Volume 2 - CH 416

10-2. Induction

Well, but I’m glad Houen came to help!

Since he understands the situation, he should be able to do something!

But it seems Houen is safe.

For now, that’s good.

If I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Is he a messiah?

He definitely acts like one.

“Um, so Houen, what should I do about this?”


Stop giving me that stare…

“Dragon. I don’t know why you ended up in this situation, but it only fuels the anxiety of the people. If possible, I would like you to leave this place.”


Is this Houen’s act?

He’s clearly mouthing ‘Play along’ so it seems better to comply.

I nod emphatically, trying to show that I understand human speech.

Then I jumped up.

Wait, hold on, can I actually jump up properly!?

I managed to float at a low altitude earlier, so I made it somehow… But I have no idea what will happen when I increase the altitude.

After all, flying is completely new to me.

It’s really scary though!?

I slowly and carefully raise the altitude.

Oh, it seems to be working…!

S-so far so good.

I’ll just hide in some mountain like this for now!

Houen will come later, probably!

Having reached a sufficient altitude, I flew through the sky, wriggling my body.

Ah, it might be better to go up high, change back into human form, and quietly descend.

Alright, let’s increase the altitude then.

Soaring high into the sky, surpassing the clouds.

As I fly this high, it starts to get a bit scary… Anyway, let’s transform into a human form.

I should be able to do it, I think!


Well, it’s not like I need to transform with such a cute sound, right?

What’s going on? Seriously.

Using Water Spear several times, I create several spears, holding one in my hand and using the others as platforms.

For now, this would do…

“Argh… What the hell is happening… Turning into a dragon on my own. That damn bastard… Struggling until the end…”

Alright, let’s descend for now.

I want to land without being noticed, but well, if I land in a quiet place, I won’t be noticed anyway.

Even if someone asks, I can just say I was taking a stroll in the air.

Carefully lowering the altitude, I eventually land on the walls of the Kingdom of Salletana.

Taking a breath, I release the skill.

Then, I feel a strong impact on the back of my head.


“You damn fool!! What the hell did you do?!”

“Holy crap! Houen’s voice changed?!”

“What’s so strange about it?! You really know how to wear me out mentally!”

“I’m sorry! It wasn’t intentional!”

“And you have the nerve to say that after being bedridden for a whole month!”

“What?! A month?! Oh, no wonder I’m so hungry.”

“It seems like you want to be killed…”

“Uwah-! Sorry! My bad!”

I manage to stop him and convince him to lower his weapon.

Jokes don’t work in this state, huh!

Well, actually, I must have been the weird one for making jokes while he was being extremely angry…

I need to reflect on myself…

After shouting enough and seemingly satisfied, Houen thrusts the spear’s pommel with great force and sighs.

“Geez… Your abilities are surprising, but it seems it takes time for you to be able to use them properly.”

“I’m embarrassed… By the way, am I the only one who spontaneously transformed into a monster?”

“That’s right. It was only you. The others have already… Ah, it’s better to talk about it after introducing you to them…”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“A lot has happened in the past month.”

On the way back, there were no issues.

However, various things started to unfold after I returned to the Kingdom of Salletana.

There have been several significant changes.

“Anyway, come with me.”


Houen jumps off the castle wall.

I follow suit and land quietly using Water Spear.

When I looked ahead, Houen had already started walking, so I quickly caught up to him.

After running a short distance, I matched my pace with Houen, right next to him.

We were walking quite briskly.

“Are we in a hurry?”

“We are indeed in a hurry. After all, there are only you and me left in the Kingdom of Salletana.”

“What?! Has the situation changed that much?”

“That’s correct. I plan to summarize the story quickly, so try to avoid asking too many questions. Just understand once what I tell you.”


Our situation seems quite on edge…

Well, it has been a month…

I guess I can’t complain even if he gets angry.

It seems there are still many things that haven’t been told to me, and he plans to take me to a place where he can explain everything.

I’m really just slowing him down at this point.

I’m truly sorry.

I have to make up for all the time I’ve wasted by resting.

Following Houen, we arrive at a familiar place.

This is where Irza’s shop is located.

I can see the sign right away.

And Houen is heading exactly there.

“Are we going to meet Irza?”

“That’s correct-“

“Oh, by the way, that person lied to us.”

That matter has already been resolved.

“…Is that so, I see…”

Hmm, I’m the most behind right now.

Dangit, I have to completely imprint in my mind what  the contents of the conversation Houen and Irza are going to have.

Houen opens the door of the shop and goes inside, calling for Irza.

Immediately, Irza comes out and bows slightly.

“…Long time no see, Houen-san.”

“Yeah. So, what will you tell us?”



Illuza removes her slightly loose-fitting hat.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen her without her hat before.

I don’t know why she needs to take it off here.

But soon enough, I understood the reason.

When she removes her hat, something not found on a regular human is revealed.

It’s a blue, pointed… horn.

“W-What? You’re a deviln?!”

“I apologize for hiding it…”

“But when I hit you before…”

“The hat is a magical tool that can conceal not only sensation but also appearance.”

“…Ouren, have you ever hit Irza before?”


“Oh… I see…”

No, at that time, I had no choice.

My body moved on its own, please forgive me.

But wait a minute…

Things are getting confusing, aren’t they?


“I’ll explain now… sigh It seems it would be better to explain everything to you from scratch.”