Chapter 201 - Encounter with the Ex

“So marrying you is her greatest revenge on me,” Wei Xin said with tears in her eyes.


Li Zecheng’s handsome face was ashen. “What nonsense are you talking about? What are you not satisfied with marrying me? At least I’ll give you money, hire a nanny for you, and give you freedom.”

Wei Xin shook her head and said, “No, you don’t know how hard it is to be married to you. I’m despised by my mother-in-law and suppressed by my father-in-law every day. Everything I do is wrong. I’ve already become someone else.”

Wei Xin’s face was covered in tears of regret.

Li Zecheng had mixed feelings. On the one hand, he felt that Wei Xin was pretentious and not as independent as his ex-wife, Qiao An. On the other hand, he began to doubt himself. Why did everyone look resentful after marrying him? Could it be that he was really that bad?


“Don’t cry. Come home with me.” Li Zecheng strongly suppressed his impatience.

Seeing that his tone was still considered gentle, Wei Xin went along with it.

She wasn’t Qiao An. She didn’t have the courage to burn her bridges.

Her father had broken the law and been arrested. Her family had no one to rely on. If she left Li Zecheng, she would have nowhere to go.

Therefore, every time she had a conflict with the elders of the Li family, she would swallow her pride.

When Wei Xin returned, the elders of the Li family had already dispersed. No one was worried that something would happen to her after she left home. Wei Xin’s heart ached.

After Li Zecheng coaxed Wei Xin home, he drove out in a small car in a depressed mood.

He arrived at the Central Square and looked at the advertisement cards for Qiao An’s new book signing. Qiao An’s smile reminded him of many times he and Qiao An had shared.

When Qiao An had first married him, he had been in his prime. Even though he liked Qiao An, he had looked down on her from the bottom of his heart for being born in a small city.

He had a strong sense of superiority around her. But Qiao An was infinitely tolerant towards his arrogance. He slowly lost himself in her acceptance.

Now he knew that Qiao An had tolerated him back then only because she loved him. So she could live so well without him dragging her down.

Li Zecheng suddenly regretted it. If he had not taken the wrong path back then and had loved Qiao An properly, perhaps Qiao An would have been willing to live with him for the rest of his life after knowing that he had deceived her feelings.

After all, she was really a woman who felt extremely responsible for her family.

Just as Li Zecheng was sitting in the car in a daze, he started to hallucinate. He vaguely saw Qiao An carrying a child and walking into the mall arm in arm with another man.

Li Zecheng quickly stopped the car and hurried into the mall.

He ran through the mall and finally found Qiao An.

Qiao An was standing in a shop, concentrating on choosing clothes.

In person, she was even more beautiful and vivid than she looked on the poster. Her originally flat and thin figure had somehow become extremely voluptuous.

But it didn’t detract from her lightness. She still looked thin, but she was just thin enough.

Li Zecheng walked towards Qiao An with excitement.

Qiao An sensed someone approaching her and looked up abruptly. When she saw Li Zecheng, Qiao An’s eyes bloomed with surprise. Her past with Li Zecheng was wrapped in her love and sorrow.

“Qiao An, how are you?” Li Zecheng looked at her affectionately.

Qiao An’s face lit up with happiness and contentment. Her smile was as bright as the April sun.

“Thanks to your conscience three years ago, you let me go and gave me back my life. I’m doing very well.”

Li Zecheng smiled bitterly. “An’an, we were husband and wife after all. Although we’re already divorced, we can still be friends. Can you not talk to me like this in the future?”

Qiao An looked at Li Zecheng incredulously.

“We were husband and wife, but you didn’t know me.” Her beautiful and elegant face suddenly became ferocious and angry. “Li Zecheng, I hope you won’t mention that we’re husband and wife in the future. Because marrying you is the shame of my life. That was my nightmare.”

Li Zecheng’s handsome face was a little twisted. Qiao An actually felt ashamed to be with him.

“Qiao An, don’t forget that you used to hanker after me.” The most glorious moment of Li Zecheng’s life was when Qiao An mistook him for Li Xiaoran and obeyed him.

It would have been better if he hadn’t mentioned it. At the mention of it, Qiao An’s anger spilled over.

“Li Zecheng, if you hadn’t pretended to be Li Xiaoran, how could I have been so good to you? Let me tell you, you stole your uncle’s time and flaunted it in front of me for two years,” Qiao An said angrily.

Li Zecheng’s face turned pale.

When Qiao An opened her mouth, she was blessed with a glib tongue. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she had iron teeth.

“By the way, does your uncle know you pretended to be him? Guess how he’ll punish you?”

Li Zecheng was helpless in front of the aggressive Qiao An.

He did not expect that the gentle flower he had known would now become so domineering. Her thorns were like porcupines.

“Qiao An, my uncle and Lu Mo are getting married. He won’t want you. Give up on him.”

Qiao An felt an inexplicable ache in her heart, but she was a talker. She wouldn’t forgive anyone if they didn’t made sense. “You’re wrong. It’s not that he doesn’t want me, but that I don’t want him.”

After Qiao An finished speaking, she glared at him in disgust and said angrily, “Li Zecheng, a qualified ex should act like he’s dead. Please take a detour when you see me in the future. Because I never want to see a dog like you again.”

Qiao An cursed and left.

Li Zecheng glared at Qiao An’s back and gritted his teeth in anger.

He had let her down, but it had been three years. It was time for their feud to end. Why did she keep holding on to her grudge?

Li Zecheng’s expression was extremely ugly.

Qiao An left valiantly.

As she walked out the glass door into the wide passage of the hall, Qiao He suddenly appeared in front of Qiao An with Angel Qiao in his arms. When the child saw her mother, she immediately threw herself into her arms.


Li Zecheng happened to see this scene. Li Zecheng’s gaze was deeply attracted to the child.

He also had a two-year-old child at home. Instinct told him that this child was slightly older than his child at home.

Li Zecheng calculated the time and knew that this child was his and Qiao An’s.

The child, he decided, was his flesh and blood.