Chapter 5265

Thinking of just now cloud seven's gloomy departure, he thought, he should find a chance to talk to her.

That night, Feng nine came to yue'er's room, looked at her lying there listless, then asked with a smile: "what's the matter? Didn't my mother's true words work? "

"Mother." Yue'er called out and said, "I confessed to the master, but the master told me that he was tired and wanted to rest. Let me leave first."

On hearing this, Feng jiuleng was stunned for a moment, and then chuckled out: "it's really worthy of being the Qing emperor. I didn't expect that even Zhenyan pill's medicinal power could be suppressed." Came to the table and sat down, looking at yue'er, she said with a smile: "you don't have to be disappointed. Believe in your mother's eyes, the green emperor has you in his heart."

"Really?" Yue Er couldn't help looking at her.

"Really." She wrung her nose and said with a smile, "when did your mother cheat you? Come on, I'll tell you the story of your aunt Qianhua and Jun jueshang. "

So, this night, two people in the room a chat, is a night

The next day, when yue'er went out, the whole person was fresh and fresh, and his face was full of spirit and energy. She decided, anyway, no matter what, she was the only one around the master, and she was the only one. She didn't believe it. For a long time, the master could not be moved!

In the following days, the Qing emperor watched her smile day by day, especially when he was facing him. He looked as if his confession had never happened that day. He was a little strange in his heart. What he had planned to say to her was also tolerated because of her strange appearance.

Until, half a month later, his health gradually improved. In the evening of that day, he was reading books in the hospital and saw her come in as usual.

"Xiao Qi, I'm ready to go back to Yunxiao mountain," he said

"Then I will go back with my master." She should have said it.

Smell speech, the green emperor slightly pause for a moment, holding the book, but did not want to see, in the mind thinking of things, for a long time, he put down the book in his hand, looked at her: "Xiao Qi, you confessed with the teacher that day."

"Well, master, don't worry. Even if you don't care about me now, it doesn't matter. I'll always be by your side. Anyway, besides me, I won't let other women get closer. I'll..." Before she finished her words, her hand was held. For a while, she was stunned and looked at him.

"Now I'll tell you that as early as the last life, I put you here." He took her hand and pressed it in the heart.

He's eyes widened and his face was dull.

Looking at her this appearance, the green emperor instead laughed: "happy silly?"

"Master, you, you didn't cheat me? Are you, are you telling me? " He asked with trembling voice.

"Well, I didn't lie to you. It's true that I always keep you in my heart. As early as I don't know when, you have already been an indispensable part of my life."

He looked at her and asked softly, "Xiao Qi, would you like to stay with me forever?"

"Well! I do! Yes She jumped forward with joy and hugged him tightly.

Qingdi also reached out to embrace her and felt her in his arms. After half a ring, he said, "let's talk to your parents about our affairs."

Yue'er laughed and said, "my parents have gone to travel this morning. They say they don't care about our affairs. When we get married in the future, we can tell them."

Smell speech, green emperor lip horn tiny hook, holding her hand way: "then we return to Yunxiao mountain."

"Good." Yue'er smiles sweetly and goes out with his ten fingers.

The two figures walk together, the fingers clasp, and the laughter spreads with the breeze, and they hear faintly, their expectation for the future

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