Chapter 231 - The Top 10 Have Arrived!

While White Deer High paid attention to the results, Number Two High’s alliance, Number Three High’s alliance, and other institutes in S Country were paying attention to Moss’s results in particular.

Moss’s score of 589 shattered the rivaling schools’ glimmer of hope.

At that time, White Deer High was relieved. After all, the teachers who had witnessed Moss’s performance during the college entrance exams knew that Moss was worthy of his scores.

However, there were always a few people unwilling to accept that, and Number Two High was one of them. They still objected to Moss’s score of 90 on the spiritual power test.

They even called S Country’s evaluation team regarding the examiners helping Moss from fainting during the exams. However, Number Two High received an indifferent reply, “If the evaluation team had not lowered Moss’s score to 90, he would have scored 100. Someone else has already reported the same thing to us. Thank you for your concern about our work.”

Soon after, the media spread the news of Moss ranking top ten in the country, making him S Country’s top scorer. It quickly caused a heated discussion.

“Why did White Deer City perform so well this year? Two students from there ranked pretty high.”

“That Moss kid is amazing. He skipped a grade to participate in the exams and even claimed the top scorer title in the country!”

“The top scorer is not an ordinary person since he’s ranked tenth in the country. It’s also the highest national ranking among S Country’s top scorers.”

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the outside world, Moss quietly accompanied his parents at home.

He had little time to spend with his parents since he had always been busy training and participating in competitions. Now that he finally had a rare break, he could not bear to let it go to waste.

However, he had become the country’s top scorer, and his parents were busier than ever. Many relatives who had not been in touch with Moss’s family for a long while called to congratulate him.

Some neighbors who had not even greeted Moss suddenly became more enthusiastic as they greeted him. It was no wonder because he was the country’s top scorer. Everyone knew he would have a bright future.

Nonetheless, he felt gratified when he saw how thrilled his parents were. He was cooking with his mother when he heard his phone ringing. During that time, he knew all kinds of people would be calling for him and set it up so that only a few people could get through to him.

“I need to take this call, Mom.” Moss looked at Alexis smilingly.

He quickly answered the call because it was Elroy who called.

“Moss, the city’s education bureau just called. The top ten institutes’ Dean of Admissions will arrive at our school at 10:30 am. I will send a car to pick you up later.

“This time, it seems they have all agreed to come. Even the top three institutes will be here. Since you’re the country’s top scorer, you will receive plenty of attention.” Then Elroy’s hearty laughter echoed from the other end of the call.

Previously, only the bottom eight of the top ten institutes went to White Deer City to recruit Moss, but every one of the top ten institutes would try their best to persuade Moss to apply for their institutes this time.

Moreover, the top 10 institutes were from all over the country, and they would all have to arrive at White Deer High by 10:30 am. It was not an easy feat for the top ten institutes.

“Director Elroy, will they arrive soon?” Moss’s eyes revealed a sense of curiosity.

“The top ten institutes have plenty of resources, so they should arrive soon via spatial portals. You will understand this when you attend university.”

“Okay, Director Elroy,” Moss replied smilingly, and after hanging up the call, he could not help but smile.

He had expected the top three institutes to visit him this time. However, the other seven of the top ten institutes would be returning, which surprised Moss because he had stated that he wanted to apply for the top three institutes. Otherwise, he would have already accepted their special recruitment offers.

White Deer High’s VIP room was full of people that morning. The top three institutes’ Deans of administration sat on the most prominent seats in the VIP room. Each Dean exuded a formidable aura and seemed confident. Meanwhile, the more familiar Deans of Administrations sat at the area near the door.

There was Lisa from East Lake Institute, Schneider from Aerospace Institute, Baresi from Oriental Institute, and the Deans of Administrations from Ocean Institute, Masonic Institute, and Yangtze Institute.

“We meet again. It seems our job has gotten harder!” Lisa noticed the gloomy atmosphere and was the first to break the silence. She gestured toward the top three institutes’ Deans as she spoke.

Although Lisa smiled sweetly, there was an unspeakable pain in the depths of her heart. At that time, she praised Moss’s courage because it had left a deep impression on her. Still, it did not mean she had high hopes for Moss to apply to East Lake Institute.

To say she was looking forward to Moss’s performance during the college entrance exams was most likely a joke, but she was a little regretful now that Moss had achieved such outstanding results.

“Yes, we should treat this scholar differently.” Baresi looked around as his gaze paused on the staff member from Military Institute. His tone was full of emotion as he said, “If I had known earlier how well Moss would perform, I would’ve fought even harder to fight for him.”

“You and Lisa did much better than us, Baresi. The rest left with gloomy expressions, and our tones were rather harsh.”

“If it weren’t for my boss’s pressure, I wouldn’t have returned. I felt it was meaningless.”

The Dean from Masonic Institute looked worriedly at the top three institutes’ Deans. After a moment, he changed the topic, “We’re still fine.”

Then he looked at the thin middle-aged man opposite him, lowered his head slightly, and continued, “I heard the president of Military Institute knows that Moss had claimed the top scorer title and is ranked tenth in the country.

“I also know Ronnie was the first to leave last time, but he also said something along the lines of Moss not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Then his boss demoted him to deputy director of administrations and deducted half a year’s salary from Ronnie’s pay.”

“Isn’t that a bit too harsh?” Lisa was helplessly surprised. As a past high school teacher, she knew the importance of a teacher’s salary.

Although they could earn more by doing missions, tutoring students, hunting Magical beasts, etcetera, salary still accounted for a considerable portion of one’s total income.

Ronnie had suffered a significant blow, and his salary had gotten penalized by half a year’s worth.

“Sigh, indeed, that is quite a significant punishment. Ronnie has always been too straightforward and harsh for his good,” Schneider said as he shook his head.

While Lisa, Baresi, and the others sighed, an intense debate broke out among the top three institutes’ Deans of Administrations. The atmosphere excited everyone.