Chapter 108

Chapter 108

The scene where the explosion occurred was thoroughly investigated, but they didn’t find any evidence. It was the same with the guards. All twenty people who were escorted that day were thoroughly investigated, but there was nothing suspicious.

“There is no one who is suspicious.”

Declan put down the teacup and worked his brain coolly.

“…There is no clear evidence.”

I picked up a butter cookie instead of tea and added to his words. We were now drinking tea with a warm wind on the terrace.

“If they were so easy to catch, we wouldn’t be suffering from this.”

The culprit he and I were thinking was Duke Otien. On the day of the incident, he suddenly dragged the nobility and asked for an audience even though there was not much reason to attend.

“If so, I have to build this operation well.”

‘…That way, I’d pay you several times.’

When I remembered the lives that were almost lost that day, my anger still boiled.

A few days later, someone’s figure appeared in a dark prison.


Salihan, leaning on the wall, slowly opened his eyes.

“His Excellency sent you.”

“You kept your promise. The Master is such a person.”

His emaciated face showed a little joy.

“Are you prepared?”

“Yes. I also got a body to replace.”

“You must have worked a lot.”


Saliman tapped on Han’s shoulder silently. Then, when he got up, Han pulled the key from his arm and opened the iron window.

“Change your clothes.”

When he came out of the bar, he threw the body he was holding inside. The body’s physique and hair color were similar to Salihan. Soon, the masked people then put on the clothes that he was wearing on the body.

“They won’t be able to notice it was fake?”

“They can’t recognize the face because the flesh has already distorted because of the poison.”

After checking the body once again, Han handed over the black robe to him and pressed the hood deeply. At the same time, the masked people left bottles of poison and suicide notes around the body and locked the iron bar.

“Let’s go now.”

Salihan walked quietly after seeing the body inside the bar.

The prison officers were away because they were bought in advance, and the guards were already knocked down by Han and his colleagues. As he reached the first floor from the basement, he breathed greatly in the changed air.

‘No matter how much the Emperor struggles, he can’t beat the Master.’

This time this was unexpectedly thoughtful, but it was still in the palm of his master’s hand.

‘…This time, I will definitely cut off your breath.’

Salihan raised his mouth and urged his steps.

As soon as Shadow reported, we headed to the Imperial Palace with Liam and the Knights.

“Were they running away tonight?”

“It’s likely. Han, who always moved alone, moved with others.”

Declan answered my question. Perhaps Duke Otien was going to take Salihan out, so Han wandered around the prison.

“Liam, surround the entrance and seal off any place to escape.”

When Liam bowed and instructed the knights, they moved quickly. Soon after, the tranquility was so tense that I couldn’t even hear the sound of grass.

‘Please don’t leak elsewhere…’

At that time, I waited for Salihan with Declan in the darkness.

Step, step.

People dressed in all black began to be seen at the entrance.

Meanwhile, the knights who were waiting for them were nervous as they lifted the sword. At the moment when they were completely revealed, Declan’s applause woke them up. The moon that had hidden in the clouds revealed itself again and shone on him.

‘Now show yourself…!’

In order to confirm their identity, I made a sphere of divine power and floated it in the air.

Then, Salihan and the masked people in black hoods, as well as the knights that surrounded them, were seen in the bright light.

“You don’t get out of my expectations.”

Saying so, Declan, with a sword, smiled coldly as he took a step.

“Did you think I don’t know your plans?”

As Salihan slowly took off the hood, his face was rough though his agitation was not visible.

“Did you think you could get out of prison? I never let go of my hunt.”

“Your Majesty did not catch me, I was caught.”

Salihan smiled and replied leisurely. He said he only bowed his head to Duke Otien, and it seemed that his arrogance really hit the sky.

“Do you think the plan to lure the Duke has failed? You are mistaken.”

Declan picked up and smiled as if it was trivial.

“The goal of the trial that day was you, not the Duke. You’re the one who was caught in my trap.”

At those words, Salihan’s face hardened in an instant.

“Prince of Tierra has revealed the Duke’s secret letter was to bring you in.”

You’ve played in my palm.​​

When Declan’s laughter leaked, Salihan stared at him with a confused face.

“You don’t think I’m only aiming at the Duke?”

The next moment, Salihan, who realized his intentions only at that moment, bit his lips before he opened his mouth again.

“My father is irrelevant to this.”

“The truth is not important. That’s enough to make a justification.”

“….His Excellency won’t stay still and watch.”

“Don’t worry, Duke Otien will follow suit. ”

“Nonsense! Do you think you can beat His Excellency…!”

His mouth was twisted in the growing voice.

“I guess you can’t see anything else once you think the Duke is good. You’ve forgotten the Emperor.”

“Ha, do you think that the person who made the previous Emperor did deserve to be the Emperor?”

What was he saying?

I looked at Salihan, who was shortening his life.

“What have you done so far other than being crazy about a doll and going on a killing spree?”

As the words continued, Declan’s expressions became colder.

“You won’t be able to protect anything in the future. You will lose your fiancé just like you lost the Princess.”

Declan’s hand with the sword trembled.

The eyes shone bloody as if they were ready to tear and kill Salihan. However, I could see the hidden wounds and fear beyond that murderous intent.

‘Why is he picking up on Declan’s wounds?’

When I grabbed his hand carefully, pressing down his boiling anger, I could feel him flinch. To tell him that I was with him, I slowly and gently swept his hand. Thankfully, the hand that was hardened gradually began to loosen.

“I won’t leave Your Majesty. No one can hurt me.”

I repeated the same words again and again until he truly calmed down. In my honest feeling, I wanted to cut off Salihan right now.

‘…But if we kill them now, we will miss the greater prey.’

Most of all, I didn’t want to get any more blood on Declan’s sword.


He exhaled deeply as if he was trying to calm down his emotions. Still, there was still anxiety in the blue eyes.

Don’t be afraid.

Noticing that, I comforted him with my eyes that he would be fine.

“…Capture those sinners. Be sure to keep them alive.”

As he calmly ordered, the knights moved.


The sound of the sharp blade bumping rang out in a row.

Salihan confronted the knights with a dagger, but he was shortly overpowered. Even though the masked people lasted quite a while, they couldn’t defeat the best knights. They soon knelt on the floor with shackles filled with hands and feet.

“I will no longer lose anything to you, so watch.”

This time, you will lose everything.

That was like Declan’s commitment to himself.

“Try it. It would be fun to see you falling in despair after grueling to the end. ”

Salihan gave a sneering look.

‘He looked like a mad dog.’

Suddenly, when I wondered what he would look like when Duke Otien collapsed.

“I’ll wait and see how long you can smile like that.”

Declan thought the same with me and curled his lips.

“Keep them in the solitary room.”

Since the solitary room was a narrow, closed space blocked by a thick iron gate, perhaps they would never try to jailbreak again.

“Hoho, Marquis Berchen tried to assassinate the Savior.”

“No, what in the world did the Marquis do?!”

“What would happen if the Great Temple knew this?”

“There are many believers these days, and the temple’s power is getting stronger. Tsk.”

“Isn’t it fortunate that the Savior is safe?”

Those who talked about Marquis Berchen were mainly the imperial and neutral nobles. In the meantime, Duke Otien opened his mouth.

“Still, to exterminate the whole family. It’s too much punishment.”

“The Savior is His Majesty’s fiancé. It’s tantamount to rebelling against His Majesty.”

As Duke Buccleuch, who was quietly sitting in his seat, refuted, at that moment, the eyes of the two faced tightly.

“That expression is excessive. It’s before the marriage, she’s not in the imperial family yet?”

“The imperial fiancé should be treated like an imperial family.”

“Even so, you can’t say that her status is the same as the Imperial Family. So, you only need to punish the Marquis.”

“I think His Majesty has made a reasonable punishment. There will be no one who will attempt this again.”

Duke Buccleuch uttered with a strong eye on Duke Otien. Even though he noticed that intention, Duke Otien responde leisurely.

“The sun of the Burgundy Empire, His Majesty the Emperor, enters.”

With the attendant’s call, the door of the audience room opened. When Declan walked in the audience room, Mason followed before he sat next to Duke Buccleuch.

“Today, we will deal with the urgent issue.”

The meeting room was rattled by the word urgent.

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