Chapter 2771: source of light

I saw the golden rays of light in the sky continue to spread around, and everyone felt a heavy heart at this time.

The power contained in the golden rays of light made the strong man of the Demon Race very fearful.

Because the power contained in this golden color actually belongs to the God of Light.

"Damn it, absolutely impossible."

At this time, Mozuntian was very shocked and said that the God of Light had already died under the powerful attack of the demons hundreds of years ago, and it is impossible for his breath to appear again.

But now the power belonging to the God of Light suddenly appeared in front of him, how could this make him not surprised?

In the next second, I saw a strong golden light in the sky like a giant dragon, directly rushing towards the Demon Venerable Heaven with its violent power.

The amount of violent violence contained on it was more terrifying than Mozuntian imagined, as if the entire world would be completely destroyed by this force.

damn it! Damn it, **** it! The Demon Venerable in the sky cursed inwardly, and saw his body instantly turn into countless black smog, retreating frantically.

For some reason he felt a familiar aura above that golden light that made him tremble.

The strength of the God of Light is really too powerful, even if he is as strong as Mozuntian, he is very afraid. The current situation has made him completely forget whether the God of Light is really dead.

The golden light enveloped all the heaven and earth around him, and Mo Zuntian had long since disappeared.

Mozuntian was actually scared away by this golden light.

However, the man from the Scarlet God Clan did not feel the terrifying power in this golden light.

At the moment when the golden light shone on his body, although it made him feel very familiar, the power did not seem to be directed at him at all.

Who the **** released this golden light?

Why is there the breath of the God of Light?

At this time, the man said slowly, he really didn't know why this happened.

At this moment, a dazzling golden light beam in the sky cut through the sky, and the surrounding space stopped abruptly at this time.

When he stopped in the surrounding space, the man was very surprised. Only the powerhouses at the same level as him could do this.

In the distant sky, a space fragment gradually spread around, and at this time a figure suddenly walked out of the space crack.

A golden light spot was beating on the man's chest, and the power contained in the light spot shocked even the Scarlet God Clan's patriarch.

It really belongs to the power of the God of Light. Logically speaking, shouldn't he have fallen hundreds of years ago?

But at this moment, the man who appeared in the sky nodded slowly to him, and in the next second, his body instantly disappeared in place.

When the man disappeared, everything around him returned to the normal level of some low-strength God of War, and the strong man did not realize that the time just paused.

At this time, the patriarch of the Scarlet God Clan looked towards the sky. The man had disappeared into the sky. Who was it that frightened Mozuntian away and left here?

However, from the person's body, he actually noticed two very familiar breaths, one came from the power of the source, and the other breath came from the power of the God of Light.

What an interesting guy, the man said with a smile.

...In the distant space, the surrounding rubble was piled up. At this time, Yue Chen's body had already come to this place of nothingness, and he slowly took a step forward.

"I knew you would come to me."

A man in front of Yue Chen said with a smile, but the man's face at this time looked a little haggard.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't expect such a thing to happen. Although I saw everything in the last layer, something changed."

At this time, the man spoke slowly, his face full of guilt.

"Hey, don't say more, since you've found a solution, let's go."

The middle-aged man in front said slowly, only to see a faint purple light appearing around him, dissipating in the space.

Watching the middle-aged man in front of him disappear, the man at this time slowly looked up at the sky.

This man is none other than Yue Chen who walked out of the place of origin.

Yue Chen obtained the power of the source in the last layer of the source land, and also opened the connection of another continent.

What Yue Chen didn't expect was that the most peculiar thing about this source power was not how powerful his power was.

But to get the power of this source means that there is a key that can open another continent.

Longhun, Ziyao, Xiaoqi and others didn't know it. The space they were in still went to that continent. Because of the special reason in the origin, they could feel the breath of Yue Chen, but they didn't. Know Yue Chen's location.

Several people are already separated by heaven and earth, but they are waiting for the news of Yue Chen without knowing it.

In the land of origin, Zi Yao's father also discovered this problem, and his hair had turned pale overnight.

During this period, Yue Chen also discovered a fatal problem, that is, in that continent, the Demon Race has a very terrifying aura, and the so-called Demon Venerable Heaven came from that continent.

At the connection between the two continents, all of them are condensed by the power of the source.

Mozuntian was able to walk out of that road precisely because of the source power in his body.

And the Demon Race in this land is just a small branch. After learning all this news, Yue Chen was shocked and angry.

Although Yue Chen's strength has now reached the level of a quasi-god, the power of the light god's heart in his chest has also been completely awakened.

But Yue Chen is very clear that only by obtaining the power of the source can he have the key to the real road to the strong.

"I really didn't expect the God of Light to be a strong man who came out of that continent."

Yue Chen touched the beating golden light spot on his chest and said slowly.

As Yue Chen's strength became stronger and stronger, the golden light spot on Yue Chen's chest exposed the information, and then Yue Chen gradually understood.

After the God of Light possessed the power of the source, he opened the cracks in this space and stepped into this land to fight against the demons.

And Mozuntian also used the power of the source to enter here and slaughter wantonly, and finally designed to kill the God of Light completely.

If it wasn't for Yue Chen getting the heart of the God of Light, I'm afraid he really wouldn't know.

The wheels of history are rolling forward, and as a witness to all this, Yue Chen has the heart of the God of Light, and the burden on his shoulders is heavier than ordinary people.

"I really don't know what kind of things will be waiting for me in that continent. How far can Dragon Soul and the others reach?"

Yue Chen said with a smile, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, he stepped forward and slowly dissipated into the sky.

...In the space filled with endless darkness, the Demon Venerable sat gloomily on the first seat at this time.

The power of the God of Light reappeared, which made the vigilance in his heart directly. He did not understand why this power would still appear in this world.

Wasn't the God of Light not completely beheaded at that time?

Should not be ah.

At this time, Mozuntian fell into deep thought, and suddenly his scarlet eyes looked up at the sky in the distance.

In that space, an extremely prosperous continent suddenly came with an aura that he was familiar with, and that aura came from the heart of the God of Light.

How could that **** power reappear?

At this time, Mozuntian let out a roar, and saw that the space around him instantly collapsed, and all the black rays of light rushed towards the sky crazily.

Yue Chen, who was in the passage, noticed the situation below, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. It seemed that this guy was finally hooked.

"The real battle between us has just begun, and I will definitely wipe the demons out of this world."

When Yue Chen left, he had already fallen to Mozuntian, and he would definitely follow the breath of the God of Light to come to this continent.

All of this is because of the golden light spot beating on Yue Chen's chest.

The scene in front of Yue Chen slowly became clear, and the golden light spot beating on his chest echoed in the sky like the sound of a drum.

Yue Chen stretched out his right hand and pressed it on his chest, feeling the powerful heart, muttering to himself at the corner of his mouth, not knowing what to say, his figure disappeared in this world.

(End of the first part)