Chapter 202 - Questioning the Child

Li Zecheng ran out in a panic and caught up to Qiao An.

When his slender body blocked Qiao An, panic flashed in her eyes.

“Qiao An, whose child is this?” Although Li Zecheng had already decided that the child was his, he couldn’t believe that such a good thing would happen to him.

Especially after he sized up Angel Qiao, he was melted by her beautiful and cute appearance.

He had to admit that Qiao An’s daughter was much prettier and cuter than Wei Xin’s children.

The only thing that was lacking was that it seemed that Angel Qiao had only inherited Mommy’s good points. There was no sign of him in her at all.

Qiao An felt helpless about Li Zecheng’s wishful thinking. She was at a loss. If she told the truth, Li Zecheng should know that she had cheated on him during her marriage. And the person with whom she cheated was his uncle. He would definitely fly into a rage out of humiliation and might even expose this scandal. At that time, she and the child would not be able to gain a foothold in the capital.

Qiao An glanced at Qiao He, who snapped back to the present. It was time for him to show off his acting skills.

“Li Zecheng, Qiao An is already my wife. Don’t pester her,” Qiao He said domineeringly.

Li Zecheng sneered. “It’s true that Qiao An is your wife, but this child is mine.”

Qiao He said angrily, “This child is clearly my daughter. How did she become yours?”

Li Zecheng looked at Qiao An angrily. Qiao An paused for a moment, her mind already working.

She said to Li Zecheng very calmly, “Li Zecheng, don’t claim a child randomly. I’ve already taken the medicine to abort your child. You were also there that day and saw me swallow a bottle of abortion medicine.”

Li Zecheng looked at the angel with confusion. “Qiao An, it’s true that you took an abortion pill, but who knows if you had a miscarriage?”

Qiao An said, “To tell you the truth, this is my childhood friend. I dated him the day I divorced you. The child was conceived then. Our daughter is only two years old.”

Li Zecheng was dumbfounded.

He thought that Qiao An had been infatuated with him back then. Even after she divorced him, and would probably take a long time to mend her heart. Who would have thought that she would seamlessly sleep with another man when he was just divorced?

Then this child was only a month younger than his child.

They were both about two years old. There was a huge difference in height because of their development. In that case, Qiao An hadn’t lied to him.

Li Zecheng felt so disappointed that child so lovely was actually not his.

“Qiao An, I didn’t expect you to be a promiscuous woman. You hooked up with another man just after you divorced me.” Li Zecheng mocked Qiao An out of jealousy.

Qiao He pulled Qiao An into his arms. They were siblings to begin with, and Qiao He’s defense of Qiao An revealed his true feelings. He accused Huo Zecheng angrily, “How dare you say that about my wife? You cheated on her yourself. What kind of person are you?”

Qiao An said, “Honey. Let’s go.”

Then he took Qiao He’s hand and walked away.

Li Zecheng looked at the happy family of three and felt extremely jealous.

Every time he felt depressed, he would think of the culprit who had thrown him from the clouds to the ground – Huo Xiaoran.

He called Huo Xiaoran and said, “Hello, Uncle.”

Huo Xiaoran was very surprised. “How rare. You weren’t drunk today.”

Li Zecheng held onto the principle that it was better to have his uncle accompany him. He said in a gloating tone, “Do you know who I saw just now?”

Huo Xiaoran turned on the speakerphone and threw the phone aside, letting Li Zecheng talk to himself.

Li Zecheng changed to a teasing tone. “I saw my ex-wife, your ex-girlfriend, Qiao An. Uncle, you said that in order to protect her, you turned against the Li family. In the end, she still didn’t choose you but married another man and had children. Are you a failure?”

When Huo Xiaoran heard Qiao An’s name, he grabbed his phone.

Li Zecheng teased, “You schemed for her, but you didn’t get anything. Uncle, you’re at a loss.”

Huo Xiaoran was displeased. “Why are you drunk today? Li Zecheng, Qiao An’s achievements today are all because of her own hard work. It has nothing to do with anyone. Do you think everyone is like you, born a parasite? If your tree falls, you won’t be able to live anymore, right?”

Li Zecheng would be scolded by Huo Xiaoran every time. Perhaps he was used to it, so he was not so sad.

He degraded himself and said, “Huo Xiaoran, don’t make it sound so dignified. If you hadn’t spent so much effort to suppress our Li Kang Corporation, I would still be the high and mighty CEO Li.”

Huo Xiaoran said, “Li Zecheng, get this straight. The Li family wanted to destroy me first. It’s just that the Li family’s skills are inferior to mine. If I, Huo Xiaoran, lose, I’ll be convinced.”

Li Zecheng said, “It’s been three years. It’s time for your anger to subside. It’s also time for you to remove the ban on our Li family. Do you know how miserable we’ve been for the past three years?”

Huo Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying, “How miserable? Will it be worse than when I was studying?”

Every time Li Zecheng called Huo Xiaoran, he would act pitiful. He hoped that Huo Xiaoran would suddenly have a conscience and reward the Li family.

However, he did not expect that Huo Xiaoran had once been bullied by the Li family to the point where he could not even afford to eat.

Huo Xiaoran’s past made the Li family sweat. Therefore, other than Li Zecheng, no one else in the Li family had the cheek to beg Huo Xiaoran. Of course, Li Zecheng was rejected every time.

Li Zecheng tactfully changed the topic. He smiled and reminded Huo Xiaoran, “Uncle, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Don’t turn Lu Mo into the second Qiao An to jump off a building. At that time, you will live in endless regret like me.”

Huo Xiaoran felt as if he had been hit in the head.

Did his doting on Qiao An really hurt Lu Mo that much?

Lu Mo seemed to have disappeared from this world recently. There were no more phone calls or messages asking about Huo Xiaoran every day. She was originally chasing after Huo Xiaoran vigorously. Her silence made Huo Xiaoran inexplicably uneasy.

Huo Xiaoran was afraid that he would become a man like Li Zecheng and force the woman who loved him the most into a corner.

Thinking of this, Huo Xiaoran took the initiative to send a message to Lu Mo. “Momo, let’s have dinner together tonight.” He had to explain to her about him punishing Lu Youcai.