Chapter 63

Rio’s Game Room

Translated by NotBlueYet

Edited by Kingavent

It’s the weekend, and today is the day of the game training camp with Rio.

In the evening, I visited Rio’s apartment.

When I press the intercom, Rio answers immediately.

“I’m coming over there now, so please wait for a while.”

I waited for a while.

“A few minutes later, Rio came out of the entrance.”

She was wearing black shorts and a fluffy jacket.

It was like a girl’s loungewear.

“Then, let’s go!”

“Where are we going?”

“To the supermarket! We’re going to a training camp, so we need some things!”

We were going to buy drinks and snacks because I was going to stay overnight.

I was not thinking that far ahead, so I came with only one bag.

“I thought about going alone, but I thought I’d like to go with you anyway.”

“That’s right. I’m sorry I didn’t think about anything either.”

“Good. It looks like it would be fun to go shopping together.”

We walk side by side to the supermarket.

After a few minutes of walking, we arrive at the supermarket.

I picked up the shopping basket.

“Ryo, do you usually eat sweets?”

“I don’t eat much, but I do like sweets.”

I don’t usually have the habit of eating sweets.

“Then, I will buy both sweet and salty ones.”

Rio throws chocolate, potato chips, and other snacks into my shopping basket.

“What would you like to drink?”

“I think coffee.”

“Then I’ll have tea.”

We finish all the shopping.

In my right hand, I hold a shopping bag.

“Is it heavy? Are you okay?”

Rio looked at me and asked.

“I’m totally fine.”

I’ve been trained by my father for a long time.

This is nothing.

I walk a few minutes and come back to Rio’s apartment.

I opened the entrance and was taken to Rio’s room on the second floor.

“Excuse me for disturbing.”

“Please come in.”

Rio put the drinks in the bag in the refrigerator.

“Come to think of it, I signed a contract with a security company that Ryo’s father knows.”

It seems that Rio immediately signed a contract with a security company that was an acquaintance of my father who introduced them to Rio, who was once a victim of a stalker.

“I’ve already signed up. You can rest assured now. Thanks for introducing me to this company. I’m feel so sorry that they gave me such a low price.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

It seems that my father used to be a good friend of his and that a former police officer is the president of the company.

Since it’s about my father, I guess he was doing a lot of groundwork behind the scenes.

“Well, let me show you to my game room.”

“Oh, I’ve been waiting for it.”

“This way.”

I followed Rio and walked down the corridor.

“Here is it.”

“Oh, wow!”

There was a girly game room with white and pink as a base color.

There were three monitors and a very high-spec PC.

The gaming chair was made by the same manufacturer as mine but in a cute white and pink design.

“It’s always a place to watch on stream!!”

I was so excited to be in such an amazing gaming environment.

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