Chapter 75 - Nothing is Too Difficult in this World

With that, Fang Xiaonuan ran out as if she was running away. With Ji Lingchen’s instructions, Fang Xiaonuan was able to go through the procedures for changing majors very smoothly. Ji Wen also went to change classes in high spirits, but he received a polite reply from the teacher in charge of academic affairs. “Young Master Ji, CEO Ji still doesn’t agree with you changing classes. You should go back and communicate with him before coming back!”

“No, why should I? She can change majors, I can’t…” Ji Wen was most afraid of the current situation, Fang Xiaonuan could be transferred into his class, but he could not change classes. This meant that in the next three years, he would have to continue to serve Fang Xiaonuan, that tigress.

Fang Xiaonuan was in a great mood. After completing the procedures, she took her certificate to change majors and was about to report for duty. Ji Wen pulled her along and asked, “How did you convince my uncle?”

Fang Xiaonuan said, “I went to your uncle’s office and scolded him.”

Ji Wen asked, “Can you tell me something that’s actually possible?”

Fang Xiaonuan said sincerely, “I really scolded your uncle a few times. The people outside the door of his office heard it. In the end, he agreed to let me change my major. You can go and try. There’s nothing that’s too difficult in this world. Maybe if you scold him, you won’t be afraid of him anymore. But there’s also a possibility that next year, Siyu and I will be visiting you at your grave.”


Before Ji Wen could say anything, Liu Siyu called. Fang Xiaonuan pressed the answer button. “Siyu, I’m done here. You…”

Before Fang Xiaonuan could finish, Liu Siyu rushed to say, “The brainiac, Jiang, left. He went to study abroad with his girlfriend.”

When Ji Wen heard this, he was instantly unhappy. From time to time, that Jiang kid would speak up for him. “This kid really forgets loyalty when he’s seeing someone. He abandoned me the second he got a girlfriend!”

Fang Xiaonuan felt that something was off. He felt that Jiang Yang was not such a person. His academic results were excellent. If he wanted to go abroad, he would have done so long ago. The few of them had agreed to study in their home country. She had never expected that the first person to break the agreement would be him. “Siyu, did Jiang Yang leave directly? Or is he in class now?”

Liu Siyu said, “The teacher said that he had already applied for it before the holidays. I just found out about this matter, and I couldn’t get in touch with him just now.”

It seemed that he was leaving without saying goodbye. Fang Xiaonuan hung up the phone and slowly walked toward the classroom. Ji Wen, who was making a ruckus at the side, interrupted her thoughts. “Hey, hey, hey, don’t worry about that heartless person. Help me think of a way!”

“I’ve given you a way. Whether you dare to do it or not is up to you.” Since he had left without saying goodbye, Fang Xiaonuan simply did not think about it anymore.

Ji Wen said, “Fang Xiaonuan, don’t you feel bad when you put me in such a position?” Even if Ji Wen had boundless courage, he would not dare to scold his uncle.

After finishing the formalities for Fang Xiaonuan, the principal immediately called Ji Lingchen to report the situation to him. After hearing this, Ji Lingchen was in a good mood and thanked the principal.

Ever since he resolved the misunderstanding with Fang Xiaonuan, he was free of his internal struggle and his conscience was now clear. Fang Xiaonuan had been his wife from the start and she had nothing to do with Ji Wen. He did not need to hesitate to kiss her at night. Ji Lingchen was in a great mood when he thought of all this.

He even wanted to personally pick up his wife from school. He sent a message to Fang Xiaonuan. “What time is school over? I’ll pick you up.”

Fang Xiaonuan had already arrived at class by this time. She successfully met up with Liu Siyu. She looked at the message Ji Lingchen sent her and said to Siyu, “Siyu, help me analyze something. Ji Lingchen doesn’t seem to be normal. Listen to me. See if he’s the legendary multiple personalities.”

Ji Wen leaned over. “Let me see it too. That’s my uncle. I’ll definitely give you better advice.”

Fang Xiaonuan nodded. The three of them gathered together and she told the two of them about Ji Lingchen’s recent strange behavior. Then, she showed the two of them the message on her phone. “Ji Lingchen is coming to pick me up from school. Why is my first reaction fear?”

After Ji Wen and Liu Siyu heard Fang Xiaonuan’s words, they looked at each other. There was only one thought in their minds: Ji Lingchen had fallen for Fang Xiaonuan.

“My uncle has fallen for you. Half of the things you’re saying are because he’s jealous,” Ji Wen said straightforwardly, and Liu Siyu chimed in. “According to what you said, he has indeed fallen for you.”

Fang Xiaonuan subconsciously denied it. “That’s impossible. We have nothing to do with each other. Why would he be jealous?”

Ji Wen was filled with bitterness at the mention of this. “My uncle sent me to the dance club to learn belly dancing. Isn’t that jealousy? Fang Xiaonuan, you’re a bit slow.”