Chapter 76 - Ji Lingchen Has Taken a Liking to You

Liu Siyu said, “You two haven’t done anything yet? You’re already on his household register. He was jealous and sent Ji Wen to learn dance, and he didn’t let you change majors. Now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up, he’s letting you transfer and not letting Ji Wen transfer. Isn’t that the same as letting him stay in Class 9 to serve you? Nuannuan, your Ji Lingchen really likes you.”

“See! I told you that my uncle is interested in you. Previously, she didn’t believe what I said, but now even you’re seeing it, Siyu. You should believe it!” Ji Wen said in a deep voice, as if he had discovered something extraordinary.

When Fang Xiaonuan heard the two of them say this, her heart was slightly moved. “This… can’t be!” Her face was flushed red, and her mind was like a movie, playing all the memories she had shared with Ji Lingchen thus far.

Liu Siyu was rather surprised. She looked at her friend. “Xiaonuan, you’re awesome! You’ve only been married for a short while, and you’ve already made every girl’s dream guy fall in love with you!”

Ji Wen stood beside them and said, “Just Fang Xiaonuan’s looks alone have won my uncle’s heart. My uncle likes how she looks innocent and ignorant. Besides, my uncle has never had a woman in his entire life. Fang Xiaonuan isn’t bad looking. Such a beautiful woman lies beside him every day. If he wasn’t impotent, he wouldn’t have been able to hold himself back.”

Fang Xiaonuan glared at Ji Wen and spoke evenly. “I’ll tell your uncle what you said.”

Ji Wen immediately backed down. He made a gesture to shut up and looked at Fang Xiaonuan with anticipation, hoping that she would find her conscience and not tell his uncle about this.

Liu Siyu said, “I don’t think what Ji Wen said is completely unreasonable! You’re good-looking. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have been chosen as the campus belle. Men are all visual creatures. I think that Ji Lingchen has taken a fancy to you. In addition to the relationship between the two of you, it’s perfectly normal for him to have feelings for you.”

Fang Xiaonuan carefully recalled the minute details of her interactions with Ji Lingchen, but she still felt that it was a little abnormal. She stretched out her arm and said, “Can you guys smell any fragrance on me?”

The two of them leaned their heads closer and took a careful sniff. Liu Siyu shook her head, and Ji Wen shook his head as well. “Xiaonuan, you usually don’t use perfume. There’s no fragrance. What’s wrong?”

“Ji Lingchen always says that I smell good, and he even asks me what toothpaste, shampoo, and body wash I usually use, but the ones I use are all odorless!” Fang Xiaonuan said truthfully.

Liu Siyu, the top gossiper, caught the main point. She said happily, “So, you kissed Ji Lingchen!”

Ji Wen stared at her as well. “Could it be that you and my uncle are now truly husband and wife? Am I going to have a little brother? Or a little sister?”

Fang Xiaonuan interrupted their thoughts. “No, what are you two thinking about? I just don’t understand why he keeps saying that I smell good when I don’t.”

After a moment of depression, Ji Lingchen called. The three of them held their breaths at the same time. Usually, they were not this nervous when answering calls.

Fang Xiaonuan picked up the call. She put it to her ear. “Hello…”

Ji Lingchen asked, “Did you see the WeChat message I sent you just now?”

“Ah? I was busy just now and didn’t notice. Um… Um, is something the matter?” Fang Xiaonuan listened to Ji Lingchen’s magnetic voice. The words that Liu Siyu and Ji Wen had said with certainty just now rang in her ears. ‘Ji Lingchen had taken a fancy to you.’

Thus, when she answered the phone, she was unusually shy and gentle.

Ji Lingchen said, “What time will school be over? I’ll pick you up.”

Fang Xiaonuan rejected him without hesitation. “No need. I’m going out with Siyu after school.”

Ji Lingchen did not get angry. Instead, he smiled and talked as though he had been hurt. “This is my first time offering to drive you myself, and you cruelly rejected me.”

Fang Xiaonuan said, “Then you should get used to being rejected! You’ll get used to it in the future.”

Ji Wen and Liu Siyu, who were eavesdropping, gave Fang Xiaonuan a thumbs up. What an awesome person! She was not afraid of Ji Lingchen.

Ji Lingchen was in a good mood and did not force her. Since she had an appointment, he could only hang up the phone regretfully. After he hung up, Fang Xiaonuan bit her lip and leaned on the table, her gaze never leaving the phone.

Liu Siyu asked, “Xiaonuan, what’s wrong?”

Fang Xiaonuan said, “I don’t know. I just feel uncomfortable.”