Chapter 107

Chapter 107


All of a sudden, it felt like I was floating as my vision turned upside down that I got dizzy. We soon rolled around, bumping here and there as if we were being beaten up. Even though I had no pain because of the protection, I could feel the sharp feeling as if being hit by something.


When my body, which had barely been rolling, stopped, a sigh of relief flowed out without my knowledge. Raising my head in a daze, I could clearly see the red sky as the carriage collapsed.

When my dizzy vision was corrected, I quickly straightened my crumpled body and stood up.

“…Stella? Stella!”

“I am here.”

Looking at her raising her body in the corner opposite me, I deeply exhaled relief.

After confirming that we were okay, we hurriedly came out of the carriage. As I was passing through the forest, I could see thick trunks of trees here and there. However, there was silence without even the sound of birds.


The next moment, I could hear Niki’s voice.


Hearing my voice, I could see the Kefienas running hurriedly.

“Are you okay?”

“We’re fine. What about you?”

“We are fine, too.”

“What about the other knights?”

“That is…”

Seeing Nikki unable to speak with a stiff expression sent chills down my spine.

“Where is everyone?”

At my question, she led us to the scene of the accident. It must have been a fairly large explosion, and the place where the carriage fell was quite far from the place where the first explosion occurred.


Arriving at the scene of the incident, the sight I faced was so devastating that I couldn’t bear to open our eyes and see it. Not only were the trees around it broken, but people and horses were tangled up on the ground in a mess.


Stella covered her mouth at the acrid smell. I managed to hold on to my spirit that was about to get far away and searched for Wenzel.

“Sir Oswan!”

“Sa, vior.”

A faint voice was heard amidst the roaring groans. As I ran toward it, I found a bloody Wenzel lying there, struggling to reach out.

“Sir Oswan…”

As I took a step forward and took his hand, he looked into my eyes to see if I was okay.

“Are… you, okay?”

“I’m fine.”

I urgently checked his condition and was at a loss for words. It was because part of his left leg was missing.

“I am okay.”

…What okay was this?

I bit my lip as I thought I was about to burst into tears.

“Be patient. I’ll treat you.”

I took care of him and carefully put down the hand he was holding.

“Savior, the situation is not good.”

In the meantime, Stella whispered with a dark face as if he had checked the other knights. When I got up and looked around, most of the people, including those who had lost parts of their bodies, were seriously injured.

Something hot welled up from within at the horrific sight.


You said you brought me here because you wanted to save the people of this world, right? So, please save them. Please save these people who were injured trying to protect me.’

They were hurt because of me.

Please… save them. I didn’t want this kind of sacrifice!

As I shouted and stretched out my arms, a powerful energy pierced me, just like when I first delivered the divine power in the Great Temple.

Even the anger that had been boiling in the cool and warm energy that wrapped around my body cooled down. The pure white light extending from me covered the scene of the accident and caused a silent explosion.


When the intensely turbulent energy disappeared, I lowered my arm and took a breath. I had never treated such badly injured people, so I was secretly insecure.

‘What if they’re not completely cured?’

As I tried to suppress my trembling heart, I finally lowered my gaze to where Wenzel was.


The moment I checked his legs, which were now intact, my legs lost their strength and collapsed on the spot.

Wenzel stared blankly at his legs, blinking in disbelief.


When I turned my head to the exclamation heard here and there, the knights, as well as the horses, were recovered… even broken and burned trees.

The next moment, I calmed down and took a deep breath.

‘Thank you…’

At this moment, I couldn’t think of anything but that one word.

A deep relief that the people didn’t lose their bodies and made them unhappy. Surprised by the soft touch of the cloth, I opened my eyes and found Stella wiping my face with a handkerchief.

‘…Ah, I must have been crying.’

It was only then that I realized that my eyes were getting hot. I realized the weight of the power bestowed on me in a wonder I had never experienced before.

“Thank you for saving me.”

All the knights who came to their senses ran to me and fell down.

“Savior, thank you so much.”

Wenzel also knelt down on me with tears of emotion.

“No. You were injured protecting me… Thank you for protecting me.”

As I bowed my head towards them, they were overwhelmed with emotion.


When Stella and I rode back with the knights, Declan and Mason came running in surprise. As soon as I got off the horse, he looked at my condition with a stern face.

“There was an accident, but it’s okay.”

Hearing that there had been an accident, sharp, unrefined energy flowed from him. After making sure that I wasn’t hurt, he embraced me tightly.


A hot breath spurted in my ear. I could hear his heart beating anxiously in his chest.

“I should have gone with you.”

What if he had gone with me today? Declan and Wenzel, who had lost his legs and were dying, overlapped with the gruesome sight I had just seen.

Gradually, my fingertips grew cold.

“Erica, are you okay?”

Feeling my trembling, I asked anxiously though I could not answer. I was just digging into his warmth to dispel my fear. Seeing that, he paused for a moment before patting me on the back without saying a word.

After I calmed down a bit, Declan called for Wenzel.

“Sir Oswan.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

However, he was speechless when he saw Wenzel and the other knights approaching. Even if they were treated with divine power, the blood on their body and the scratches left on the armor did not disappear.

“Wash up and rest. I’ll get the report later.”


“We’re going in, too.”

Declan gave me a hug and headed to my room.

He carefully put me on the sofa and knelt down in front of me.

“It’s a little warmer now.”

Touching my cold hand, his stiff expression relaxed a little.

“Come here.”

When I patted the seat next to me and uttered so, he got up and sat down next to me.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

Unlike usual, it was a very cautious tone. As I recalled the accident, my fingertips trembled again.

“If you’re having a hard time, you don’t have to tell me.”

The low, deep voice whispering in my ear calmed my mind.

When I opened my mouth to explain the incident right away, I couldn’t stop talking about what had happened at the temple, and I finally, spoke about the accident as well… There was an explosion, all the knights were injured, and that they were saved.

“It was terrifying. It was a sight I never wanted to see again.”

I groaned softly and burrowed into his arms, gently hugging him.

“You don’t know how fortunate it was that Your Majesty didn’t go with me. Perhaps, if Your Majesty was hurt that much, then I…”

It was a terrible thing to imagine.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m here with you.”

…Yes, he was with me now. I could feel his warm body temperature, his hand tightly wrapped around me.

As I thought so, my fearful heart calmed down.

Declan carefully laid Erica to bed, who had fallen asleep in his arms. Then, he asked for Stella, who was waiting outside, and headed to the office.

“How is the Savior?”

“She fell asleep.”

After answering Mason’s question, he let out a small breath.

“On the way back, there was a sudden explosion.”

Wenzel, who was standing with Liam, started reporting right away. His hair was wet, probably because he had just washed it and came here immediately.

“Did you notice anything strange before that?”

“Looking at the explosion, it seems that the explosives were buried in advance.”

“…That means they were watching and exploded it.”

Declan twisted his mouth.

“The enemies seem to have known in advance that the Savior would pass through there.”

Mason’s eyes darkened.

“Only Noah, those present here, and those accompanying us today know that Erica is going to the temple.”

“I will check the guards.”

Liam uttered with a firm expression.

“Investigate those who were in charge of escorting today.”

His heart sank the moment he saw her riding in with Sir Oswan. What a serious matter it was that they had to abandon the carriage. In addition, seeing the knights covered in blood and dirt made his blood run cold.

‘…How dare you try to kill Erica.’

It wasn’t even a few days since she was attacked by assassins, and he couldn’t stand it happening again.

If only she hadn’t been blessed by God…

His fingertips got cold just thinking about it.

‘I will definitely find the culprit and tear them apart.”

His green eyes shone like a poisoned dagger.

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