Volume 2 - CH 363

I’m not even sleepy and yet my eyelids feel so heavy, I need to buy a eyedrops or something later.

Chapter 8-35. Backlash

Everyone utters words of disbelief at Houen’s statement.

How could he possibly forget something that had shocked them so much?

“What are you talking about,……? Did you notice something?”

“What the hell…… are you talking about?”

“You said the devil isn’t our enemy. What else did you find out? Maybe what they’re up to?”

“Sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about. ……”

“…… Hold on, Houen. Have you ever heard of Atrak?”

“Who’s that?”


His memory is …… erased!

What the hell is going on!


“I- i- i-t’s not me! This is …… this is ……!”

“Calm down! I know it wasn’t you! It might have something to do with that tremor earlier!”

What the hell happened in that split second?

There is no way that Lourimkos, who wanted to tell us something, would erase his memory.

What she did to Houen was to calm his mind and stop him from shaking.

At that time, Houen still knows a certain part of his memory.

But when the symptoms were cured, that certain part was gone.

Under the current circumstances, it would be normal to think that Lurimkos did something, but as I said before, that is something that will never happen.

‘Lize! You didn’t sense anything?!”

“I didn’t sense anything!”

“As for Alena!?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t sense anything either ……”

Even those who were nearby didn’t know what happened. ……

How much of his memory is gone now?

“Houen! Do you remember what happened in Bamil territory?!”

“Where is Bamil territory?”

“Gasp! Do you remember the attack on the Kingdom of Salettana?”

“Of course I do!”

“You remember that ……! What about the village of Oni?”

“We went to save the princess when the Oni attacked. I don’t know what we were fighting with.”

“It disappeared because of Raiki’s skill …….”

I don’t remember that part either.

But if he remembers what he did in the Zenki-village, then he must also remember what he did with the devil.

Meanwhile …… during that time …….

I don’t know if he remembers the information from when I reverted back to monster form …….

Ugh, yeah, this guy doesn’t remember anything about Atrak!

That means all the information regarding everything in Lequam’s lab is gone!

He only remembers the magic crystal, but I remember it too. ……

I and Houen were separated most of the time at that time.

The fact that Houen’s memory is gone until the Kingdom of Salettana, where we recovered a lot of information, is a very bad thing!

I have to ask him how much he remembers. ……

“What information did you collect in the Kingdom of Salettana?”

“Eh, it was Irza, right? I went to that person and couldn’t gather any information, so I gave up and left. ……”

“It was that far ……! Damn!”

Gone. ……, all the conversations he had with the …… devil!

God, what the hell was the trigger?

Whoever did this knew what the hell he was doing!

That was before we even started!

I mean, how is this guy’s memory even connected right now?

“Houen! Tell me what happened after you left Irza’s place!”

“Uh-okay. I think it was Ouren, who returned to human form, who told me about this place. That’s why we came here, right?”

“Did you remember the conversation we had here……?”

“Sorry, I was sleeping.”


That’s way too convenient you know, my man, Houen!

Even if you do, it’s impossible because your memory has been erased. ……

“O- Ouren-sama, ……”

“What ……?”

“Lurimkos-sama is …….”

The smile on Lurimkos’s face is completely gone.

Her face was full of frustration and hatred, which did not suit her appearance at all.

Holding her face tightly in her hands, she clenched her teeth with her eyes wide open.

The unusual appearance drew Uchikage’s attention.

That is why it was too late to call out to her even though he had noticed it.

“That’s him……! It must be him! It’s him! It’s too late, if only I had cured him earlier ……, far sooner ……! This would never have happened. ……!”

“Who is that guy?”

“Gasp- gasp ……! No, I can’t tell you. I am sorry. ……!!!”

“I understand.”

I could now be sure.

There is another enemy out there that is not a devil.

Somewhere in this world, there really is an opponent that we should be fighting.

The tremor that Houen experienced a moment ago.

Something seemed to be rebelling against him, and that was exactly what it was.

Houen was enduring at that time.

He was aware that his memories were being stirred up inside him, and he was desperately trying to tell us what he had discovered.

I couldn’t notice that …….

I’m sorry, Houen …….

“Please, everyone, ……! Gasp, next ……! Please don’t …… stop the next devils from doing what they do……!”

“…… it depends on the situation.”

“Gasp …… please, I beg of you,……! I didn’t notice……! I should have been …… the first to notice it when I saw that Houen-sama ……! I’m sorry……I’m sorry……! I’m sorry…… sorry…… Hoen-sama!”

Lurimkos in a state of self-loathing.

I felt like I shouldn’t leave her like this, so I let her sit down anyway.

Her arms were full of strength, but when I touched her, they relaxed, and at the end she kept apologizing to Houen, with tears streaming down her face.

How close it was.

It really was close.

Almost there, she could have told me what the devil wanted to tell us.

It must have been very frustrating for her to have missed that opportunity.

“Uchikage, Alena, Lize.”




Everybody looks at me.

Without making eye contact with anyone, I continue to speak.

“The enemy is elsewhere. It’s not the devil. We’ll find him, ……, whatever it takes.”

“Absolutely, sir.”

“I understand.”


Houen was somewhat understanding of the situation, though he was left behind.

That’s the quirky Houen that I know.

He is very quick-witted at times like this.

Though his memory is gone,…….

“Ah,……Oh- that’s it!”

A little perplexed by the heavy air, Hoen thrust his hand into the magic tool bag as if he had come up with something.

Then, he took out a book.

“I picked this book out at random and bought it ……. I don’t remember why I bought it. I don’t even know where I bought it.”

“…… hmm? [Meaningless …… war]?”

This is the kind of thing that Houen remembers within his memory,that he did not tell me.

But when he visited Irza’s house, he must have visited most of the used bookstores.

It is odd that he bought the book from a used bookstore somewhere and his memory of that place is missing.

The book is called ‘Meaningless War’, but …… is surprisingly thin.

If he has this book, I’m sure he bought it for a good reason …….

I flipped through the pages of the book.