v2 Chapter 1082: Let me take the victory product

How could it be possible that even the gods could escape such dense surroundings like a net of heaven and earth!

"You just wait to be killed by such a terrifying attack, Lin Feng! Hahahaha!"

As if foreseeing the ending, Danick laughed wildly.

However, at this moment, the wind and light stopped.

Before the huge attack, Lin Feng just waved his hand Shishiran.

The power of radiant light gathered on his fingertips.

Lin Feng made an arc and a half lightly at that moment.


The huge roar exploded, and the arc of light instantly broke through the menacing thunder and piles.

With just this blow, it is like Moses divides the sea!

Wherever the arc of light passes, everything ceases to exist in the power of annihilation.

Garna's spiritual foundation was still burning, and his hand holding the Killing Gun was trembling slightly.

Can't believe it!

"This is impossible!"

Everyone in the black camp yelled in disbelief at this moment.

The land in this area was almost completely destroyed in that blow just now.

However, such a terrifying force couldn't hurt Lin Feng at all, and he still seemed to be playing a game.

One blow, another blow!

Can this man solve the problem with an understatement no matter what the situation?

Danike looked at Lin Feng with hatred, and he roared unwillingly.

"Since you have such a powerful force, why are you pursuing the Holy Grail?!"

Danick ran towards Lin Feng staggeringly, and he stretched out his hand to try to grab Lin Feng.

"Can you give it to someone in need? You bastard..."

"court death!"

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes, and he threw his hand without hesitation.


Danick's body was crushed heavily and almost changed its shape.

He fell feebly, falling to the ground like a useless person, and could only stare at Lin Feng with hatred unwillingly.

"I won't let you go, as long as the spirit veins still have power, I won't give up!"

Dannick turned his head bitterly, he shouted at Garner and Vlad III.

"There is still surplus of magic power, go up and solve the enemy who has given you such humiliation!"

Garner and Vlad III straightened up suddenly, and they showed their weapons again.

The two of them put on an attacking posture, and the magic power was released instantly.

"Brahma! Curse me!"

"The sun wheel! Obey death!"

"Inheritance of blood!"

The real name of the treasure is liberated with singing.

The fire burst open, and the fire ball flew from the sky and crashed down.

Strong thunder lights are gathering.

"Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!"

The stakes are gaining momentum.

In these imposing accumulations, Lin Feng dismissed their struggles.

Too weak, compared with the gods, this level is almost unnecessary for playing.

However, it is because of this dying struggle appearance that is fun!

Lin Feng raised his mouth and shook his hand.


Both Vlad III and Garna were shocked at this moment, and they suddenly spewed blood.

At that moment, their spiritual core was crushed to pieces.

Lin Feng stood there like an okay person.

"It's disrespectful to try to deal with me in the same way."

Lin Feng glanced contemptuously.

Because the bodies of those two people couldn't support the powerful force, they instantly turned into golden light and dissipated.

"It's over just like this?!"

Not only Danic, but even Joan and others were shocked.

If only this level can end the battle, it's no wonder that Lin Feng was always having fun before.

If he were to be more serious like this, he might be able to end the battle in the first hour.

What a terrible power this is!

Danick was trembling all over, he clenched his fists, even if he was unwilling, he could only stare at Lin Feng.

The magic power and soul of the Great Holy Grail have been filled, waiting for the winner to arrive.

"Then let me take the victory item."

Lin Feng smiled and stretched out his hand to the Holy Grail. ..

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