Chapter 5351

At this moment, in the endless void, billowing rain of blood fell, the scene was extremely tragic, and the breath of death swept across like a storm, shaking the world.

And Qin Chen, like a god, stands proudly in the endless world, with that magnificent aura, high above, like the master of this world, looking down on his people.

It is almost impossible to give birth to the courage to fight.

At this moment, Nailong Guizu and the others were all terrified. They looked at the void above their heads in horror, at the location of the tomb master who had been beheaded by Qin Chen, and at Qin Chen standing proudly there, their hearts shook.

The owner of the death tomb of the Abandoned Land, just fell like this?

Everyone's heart could not be calm for a long time, and they could hardly believe what they saw.

That's the Lord of Death's tomb.

A truly terrific character in Abandoned Lands.

In terms of cultivation, he possesses supernatural powers, and has reached the late stage of triple detachment. In the control of the way of death order, he is so perfect that he has almost realized the end of the avenue.

In terms of strength, he who owns the supreme treasure of the death scythe is invincible and invincible. No one dares to underestimate him.

Comparing the Evil Venerable Thousand Chills and the Giant Spirit Ghost Ancestor, although the Master of the Tomb of the Death God is not the top one in the Forsaken Land, in terms of influence, he is definitely one of the few existences.

But now...

Everyone looked at the place where the tomb owner's body collapsed, where the source of death surged and annihilated, and the aura that escaped was several times more terrifying than that of the Evil Venerable Thousand Chills and the Giant Spirit Ghost Ancestor before?

The bursting and surging breath even stirred up the void, shaking the void within a radius of tens of thousands of miles.

On this side of the world, boundless rain of blood fell. These blood rains were black in color, filled with the breath of death, and even carried a hint of ghostly aura of reincarnation, which made everyone terrified and shocked.

Such a strong man died just like that, and he died on the body of this strong man who had never been seen before, who came out of nowhere.

How can everyone not be surprised? How not to be timid.

At this time, everyone's eyes fell on Qin Chen who was not far away, and... Wangu Mingzu.

Who are these guys? At this time, above the head of Wangu Mingzu, a jet-black skull crystal was spinning, and the aura emanating from that skull crystal shocked the underworld forever, and just a trace of the escaping aura made Wulong Guizu and the others feel terrified.


This is definitely a dark weapon that is not inferior to the death sickle, otherwise how could it have resisted the full blow of the death sickle before the death of the tomb owner.

What shocked everyone even more was the aura emanating from Wangu Mingzu's body at this moment, this aura was completely different from that of the previous Forest Underworld Ghost King. If the aura of the Forest Ghost King is gloomy and full of ghostly aura, then the aura of the person in front of him is extremely majestic and profound.

Far above all the people present.

"Hahaha, Lord Underworld Lord is mighty."

While everyone was terrified, a loud laugh suddenly resounded through the world, waking everyone up.

But I saw Wangu Mingzu sneered, and with boundless strength of myriad bones, he quickly restrained his body: "Hmph, the boy who is the owner of the tomb of the death god dared to kill this ancestor before he died. What kind of identity is this ancestor? Can sneak attack kill it?"


In the disdainful voice, the ghost king of the underworld suddenly soared into the sky, and the Wanming glazed bones re-entered his body in an instant, and his whole body was instantly unified, appearing domineering and extraordinary. He grabbed the death scythe in the void, sensed it carefully, and then sneered: "Just relying on this ghost king's blade, you want to kill this ancestor? Let alone him, a waste that came out of nowhere, even if it was the tenth temple back then. Emperor Yan's ten

The big ghost king didn't dare to make a move on this ancestor. Hmph, if it wasn't for the fact that my ancestor's strength hadn't fully recovered, with the strength of that boy who is the owner of the tomb of the god of death, my ancestor could crush him to death with one finger. "

Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor floated in the sky, and said domineeringly, that arrogant tone, the terrifying breath of soul, made all the powerful people present change their colors.

"This aura, you... are not the Forest Ghost King."

"Who are you guys?"

Jilong Guizu and the others changed their colors and couldn't help but speak.

The Forest Ghost King definitely does not have such a treasure, nor does he have such strength.

"Who is this ancestor?"

Wan Gu Ming Ancestor laughed loudly, being stared at by Wu Long Gui Ancestor and the others, he felt an unprecedented pleasure. He floated in the sky, raised his head proudly, with his nostrils facing the sky, turned his head and glanced faintly at Guilong Guizu and the others, and said with disdain: "You have even seen the treasure of this ancestor, and Lord Mingzhu once called this ancestor's name, You still haven't recognized

With the identity of the ancestor, it is no wonder that you will be exiled to this abandoned place, you are really ignorant, a group of ants..."

Wangu Mingzu looked proudly, this group of guys are really idiots, they have exposed themselves so clearly, this group of guys haven't guessed their identity yet?

It really is uneducated.

But Guilong Guizu and the others were shocked after hearing the words of Wangu Mingzu.

What's the meaning?

Is this person famous?

"You are..." Among the crowd, Old Demon Kongming's expression shook, as if he had thought of something, his eyes showed shock.

"Hahaha, that's right, since you asked the question sincerely, then this ancestor will tell you kindly that this ancestor is famous..."

"Shut up."

Just when Wangu Mingzu was very excited and was about to climax under the horrified eyes of Jilong Guizu and the others, a cold shout came, but seeing that it was Qin Chen who showed dissatisfaction, he interrupted his nonsense directly.

"Wan Gu, what nonsense are you talking about here? Is the battle over? If you haven't killed the Jiuying old ghost, can you still use this Lord of the Underworld to make a move?"

Qin Chen snorted coldly, showing dissatisfaction on his face.

At this moment, he frowned, looking at the place where the Lord of the Death Tomb fell, as if he was thinking about something.

Wangu Mingzu hurriedly shook his head, cupped his hands to Qin Chen and said, "Yes, Master Ming, my subordinates will do it immediately."

Anxiety suddenly emerged in his heart.

Depend on.

Young Master Chen felt that he had stolen his limelight, dissatisfied?

His thought flashed, and in the next moment, it turned into a stream of light and rushed towards Jiuying Old Ghost.

kill! Rolling Ten Thousand Bone Realm was released instantly, and the terrifying aura was terrifying. Now that his identity had been exposed, Ten Thousand Bone Nether Ancestor didn't care at all.

For a moment, Jiuying Old Ghost was enveloped. Jiuying old ghost's face changed drastically. The fall of the tomb master of the death god had already made him extremely terrified. How could he dare to fight Wangu Mingzu at this moment? , under Jiuying,

I would like to take refuge in my lord, but I only ask my lord to stay in my next life. "

Jiuying old ghost looked at Qin Chen in horror.

However, Qin Chen's eyes were cold, but he didn't respond at all.

Take refuge in him?

With Qin Chen's current strength, does he need this guy's help?

On the side, the blood fiend ghost ancestor suddenly shuddered and woke up suddenly.

His current situation is actually not much better than Jiuying Old Ghost. Qin Chen didn't say that he would definitely let him go. If he can't show his value, maybe it will be his turn next.

"Senior, let me help you."

With a bang, the Blood Fiend Ghost Ancestor instantly turned into a vast sea of ​​blood, rushing towards Jiuying Old Ghost impatiently.

Behind the old ghost Jiuying, the old ghost Xuangui also moved suddenly, and killed him at the same time. Of these three top powerhouses, even the weakest Xuangui Laomo is faintly stronger than him. As for the remaining Blood Fiend Ghost Ancestor and Myriad Bone Ming Ancestor, their strength is even higher than him. Now the three people teamed up, and at this moment he was

Qin Chen is bound by the space domain, so where is the chance of surviving?

"No!" Amidst the shrill screams, the Jiuying old ghost crazily resisted and kept begging, but he only held on for a few breaths before being pierced by the three of them instantly, and he couldn't even blew his body and soul Arrive, fall on the spot, die

It's extremely frustrating.


The sky and the earth shook, and the billowing ghost energy surged, forming a terrifying vision.

But compared to the vision of the tomb owner of the death god, it is much weaker, not on the same level at all.

"Master Mingzhu, fortunately you fulfilled your mission." Wangu Mingzu and Xuangui Laomo quickly put away the origin and storage space of Jiuying Laogui's fall, and then came to Qin Chen, respectfully saluting.

The Blood Fiend Ghost Ancestor also hurriedly followed the two to salute, with his head lowered and his heart skipping a beat, for fear that Qin Chen would notice him.

"Another one died."

"The Jiuying old ghost is also dead."

"Brother Bolong, what should we do now?" The ancestor of the virtual crocodile trembled and said through voice transmission.

Up to now, the number of restricted zone masters who have died here has reached three, will there be more restricted zone masters to fall in the future?

The Dragon Ghost Ancestor and the others didn't know, but they knew very well that if the other party was determined to attack them, there would probably be many of them who would perish here today.

"Everyone, no matter who the other party is, we must join forces at this moment, otherwise, if we are scattered by the other party, with this person's strength, I'm afraid we will all fall here." The Dragon Ghost Ancestor spoke in a deep voice, his eyes serious.


The masters of many restricted areas nodded nervously.

Those who can become the masters of the restricted area are naturally not idiots. They know the truth that if one is prosperous, one will be prosperous, and one will be damaged. In front of Qin Chen, a strong man, they must unite if they want to survive.

But for some reason, although there are more than a dozen masters of the restricted area on their side, representing a huge force in the abandoned land, when they look at Qin Chen and the others in front of them, they all have fear in their hearts, and they are completely at a loss. downwind.

Qin Chen completely ignored the Cautious Dragon Ghost Ancestor and others who were cautiously at the side. When he raised his hand, the death scythe in Wan Gu Mingzu's hand suddenly levitated, and he grabbed it in his hand.


Above Qin Chen's right hand, an invisible dead energy surged out, and slowly penetrated into the death scythe, as if he was sensing something.

This made the Dragon Ghost Ancestor and the others a little dazed. Now that the Lord of the Tomb of the Death God, the Giant Spirit Ghost Ancestor, and the Jiuying Old Ghost have all fallen, the Underworld Lord does not deal with the Blood Fiend Ghost Ancestor and does not communicate with them. Research the Death Scythe there.

This...doesn't take them seriously?

Although the death sickle is powerful, when the research is not good, it is not enough to throw a group of them here and just go to research, right?

After sensing the blade of the death sickle, Qin Chen suddenly squinted his eyes and looked at Wan Gu Ming Zu: "Wan Gu, are you sure this is the ghost king's blade bestowed by Emperor Yan of the Ten Temples?" Wan Gu Ming Zu was stunned. , I don't know why Qin Chen asked this suddenly, he nodded and said: "Master Ming, this thing is the ghost king's blade. Back then, this subordinate had fought against the impermanent ghost king under the command of Emperor Yan of the Ten Temples, so this person has the ghost king's blade." However, the impermanence ghost king is much stronger than the tomb owner of the death god, and his cultivation has already reached the peak of the eternal order state. The battle between his subordinates and him back then was a dark and dark battle. The sun and the moon have no light, that is called

Tragic, the underworld is about to be destroyed by the two of us..."

"Shut up."

Qin Chen's face was ugly, and he directly interrupted Wan Gu Ming Zu's words.

This guy loves to talk about his past at every turn, making himself very powerful.

"If you don't talk, don't talk, why are you so loud." Wan Gu Ming Zu curled his lips, looking a little aggrieved.

The Blood Demon Ghost Ancestor looked dumbfounded.

Qin Chen didn't bother to pay attention to him, his consciousness was once again immersed in the death scythe, as if he was perceiving something.

Wangu Mingzu's words made the group of Wulong Guizu slightly agitated.

"Did you hear that? That guy said that he fought against the Impermanent Ghost King back then?"

"Impermanence ghost king? Isn't that one of the ten ghost kings under the command of Emperor Yan, the four great emperors of the underworld in ancient times? The powerhouses under the command of the four great emperors are all the top detached powerhouses in ancient times, the existence of covering the sky with one hand .”

"Can this guy fight against the top ten ghost kings? Is this... bragging?"

A group of people were a little shocked.

At this time, the Dragon Ghost Ancestors and the others had already affirmed that the former Forest Underworld Ghost King had long since fallen, and the one occupying the body of the Forest Underworld Ghost King now must not be the Forest Underworld Ghost King himself.

"It's must be him! There is no mistake, it must be him."

But at this time, Old Demon Kongming's pupils shrank, and finally remembered the identity of Wangu Mingzu, his voice trembled a little.

"Old devil Kongming, do you know him?" Guilong Guizu and others looked over quickly.

From the appearance, the old devil Kongming seemed to know the guy who occupied the ghost king of the forest, and looked eagerly.

"Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor... This person is Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor." Old Demon Kongming said tremblingly.

"Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor?"

Everyone was startled. This name seemed vaguely familiar to them, as if they had heard it from there.

"This name, isn't that one of the seven underworld generals under the command of the four great emperors of the ancient times?"

Suddenly, the owner of the restricted area exclaimed in surprise, this person is also a strong man from ancient times, and he has heard of this name.

"Yes, he was right."

Old Demon Kongming nodded repeatedly.

"Are you sure?" Everyone was shocked.

How could such a strong man appear in the abandoned land? "There is nothing wrong." The old devil Kong Ming tremblingly said: "When I passed by the territory of Emperor Youming, I accidentally violated the rules of the emperor's territory. to be able to

Get away, so you will never admit your mistake. "

From the very beginning, Old Demon Kongming felt that Wangu Mingzu was extremely familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before, but at this moment, he finally remembered it thoroughly.

That breath, that voice, is definitely Wangu Mingzu.

But, why is he here?

The Wulong Guizu and others who were present were also startled, with dull expressions on their faces.

If the present 'Sen Ming Ghost King' is really the Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor under the command of the Nether Emperor.

So, who is this person?

Everyone suddenly looked at Qin Chen with horror in their eyes. I can't calm down in my heart.
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