her decisions.

“Mom, you must get little uncle’s things back.”

“Of course!”