Volume 2 - CH 364

Chapter 8-36. Meaningless War

Although the book seems to be very old, it is not unreadable.

There is a strange list of letters in it.

And yet we could read them, even if we could not spell them.

Regardless of what kind of letters they were.

“Ouren-sama, can you read the letters in that book?”

“Hm? Somehow.”

“……, those are, ancient characters.”



Although …… Houen can’t write the same way as me, he can read it.

If that’s the case, I don’t really understand the meaning of picking this one.

If he had seen the content, he would have told me something about it. ……

…… This guy didn’t read it, did he?

Why did he buy this book ……?

Oh well.

Let’s see what’s in it anyway.

This is what was written in the beginning of the book.


The Meaningless War

Author Grimoire Dinnear

Published date of issue year 600


“…… Year 600?”

“It was around five hundred years ago. ……”

“Five hundred years ago, that’s when …… the first white snake, Hiwa, was around!”


How could it have survived for such a long time without being weathered?

The pages are not torn and very little dirt is on it.

Could there be some kind of preservation magic?

Regardless, I was more interested in the content of the book.

I read the book as if I were devouring it.

This book itself is a short one of about 40 pages.

As the title of the book suggests, the content was about war.

There was a fierce war going on at the time.

A war between mankind and an allied army of Oni and devils.

The story was set 500 years ago, and maps of that time are useless, but the villages of the Oni have been scattered throughout the country for a long time.

The setting is between the village of Oni and the Kingdom of Salettana.

There were a number of small fortresses, and both Oni and Devils were trying to defeat the castles owned by the humans.

The human side, too, had many strong figures at that time, and the battle was continually turned upside down and back again, but as a result, the allied forces of Oni and Devil were victorious, and the humans were defeated.

But here, I noticed something strange.

Nobody knew the reason why the war took place.

One would normally assume that there was something going on between the races, but that is not mentioned either.

This is what the author of the book says.

In summary, this is a very short documentation of a war that took place five hundred years ago, and it is a strange story about a major war that took place, but no one understands the implications of that war.

The title of the book, The Meaningless War, was probably due to the fact that there were endless meaningless battles that happened for no reason at all.

“……Erased memories……even the reason why we were at war………….”

It was not just about Oni.

They had wiped the memories of all the humans and Oni in this entire world.

“Huh? Hey, then why did the devils retain their memories?”

‘…… Our memories were, not altered.”

“…… I see.”

So there was a reason it didn’t want to erase them?

But I guess they can’t tell us that.

There is no doubt that the devils had something to do with Hiwa and the others.

That may have had something to do with the devil’s actions this time around.

But I don’t think we can get any more information from the devil either.

“Lurimkos. You have nothing more to tell us, have you?”

“Yes. ……”

“Finding an unknown enemy is difficult. Do you know where I can find information?”

“No, there is no place where you can get them …….

“There was none ……?”

There’s no such thing as none …….

It is strange to say that there is no such thing, since they are an enemy that exists.

So far, there is certainly an absence of such information. ……

“For now, let’s go back to Bamil territory. Maybe we can find something if we move to recover Houen-dono’s memory.”

“That’s right. If we can get his memory back, we can find out a lot of things.”

“Eh, ……?”

Well then, please let me send you back ……. May I?”

Lorimkos said, wiping away her tears.

Hold on a minute.

“‘Let me try one last thing, [Sanctification].”

This is the cure for the curse that had been placed on Alena.

If it was a curse, I thought I could do something about it with this purification process.

However, …….


Something snapped.

I didn’t quite understand what had happened, but Lurimkos shook her head regretfully.

“It is impossible. Even my destruction was meaningless.”

“The more advanced the curse, the harder it is to break,…… Maybe if we could find someone who could do this. Thanks for your time. Everyone ready?”

To my question, the four of them gave a small nod.

Once she had everyone’s approval, she waved her finger lightly to use her skill.

“Let’s meet again.”

With those final words, we were transported to the gates of Bamil territory.

She had destroyed our travel from that place to here.

I thought it was a really absurd skill, but we came back to Bamil territory.

After Oren and the others left.

There were two shadows in the sky above the house where Lurimkos was staying.

They had beautiful white wings and yellow luminous rings floating on their heads.

They had the appearance of angels.

[I can’t do any more tampering. Geez, no more.]

[Roger that. Let’s go back.]

After a short conversation, the two disappeared into particles of light.