Chapter 284: Count the harvest, big harvest, and completely rich!

Chapter 284 Counting the harvest, big harvest, and completely rich! (Ask for a monthly pass, ask for a subscription!)

Looking at the intercepted trophies in the body, each piece of spiritual weapons and treasures shone with this strange light.

Jiang Yuan was overjoyed.

This time, it is undoubtedly a huge harvest to kill sixteen Faxiang Daxiu in one fell swoop.

Originally, he was still worried about where to find the resources for future practice.

But with this batch of harvest, there is no need to consider the issue of cultivation resources for the time being.

These sixteen dharma figures alone provided him with twenty-three low-grade spiritual treasures and spiritual weapons.

In addition to this, there are also five middle-grade Lingbao.

Even the top-grade Lingbao unexpectedly had two pieces.

He put aside the twenty-three low-grade spirit treasures, these things were of no use in front of him at all, they could only be used to exchange for cultivation supplies.

Then his eyes first fell on the top-grade Lingbao.

A white light flashed in his hand, and an ancient bronze-rimmed mirror appeared in his hand.

The mirror surface is smooth, and his face is clearly visible.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Jiang Yuan was suddenly in a trance, as if the soul and the body were separated in an instant.

He quickly closed his eyes, and rubbed his palms against the edge of the ancient mirror, slightly shaking his hands, full of a frosty feeling.

At this time, with the fall of all the sixteen powerful men in the Faxiang Realm, these spoils of treasures and soldiers have become ownerless, and the marks of the primordial spirit left on them have completely dissipated.

Jiang Yuan left a trace of his primordial spirit in this surface-grade Lingbao ancient mirror.

In an instant, he had a connection with this top-grade spirit treasure.

At the same time, I also know the efficacy and name of this magic weapon.

This top-grade spiritual treasure is called the split-light calming mirror.

The effect is simple and clear, as long as this spirit treasure is sacrificed, the magic power will be stimulated.

Once illuminated by its mirror light, the soul will be separated from the body.

At the same time, the primordial spirit will also be suppressed by the mirror light, and the body will lose its ability to move, and can only be slaughtered by others.

Jiang Yuan immediately showed surprise after learning the information.

Although this spirit treasure does not have the effect of attacking, it is just suitable for him.

He doesn't really lack anything to attack.

The item on his wrist now may be the rumored diamond cut, if it is really that treasure.

That is a top-level offensive thing, driven by mana, it can easily kill the enemy with one blow!

The simple experiment just now also made him very satisfied.

A strong man at the fifth level of the Faxiang Realm, even if he fled hundreds of miles in front of him, he would be blasted into a blood mist by this diamond's easy blow, and died on the spot.

So the effect of the splitting mirror is exactly what he wanted.

You don’t need many treasures for attacking, just fine.

As for auxiliary treasures, you need more and can be used in different places.

Especially this spectroscopic body mirror is also an auxiliary spiritual treasure of the primordial spirit.

Suppress the soul, and separate the body from the soul, thus achieving the effect of confinement.

The value of this item is extremely high even among top-grade spiritual treasures, and it can be called the best.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuan couldn't help but feel lucky, but fortunately, he had already taken precautions.

When the Dharma Phase Seven Major Repairer sacrificed this top-grade spiritual treasure, five-color divine light erupted immediately, brushing off his top-grade spiritual treasure.

Otherwise, if he is photographed by this top-grade spirit treasure, even he may not be able to avoid being affected by it.

This battle may not be so smooth.

He then took this light-splitting and soul-fixing realm into his body, and kept it for his own use.

Then, his eyes fell on another high-grade spirit treasure.

A ray of primordial spirit blended into it, leaving a mark of primordial spirit.

Instantly learned the effect of this Lingbao.

Five-dragon underworld fire cover, a top-grade spirit treasure that combines defense and attack.

Once sacrificed, it will be activated with mana.

Used to attack and kill the enemy, it can summon five fire dragons to help it kill the enemy.

These five fire dragons have the effects of both fire and ice, and the hot and cold are integrated into one. These two extremes are blended together and are extremely powerful.

Used to defend oneself, it can produce Xuanming ice cover.

There are five dragons surrounding the ice cover. Even if it is two small realms higher than itself, it cannot break through this protection without a powerful spirit treasure.

nice one!

Jiang Yuan thought to himself.

Then he sighed slightly in his heart, unfortunately, it doesn't work much for me, it's really tasteless to use.

This thing is more suitable for practitioners who are pure souls.

Not a practitioner like me who cultivates both the body and the soul.

He then divided this object into the ranks used to exchange for cultivation resources.

Since the effect is not great, it might as well be exchanged for cultivation materials.

Any top-grade spirit treasure is extremely valuable.

No matter how common a high-grade spirit treasure is, its value starts at 1,000 high-grade spirit stones, and there is no upper limit.

There used to be a top-grade spirit treasure of the primordial spirit type, which had both protective and enemy-killing effects.

The transaction price of the auction reached an astonishing 25,000 high-quality spirit stones.

That is also the top-grade Lingbao with the highest transaction price so far.

Therefore, more than 90% of the powerful people in the Dharma Aspect Realm will not be able to have a top-grade spiritual treasure that suits them in their entire life.

Even for the top-grade spirit treasures with the most ordinary effects, they are powerless about their value.

Must practice All aspects need to consume resources.

How can you use your life's wealth to buy a top-grade Lingbao?

The improvement of life level, the sublimation and detachment brought by it are far more important than a top-grade spirit treasure!

Even if the top-grade Lingbao is in the hands of the Four Extremes Venerable, it cannot be called the standard configuration, and it is also very expensive.

A high-grade spirit treasure that is suitable for oneself and has a powerful effect may be worth one or two thousand high-grade spirit stones.

The stronger its effect, the higher the price.

Lingbao of this level has a huge price gap depending on the effect.

The top-grade spirit treasures go up, and then they are Tao soldiers or Tao treasures.

There are also high and low grades.

The low-grade Taoist soldiers all contain an incomplete avenue, but no matter how incomplete the avenue is, its power is extremely terrifying.

Its value can be called a priceless treasure.

Because any piece of Taoist soldiers can point out the direction, pointing out the direction to set foot on that road.

For any practitioner, as long as he has the reference of Dao soldiers, it is infinitely easier than comprehending the Dao out of thin air.

To comprehend the Dao out of thin air is like being in the vast sea and at the same time covered by fog.

Don't know where to go to find the island!

With Dao soldiers as guides, it is completely different.

Like lighting a torch on an island, the dim light can guide the direction in the fog.

As long as you walk in this direction, you will eventually be able to touch the shore.

The so-called holy soldiers are also a kind of Taoist soldiers.

Generally, they are usually high-grade Taoist soldiers, who are cultivated by a saint's Taoist fruit, and are contaminated with the breath of the saint's Taoist fruit.

Possessing the prestige of the holy way, the power is so different, a completely inspired and perfect holy soldier, waiting for a half-saint to come in person.

Just relying on the power of the holy soldiers, it can suppress and kill more than 90% of the powers of the cave.

Compared with today's holy soldiers, ancient holy soldiers are more powerful.

Because in ancient times, sanctification required going through the thunder of saints.

Losers, ten to five or six.

But once the sage passes through the thunder calamity and is baptized by the thunder calamity, the gift of heaven and earth will make his Dao fruit more perfect and flawless.

At the same time, the holy soldiers will be accompanied by their masters to prove the fruit of the sage, get the nourishment of the fruit of the sage, be contaminated with the breath of the fruit, and also get the benefits of the baptism of the thunder robbery.

In this case, the power of the ancient holy soldiers can be raised to a higher level.

But this is only for the practitioners under the saints. After attaining the status of saints, any saint soldier is not as powerful as the saint soldier accumulated by his own dao fruit.

After learning about the two high-grade spirit treasures, Jiang Yuan focused on the five middle-grade spirit treasures.

Sweeping away the divine sense.

He was suddenly slightly surprised.

Originally thought that there was nothing particularly worthy of weighing, after all, for him now.

With such a strong physical body, he is no longer afraid of any low-grade spiritual soldiers.

Even if it is a middle-grade spiritual weapon, it does not pose much threat to him.

In this case, most of the middle-grade spiritual soldiers are naturally not worthy of his attention.

A middle-grade spiritual weapon may not be as direct as his punch.

Based on his current speed, there are not many people in the realm of Faxiang Realm that can match his speed.

So in this case, facing most opponents, he can beat whoever he wants.

Now his physical body gives him this confidence.

A punch fell, relying on physical strength.

Even middle-grade spiritual weapons may not have such powerful power.

But among the five middle-grade spiritual weapons, one still caught his attention.

Purple Gold Bowl, middle-grade spirit treasure, protective spirit treasure of primordial spirit type.

As he made this Yuanshen Lingbao the owner, he also fully knew the effect of this Yuanshen Lingbao.

Purple Gold Bowl has the effect of Buddha's light and body protection.

Whether it is a tangible or intangible attack on the primordial spirit, it will be blocked by the Buddha's light.

The soul-suppressing tower he is using now is a low-grade Yuanshen Lingbao, and it is also a defensive Yuanshen Lingbao.

However, the cyan light curtain inspired by the soul-suppressing tower can only resist the attack of the tangible soul, but cannot resist the attack of the invisible soul.

Such as magic sounds, or illusions are invisible attacks of the primordial spirit.

But this purple gold bowl is different, magic sounds or illusions will be blocked by it.

Jiang Yuan has personally experienced the importance of Yuanshen defending Lingbao before.

Without this Soul Suppressing Pagoda, he would have to rely on the strength of the Yuanshen to withstand the attacks of many Yuan Mysteries at that time.

If the primordial spirit comes into direct contact with those metamystical techniques, no matter how strong the primordial spirit is, it will suffer some damage to some extent.

Even if the damage is insignificant and just makes him feel a little pain, it still has an impact.

But it’s different if you have the soul to defend the spirit treasure, and directly activate the effect of the spirit treasure with all your strength.

Blocking it from the outside, the villain of the Yuanshen cannot touch the Yuan Mystery Technique, so this kind of damage can naturally be avoided.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuan let this Zijin Bowl, a middle-grade spiritual weapon, completely recognize its owner.

Then follow his mind.

The purple gold bowl slowly floated between his brows, and quickly shrunk.

After a few breaths, it turned into a stream of light and entered his altar.

This object entered the space of his spiritual platform, and instantly occupied the seat of the Soul Suppression Tower.

Looking upside down on his golden primordial man, a golden light curtain hangs down, putting his primordial man in all-round protection without dead ends.

At the same time, the Soul Restraining Tower also appeared from between his eyebrows and fell into his hands.

This item has already been eliminated by him, and the primordial spirit does not need two pieces to protect the spirit treasure.

One piece works!

He erased the imprint of Yuanshen in it, put it in his pocket, and kept it for the next auction.

Then he scanned other loot, including five rare metals.

But the most precious of the five pieces of gold and rare metals are only the materials used to forge middle-grade spirit weapons, and their value is average.

It is far inferior to what he gained last time. The treasure of heaven and earth he obtained last time, the Secret Realm of Galaxy is the real good thing.

It can be used to forge a Taoist soldier, and because it was given to Shu Xiaoxiao by him to incorporate into her natal sword.

In this battle, her natal sword contributed a lot.

In addition to this, there are some elixirs, all of which are mediocre.

Among the pile of pills, the only ones worthy of praise are those six pills.

Jiang Yuan took it out and swallowed it directly.

But considering his current cultivation base, the effect of the Spiritual Transformation Pill has been greatly reduced.

On the road of practice, every time one goes up to a small realm, the required resources will show explosive growth.

Strength has also been improved explosively, so normally speaking, even a smaller realm is extremely difficult, let alone a larger realm.

It is as difficult as skyrocketing.

The gap between the two cannot be calculated by reason.

Every time the improvement brought about by breaking through the small realm, the mana primordial spirit is almost doubled.

When he upgrades from the second level of the Dharma Aspect Realm to the third level of the Dharma Aspect Realm, he needs about 70 high-grade spirit pills.

Now, it is far more than this amount.

The last trophy was solemnly taken out by Jiang Yuan and placed in his hand.

It was a bronze statue of a god, about one foot high.

It doesn't look tall, but in his eyes.

This bronze statue is extremely tall, like a giant standing between the sky and the earth, with the sky above its head and the shadows under its feet.

Holding two huge axes a hundred times taller than the mountains in his hands, he is full of majesty.

This is

Jiang Yuan stared blankly.

This is to find his name from the memory of the previous life, the giant spirit god.

This statue once stood around the Yellow River, and he has seen it too, because folklore this **** has cured the flood.

So someone erected a statue for him.

It turned out to be him, Jiang Yuan was secretly startled, then put the statue in his bag silently, and silently remembered this matter in his heart.

Afterwards, he scanned the storage places in his body again, and made a simple count.

So I couldn't help but feel happy.

A total of 23 low-grade spirit treasures were harvested this time, four middle-grade spirit weapons and one top-grade spirit treasure were to be sold in exchange for cultivation supplies.

In addition, he had previously killed the powerful members of the Faxiang Realm of the Chu family, and used the five-color divine light to brush down three low-grade flying swords and three low-grade Lingbao Xuanyin Water Banners.

All together, there are 29 low-grade spirit treasures, and one of the low-grade flying swords is in a broken state.

The low-grade Lingbing flying sword was broken because it was broken when he used it to test the physical strength.

Jiang Yuan glanced at the storage in his body, and then put the soul-suppressing tower and the shocking bell into the low-grade spirit treasure to be sold.

So adding them together, he found that he had 31 low-grade spirit treasures to sell, including the broken flying sword.

Then there are four middle-grade spirit treasures and one top-grade spirit treasure.

Jiang Yuan slightly estimated the price.

Estimated based on the price he sold it in Xuantian City last time.

In an instant, he realized that he was completely rich.

These values ​​add up to at least 6,000 high-quality spirit stones.

That is to say, this harvest is equivalent to more than 60 million low-quality spirit stones. This is undoubtedly a huge wealth, rich enough to rival a country.

You must know that when the entire Sunset Sect was destroyed, Lu Qingshan scraped the ground three feet away, and obtained low-grade spirit stones worth about five million yuan.

And his harvest today is at least equal to more than a dozen Sunset sects.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuan also took a deep breath.

Too rich.

With these resources, at least you can spend some time as a luxury and quickly improve several realms.

Jiang Yuan was suddenly excited.

With this promotion, he will no longer be afraid of the king of Qianyuan Kingdom.

Suddenly, Jiang Yuan was full of confidence.

He immediately stood up and said to Qin Yun, "Let's go!"