Chapter 1658: go play on the moon

"Leo, you're finally awake!"

Wanda's slightly excited and joyful voice was the first to sound out, but she still couldn't resist the action of the red whale.

Seeing the shrunken red whale, the first time he realized that Leo was awake, he moved up and put his huge head on the palm of Leo's hand.

At this time, Leo, who was suspended in mid-air, also had a bright smile on his face, and rubbed the big head of the red whale vigorously.

"Let you worry, this time is indeed an accident, an accident that I didn't even expect."

Leo looked at the crowd in front of him, finally gathered on Wanda's face, and said softly.

"I didn't expect even the little red whale to come."

Then he turned his attention to the red whale, and the smile on his face became brighter and brighter.

"That's right, master, I sensed a little danger, so I came here immediately, but master will be fine."

The red whale's slightly immature voice sounded, and its tail swayed slightly, inadvertently bumping into Pietro who was on the side.

"Ahem, it's fine, Leo, there's this movement outside."

Pietro looked at the scene in front of him. Although he had many doubts in his heart, most of his mind was still on the scene he had just seen outside.

"Since the matter has already happened, it must be possible that both the SHIELD and the Government Investigation Bureau can almost lock the vicinity at this time."

"I'll just call my superiors later, don't worry."

Leo smiled and said, with a golden light in his eyes, "Pietro, your energy flow seems to be smoother. How long has it been? Has it improved so much?"

Looking at Pietro, who was slowly recovering his strength at this time, Leo asked curiously.

Then, with a sweep of his eyes, he found that whether it was Wanda or Scott, there seemed to be a lot of physical changes, but Pim's father and daughter did not.

"It's not thanks to the changes in you that we have made such progress."

Wanda stepped forward and said softly, but her beautiful eyes were fixed on Leo's face, "Before this golden light came out, the golden and red lights on your body were constantly entangled, but they were extremely harmonious. The light has changed the abilities of the three of us."

Speaking of this, Scott on the side became a little depressed.

"You guys have changed in superpowers, but my body seems to be getting better, hehe, but it's pretty good, I thought that the light was radiating at first."

As Scott spoke, he smirked with satisfaction.

Hearing this, Pim's father and daughter looked at each other, and there was a trace of regret in their eyes, as if they had missed a big opportunity.

But both of them are also determined people, even if they have regrets in their hearts, they value the present more.

"Leo, what happened to you just now? Is it related to her?"

Dr. Pim asked with some concern. Although he knew that the probability of this was very small, it happened that this happened after Leo had contacted Janet in the Quantum Realm, so he still asked.

"No, it's my own problem. Don't worry, Janet will be fine until the next quantum tide."

Leo turned his head to look at Pim's father and daughter and said.

"You guys go to rest first. After you get the Pym technology back today, you can start to build the quantum tunnel, and you can pick up Janet soon."

After hearing Leo's words, Pim's father and daughter relaxed their tense spirits.

Both of them also realized the subtext in Leo's words, "I'm afraid I can't sleep, but I have a lot of ideas about the construction of quantum tunnels."

The father and daughter did not continue to stay in the room, and after saying a few more words, they walked directly to the studio.

Before, it was because Leo had an accident, so the focus was on Leo.

But now, Hank Pym couldn't wait to perfect the quantum field tunnel machine in his mind.

As for Hope, of course he would not miss this opportunity to design a quantum tunneling machine with the doctor.

Scott hesitated for a moment in the room, but followed him out, "Leo, I'll go and have a look too, and I'll come back to you tomorrow."

Although Scott is very yearning for the golden legend Leo, compared with Hope who is training with him these days, he still feels that his happiness in the second half of his life may be more important.

As for Pietro, he was even more curious about Leo.

"Leo, what happened to you just now? Is there anything in this world that can threaten you?"

Pietro, who has been to outer space with Leo, doesn't believe this at all. In his heart, Leo and Invincible are almost equated.

"It's my own problem, and after this change, I still have a lot to gain."

Leo turned back and said, but there was a flash of red in his eyes unconsciously.

The sudden appearance of a red light made Pietro tremble all over. Just for a moment, he seemed to feel the sky tilting.

But this fleeting feeling made Pietro and even himself a little suspicious, after all, how could Leo have such emotions towards him?

"Have you become stronger again?!"

Pietro said excitedly, his admiration for Leo has increased a bit.

"It should be considered. It's not easy to verify now, but there will be a chance later, haha."

Leo also said with a little excitement. Although he said so, he had already judged it in his heart.

Different from the assimilation and assistance of the golden light, the **** light absorbed into oneself may be more powerful in terms of destructive power.

And with the appearance of this kind of mentality, the trace of red light in Leo's eyes is slowly expanding, from the original inaudible to almost half of the pupil.

"your eyes?!"

Wanda had noticed this change earlier, and said nervously.

And Leo seemed to have reacted, and the red light began to fade rapidly again, and finally disappeared.

"Well, I know, the new ability I just acquired, the control is not very good, I think I need to recover."

Leo frowned slightly, but then spread it away instantly, looked at Wanda with a smile and said.

"I made you worry, don't worry, I'm fine."

Looking at Wanda, who was as white as snow and who was only concerned about him, Leo finally felt a wave in his heart.

But now is not the time.

After explaining a few more words to the two, they were still allowed to go back first.

In the originally crowded room, only the largest red whale was left floating aside, looking at him quietly.

Leo jumped slightly, sat on the back of the red whale, and patted his head.

"Go, go play on the moon."


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