Volume 2 - CH 415

10-1. Unbelievable Awakening

…Hmm, my body feels really sore.

What’s happening? What’s going on?

But I’m still so sleepy. How is sleepiness winning over the pain? What’s going on?

…Yeah, it still hurts.

My stomach area hurts, but what’s happening?

Hmm, but I can’t open my eyes.

Are my eyelids heavy?

Did my body really need to sleep that much?

No, I had proper rest, you know?

I sleep just like everyone else.

There were times when I couldn’t sleep much due to guard duty, but I got used to that too.

Wait, what was I doing just now?

Err-  Uhmmmmm…

Ah!! That’s right, I saved Reizen and then fell asleep!

I didn’t listen carefully to the conversation about the voice!

Actually, I was so sleepy when I heard it that I somewhat forgot!

This is bad!

Come on, wake up quickly, me!!

I’m fully awake now, so get up!!

But seriously, my body hurts so much!

What’s happening to me?

Open your eyelids!!


When I opened my eyes, I was in the middle of a huge city.

It seems like I’ve been sleeping for quite a long time.

It takes about five days from the Vulpan Kingdom to the Salletana Kingdom, after all.

…Wait, hold on??

Hold up, errr, wait a sec?

Why is my line of sight so high????

I raised my body with a jolt.

My line of sight rose to the height of a high-rise building, and I was able to overlook the people below who seemed to be citizens.

Please tell me this situation is a lie.

<Why am I in my monster form again, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!???>


<Huh!? Ehh!!?>

Wait a minute, what’s going on!?

Ah! Hey, hey, I’m currently stomping on the inn!

And there’s rubble on my back. Are the people inside okay!?

Hey, hey, hey, the adventurers are pointing their weapons at me!

Well, that’s natural, right? If something like this suddenly appeared, that would happen!

And I still can’t speak!

What kind of bad joke is this!

Thank you for turning me into a full-fledged dragon!!


This Seiryuu (me) looks a bit different, doesn’t it…?

Upon briefly confirming my appearance, I noticed several changes.

First, my horns.

When I was a Seiryuu, I had three horns that split from my forehead, but now they extend from between my eyebrows towards the back of my head.

Now, there are two horns slightly behind my eyes.

…And they are also divided into three sections, becoming sharper towards the tips.

Looking at my hands, I see terrifyingly sharp claws, capable of tearing through anything.

My hands are large, but my arms are slender and long.

However, my shoulders are broad and solid, fitting the balance of my body.

Around my neck, pale blue hair grows in a mane-like fashion, and it is exceptionally long.

It looks just like an aged dragon.

Similar pale blue hair also grows on my back, extending all the way to my tail.

My yellowish eyes have a piercing gaze, but the pupils still resemble those of a snake.

If I stare at someone eyes, would they faint?

My entire body is slim for a dragon.

My face is elongated, with sharp fangs lining up.

Wait a minute.

I remember this transformation.



Name: Ouren

Species: Ouryuu (Yinglong)

LV: ──

HP: 20,000/20,000

MP: 300,000/300,000

Attack: 38,000

Defense: 4,300

Magic Power: 152,000

Agility: 2,000

Special Abilities:





Thank you so much! I don’t know what happened, but I’ve successfully evolved, hip hip, hoorayyyyy!!


For now, let’s set aside the ridiculous numerical values and the four unknown skills!

And let’s also ignore the fact that my level is gone!?

No, wait, I actually gained more skills. Damn it, they’re so few!

No, no, what the hell is going on in this situation?!

I probably won’t be able to communicate anything even if I speak now, but it’s dangerous to turn back into a human form.

Wait, when did I sleep in this form?

Yeah, isn’t this dangerous?

What are these adventurers with their weapons doing?

But this feeling… What’s going on?

I can’t shake off the impression that they’re just posturing because a dragon suddenly appeared.

Maybe I evolved just a moment ago?

Even if that’s the case, the current situation is bad, right?

D… Did they get startled because I moved suddenly?

Okay, let me slowly lower my head…



Hmm, they seem really frightened.

It’s definitely dangerous to make sudden movements.

This won’t be settled with mere confusion.

Let’s stay quiet until I see a way out.

Wait, could it be?

Now that we know that the voice of the heavens is the real enemy, did they do this to disadvantage us in some way?

In that case, what about Reizen, Lize, and Houen? What’s happening to them?

It feels like everything is going in a bad direction.

“Hey… This thing moved…! After not moving for several days…!”

“I-I didn’t know anything about that! I mean, I knew it was alive, but still…!”

Wait, did I really sleep for that long?

Enough with the oversleeping, seriously…

…Wait, can I fly in this form?

Dragons fly in the sky without using their wings, right?

On the other hand, if I can only move like a snake, it would be quite a shock, and I might end up bedridden again.

Let’s try floating a little.

Ah, I’m floating.

Well, I’ve confirmed that. Now let’s gently lower myself to the ground…


The people around me take several steps back in surprise.

I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure…

“!!? Everyone, step back! Adventurers, guide the evacuation! Don’t provoke it, slowly back away!”

Houen, who threw away his shopping bag, rushed towards me upon seeing my form.

He instructs the adventurers and tries to contain the situation.

Phew, I’m saved!

I mean, Houen-san.

He seems really… angry. I’m so sorry, it’s not like I want this to happen you knooooowwww!!