Chapter 1411 - Mysterious Letter ⑧

Chapter 1411 - Mysterious Letter ⑧

After crossing the 5th Basement Floor, we finally arrived at the 6th Basement Floor, the final level. Apparently, the theme of this space was based on the 5th Basement Floor, as while the 5th Basement Floor was the entrance gate to the castle, the 6th Basement Floor was some kind of throne room.

Since this was the throne room of an old castle, the ceiling is collapsed and moonlight was shining in, so there was a certain amount of brightness in the place.

The Golems in the floors up to now had been invisible at first, and Roze-san had to call them nearby, but the Golems in this level were visible right from the start.

At the end of my gaze, sitting on a huge throne was a jet-black king. It was dressed in black full-body armor that gave off ominousness, and behind its throne was a greatsword, perhaps 5 meters in length, which, with the moonlight shining from behind, looked like a black cross.

In front of the king, a silvery Golem that looked like a mannequin, dressed in a Maid uniform, stood silently.

[……So those are Kuro and Ein-san’s……]

(Unnn. “Elcrester” and “Cross of the End”. These Golems are also rather special, as unless Elcrester is defeated, Cross of the End will not receive any attacks.)

[I see. It would be a battle against two, where the challengers would need to defeat Elcrester first……]

They look strong. It certainly sounds tricky how Kuro’s Golem is invincible unless Ein-san’s Golem is defeated first.

However, in the first place, those who reached this point were people capable of defeating Luminax. In other words, they have broken through a simultaneous battle against four Six King Golems.

[……Do these Golems also have their own special tricks?]

(They have~~ By defeating the Elcaster, Cross of the End will unleash its final form~~)

I knew it. If this had all been there is to them, I honestly felt that Luminax would be stronger, so I thought there was still something else, and it really was as I thought huh……

(Since we’re at it, Roze will especially show it to you, Kaito-kun~~ Cross of the End, turn into your Final Form.)

The moment Roze-san announced this, Elcrester shattered into glowing particles and was sucked into the greatsword behind the throne.

The greatsword then lit up with a silver light. Thereupon, five differently colored lights: red, brown, green, white and purple, descended from the sky…… Those colors were probably corresponding to the Six King Golems we’ve met so far.

As those lights were absorbed into the greatsword, Cross of the End picked up the greatsword and pulled it out. At that moment, the old castle shattered with a loud earthquake.

Everything was surrounded by a dazzling light, and when it cleared up, I found myself standing on top of the castle’s debris floating in the air.

And there, in front of our eyes, was the floating figure of the Cross of the End, with the moon behind them. Its armor was shattered and its physique was one size smaller, but its intimidating presence was in a different league…… to the extent that it was even comparable to that of the real Six Kings.

Even though its face is blackened and should be unrecognizable, black magic power formed the shape of a long coat, and its silhouette looks like Kuro carrying a greatsword.

[I- It has an extremely terrific presence, hasn’t it?]

(It’s awesome. Cross of the End would only transform to its final form only when all the other Golems have been destroyed~~ In its most powerful state, which incorporates the power of all Golems, Cross of the End’s combat power is such that it can even compete with the real Six Kings!)

[In other words, this would be the combined state of all 7 Golems huh.]

???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????-????????????.????????????

(Unnn. However, Cross of the End’s final form can only be unleashed here in the dungeon. Outside of the dungeon, even if I can create as many Quasi-Domain Barriers as I can, Cross of the End’s final form is so powerful that it will break those barriers down.]

No matter how much preparation she does, she can’t move it outside, but the Boss can be said to be the strongest inside this dungeon…… If someone can defeat this, I feel like they can become the new King.

That said, I feel that someone who just clears this dungeon would likely be certified as the Seventh King…… In that sense, this dungeon may really be a trial for one to become a King.

[The floor turned out like this though….. Will everything revert back?]

(Unnn. It’s alright~~ Cross of the End Final Form deactivate.)

With Roze-san’s words, the surroundings were once again enveloped in dazzling light, the scenery returned to the throne room, and at the end of my gaze, I saw Cross of the End sitting on its throne and Elcrester standing nearby, just as they were at first.

Good gracious, this is a really outrageous dungeon. Well, the ones with clearly abnormal combat powers were 5th and 6th Basement Floors…… floors that had been updated by Kuro and Alice, so I think they’re probably much more powerful than when they first made these Golems…… Unnn. It doesn’t seem like they’re trying to get people to clear this dungeon.


Serious-senpai : [……If you can defeat all those, of course, I think it can’t be helped that a sword with a performance like that was called a toy.]