Chapter 468 - Decisive Li Fuqing! (1)

On Zhao Yuheng’s flying fortress, Zhao Yuheng looked at the returning Elise and let out a sigh of relief.

Looking at Ren Qi beside him, Zhao yuheng said with admiration, “I didn’t expect you to have such an arrangement. With Elise’s help, these invading lord-class flying forces wouldn’t dare to approach us again.”

“The surrounding enemy flying forces will be greatly reduced. For us, this is a very good result.”

Hearing Zhao Yuheng’s words, Ren Qi smiled and nodded. “Naturally, this is for the best. However, the invading lord-class flying forces below won’t let us leave so easily.”

Elise had killed so many invading lord-class flying forces, and most of them were saint-class flying forces. The other party must be extremely furious.

Under such circumstances, they naturally wouldn’t let Ren Qi and the others leave so easily.

If Ren Qi was them, he would definitely continue to surround and intercept them.

The invading lords below must have the same thoughts.

Hearing Ren Qi’s words, Zhao Yuheng’s gaze flickered. He obviously knew about this.

“It should be time for Elise’s strength to increase, right? Under such circumstances, should we do it? “If the enemy’s flying forces surround us, we’ll be in big trouble,”Zhao Yuheng said with a frown.

Ren Qi smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve already made arrangements. Nothing will happen. If they chase after us, we’ll only suffer even greater losses!”

Looking at Ren Qi’s confident expression, Zhao Yuheng’s eyes flickered for a moment before he nodded.

If there was really a way, that would naturally be for the best.

Moreover, the death plague succubus’death plague power was about to take effect. At that time, the other party would definitely choose to retreat when they noticed that their combat strength had suddenly decreased by a lot.

As long as they chose to retreat, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.

In the invading Lord’s alliance below, Li Fuqing looked at the flying fortress in the sky and frowned.

“Chase! Get all the flying troops to give chase! We definitely can’t let them leave so easily!”Li Fuqing looked at the situation in front of him and said angrily.

These fellows had penetrated deep into their hinterland and occupied the city where they stored their resources. They had even forced Wang Fengyu to retreat.

Now that the other party had retreated, their large forces were chasing after them. Yet, they had actually suffered heavy losses. This was something that Li Fuqing could not tolerate.

Moreover, the other party’s Flying Fortress definitely had many resources within the city.

Currently, the city where the resources were stored had already been set ablaze, and the resources within had basically been burnt to nothing.

Under such circumstances, if they could catch up to the aerial fortress in front of them and retrieve the resources that the enemy had stolen, they would be able to stop the losses.

If they were allowed to leave, not only would the entire invasion Lord Alliance lose face, the losses they would suffer would also be irreparable.

It would even directly affect the next invasion plan.

Hence, they had to keep the other party here!

Hearing Li Fuqing’s words, one of the trusted aides said nervously, “Boss, that Succubus soldier is too powerful. Should we slow down a little?”

The battle prowess that Elise had displayed just now had already left an indelible impression in the hearts of the invading Horde leaders.

With such battle prowess, their troops would basically be no different from sending themselves to their deaths.

When Li Fuqing heard that, he said coldly, “Fool! That succubus soldier’s battle prowess can not be raised for too long. Previously, it should have already reached her limit.”

“Otherwise, she would not have returned to that flying fortress just now. Instead, she would have continued to slaughter our flying troops!”

“That Succubus soldier should have entered a weakened state by now. This is the best time for us to attack!”

Hearing Li Fuqing’s words, the surrounding trusted aides hurriedly nodded. Following which, they gave the order to the flying forces in the sky.

When the invading Lord Flying Forces in the sky received the order, their expressions were a little hesitant.

Just now, Elise had massacred all around them, and it had directly planted fear in their hearts.

If they were to surround them now, they were really afraid that the succubus soldier would charge out in the next moment. If that happened, they would be finished!

Under such circumstances, the surrounding invading Horde leader flying forces were all hesitant.

However, even if they were hesitant, they still had to follow the order. Very quickly, these invading Horde leader flying forces flew towards Zhao Yuheng’s flying fortress in the sky, wanting to surround Zhao Yuheng’s flying fortress in the sky.

A large number of flying forces flew out from Zhao Yuheng’s flying fortress in the sky and began to block the encirclement of these invading Lord Flying Forces.

The Undying Blood Phoenix continued to fly as it spat out streams of flame power from its mouth. In an instant, it landed on the bodies of the invading lord flying forces in front of it.

Under the burning flames, many of these invading lord flying forces were directly ignited. Their bodies began to burn with raging flames.

Under such circumstances, the surrounding invading lord-class flying forces only dared to surround the two wings, wanting to slowly surround the flying fortress in front of them.

Looking at the situation ahead, Zhao Yuheng’s brows furrowed tightly.

He did not expect these invading lord-class flying forces to give the order to give chase so quickly.