CH 148.2

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 148 Pt. 2

Translated by gingercat

Edited by gingercat

At night, Rongxi Courtyard.

The light green curtains, embroidered with flowers and birds, hang down, reflecting the two figures intertwined behind them.

Jin Wang’s forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat. Even though the weather outside had cooled considerably, the bed was still very warm, almost like an oven. It was all because Jin Wang was too passionate today. The first round swept through like a storm. Yaoniang’s voice had turned hoarse before it was finally over. They tidied themselves up and then returned to bed to sleep, but he became excited again. The pair then started another round.

This time, it wasn’t as exciting as the last time, but it was slow and unhurried. This was even more stimulating than a storm. Although this pace made people breathless, it was also addictive. It was just like eating spicy food, people couldn’t help but want more.

Although the experience was highly enjoyable, it was also trying.

It was like a string that would snap if someone breathed too hard.

Yaoniang felt so unbearable that her eyes couldn’t help but turn red and watery. The tears threatened to overflow with a single shake.

“Please spare me…” Despite how short this sentence was, it was capable of making someone’s bones go weak.

Jin Wang enjoyed seeing this appearance of hers the most. That look of hers as she trembled with desire in his arms made him want to rub her into his bones, but today he changed his style.

He lowered himself and reached out to touch the corner of her eye.

Her long and curly eyelashes resembled a small fan. Soft to the touch, he couldn’t help but touch them a few more times. Yaoniang held back the whimper in her throat and reached out to grab his hand.

“Don’t touch it, it feels itchy…”

“What’s itchy?” he asked while biting her ear.

Yaoniang was already gasping. Before she could catch her breath, she took a sharp inhale again.

She gasped, wrapped her arms around his shoulders tightly, and took a hard bite of it.

“You really take yourself to be a flower?”

Yaoniang didn’t pay any attention to him. She was already trembling as if her bones had turned into a pool of water. She could feel herself nearing the peak, she only needed a little more… Yaoniang couldn’t help but call out, “Faster…” 

“By how much?” While speaking, he reached out and touched her face again.

Yaoniang felt that she was like a fish about to suffocate as whimpers came out of her throat one after another. She wrapped herself around Jin Wang’s neck and whispered something in his ear.

After that, Jin Wang really did as she wanted.

After that round, the two tidied up and then went back to the bed. Unable to fall asleep, Yaoniang told Jin Wang about what happened when she was at Duke Zhenguo Manor that day.

Naturally, that included talking about how Xiaobao swindled Yueyue into calling him Gege. Yaoniang couldn’t help but chuckle as she mentioned this, and said to Jin Wang, “Don’t you think he’s a sly little fellow? He even coaxed her into calling him Gege. “

“Xiaobao wants a younger sister.” 

Yaoniang didn’t expect that Jin Wang would say such a thing, and said, “The gender of the child isn’t something that I can control. Besides, from what I can see, Xiaobao enjoys spending time with Erbao.”

Was it not so? Xiaobao would go to see Erbao every day and play with him for a long while. This was also because Jin Wang disliked the two children getting in his way, so he drove them out of the main room. Now, Xiaobao and Erbao lived in the east wing, with Xiaobao living in the east room, and Erbao living in the west room. The brothers lived under the same roof, so the time they spent with each other was more than the time they spent with Yaoniang.

After chatting for a while, the two fell asleep in each other’s arms

In a daze, Yaoniang felt that it was bright outside, but the surroundings were very quiet.

She leaned towards the heat source behind her and asked with her eyes closed, “Your Highness, is it dawn?”

“Not yet. It’s snowing.”

Yaoniang slept soundly, not knowing that Jin Wang had gotten up in the middle of the night and ordered for the earth dragon to be burned. Otherwise, she would have woken up from the freezing cold.

The snow was really heavy, and the capital was covered with white overnight.

There was a thick layer of snow on the treetops, the roofs, and the roads. Early in the morning, soldiers were dispatched to clear the main roads of the city. Unfortunately, the snow had not stopped, so the cleared roads were soon covered by snow once again.

It was said that many houses collapsed in the outer city. Several people were crushed to death, not to mention the beggars who froze to death in their sleep.

Normally, this kind of thing would be a popular topic of discussion, but the weather was so cold that people were reluctant to go out. As a result, many people were unaware and they only knew that the first snow of the year was surprisingly heavy.

Given the terrible weather conditions, Emperor Hongjing announced the suspension of court for three days. All the officials in the prefectures and ministries returned home, with only a few people staying behind, taking turns to be on duty.

Jin Wang came back from the Ministry of Works and saw that Yaoniang wasn’t on the big Kang in the room. Only after asking Hong Chou did he find out that she was actually in the study.

When he went to the study, the door was tightly closed. He pushed open the door and saw a woman standing in front of the desk, awkwardly appearing to be writing something.

Hearing the sound of movement, Yaoniang subconsciously crumpled the paper in front of her into a ball. She hid it in her hand, before turning around to look at Jin Wang nervously.

Jin Wang narrowed his eyes. “What were you writing?”

“No-nothing important. I was just writing for fun.” Yaoniang had a big smile on her face, and enthusiastically continued, “How come you came back so early? Did the Ministry of Work finish earlier today?”

After speaking, she realized that it was still morning. No matter how early the Ministry of Works finished, it would not be this time.

Jin Wang glanced at her tightly clenched hand, and said in a light tone, “It’s cold, and the snow’s not stopping, so I don’t have to go to work for the next few days.”

“That’s great! How many days do you have off?”

“At least until the snow stops.”

The two of them walked out of the study while talking. Yaoniang had nowhere to throw the crumpled paper ball in her hand, so she could only hide it in her sleeves.

They arrived at the Kang and sat down when Huahua suddenly ran over.

It was unknown from where it popped out from, and it jumped onto the Kang with ease. Its tail pointed straight up, it purred as it moved closer to Jin Wang, like a spoiled child waiting to be coaxed.

Unfortunately, its tactics were wasted. Jin Wang was not like Xiaobao and Huahua was not Yaoniang. Before it could get close to him, Jin Wang shoved it away from him. Unresigned, it tried again, only to be grabbed by Yaoniang and held in her arms.

“Enough, stop trying to approach him. Be careful lest you be banned from entering the room again.”

This happened a few days ago. Jin Wang was so annoyed by Huahua, that he ordered for it to remain in the east wing, not allowed to enter the main courtyard. After being banned for many days, the shameless Huahua finally took advantage of Xiaobao to enter the door of the main courtyard.

Huahua let out a faint meow, jumped out of Yaoniang’s arms, and went to lie beside her. As it jumped out of her arms, a ball of paper rolled out from Yaoniang’s sleeve.

Jin Wang’s eyes were quick and his hands reacted fast. Yaoniang was about to grab it, but her reach was short and her speed was no match for Jin Wang. She stretched herself all over Jin Wang’s body but was still unable to regain possession of the crumpled paper. Jin Wang unfolded the ball.

On the crumpled paper, there was a single line of words written crookedly—

“The storm does not believe the willow branch is weak, who can teach the laurel leaf the scent of the moon dew, knowing the yearning between lovers is useless, forbidding melancholy is madness.”¹

Jin Wang snorted, “Who are you thinking of?”