Chapter 60.2

Chapter 60 – Part 2

The odds of that happening seemed high in many ways.

Dornach, the territory of the Delacroix family, is located at the southernmost tip of the continent and was an important trade point.

If she really wanted to escape, it would be best to go to the eastern continent by boat from the port city of Dornach. The sea route to the eastern continent was only available through the trading city of Dornach.

‘…Really, it seems that she intends to go far away completely.’

The very thought made his blood boil. The heat seemed to flow to the ends of his head.

Assuming that he might lose her forever, he felt unbearable.

…I’ll go and ask for her forgiveness, I’ll try to persuade her.

‘If it doesn’t work…’


His hand, which gripped the reins, grew tenser.

If then, would he be able to let her go?


…He only realized now only after it finally happened. He never really wanted a divorce from her. He never wanted it at all.

‘…I can’t lose her. I will never, ever let her go.’

It was unacceptable that she wanted to leave him. Even if that’s what she really wanted.

It was very unusual for a letter to be delivered early in the morning. Moreover, the recipient was Lady Alvinith, so the young attendant tilted his head in puzzlement.

‘Sender, A.S.… Who is this?’

The young attendant was curious. He knows there’s no point in caring about these things, but he couldn’t help being curious.

The attendant walked while contemplating who A.S. was. Then, by the time he reached Her Ladyship’s room, he decided to give up guessing. He had no idea who it was. A little frustrated, the attendant sighed and knocked on the door.

Knock, knock—

Then, the answer came from inside.

“What is it?”

The attendant reflexively lowered his head and replied.

“A letter just arrived and I’m here to deliver it, Lady.”

“Really? Bring it in.”


The attendant carefully opened the door and went inside. Her Ladyship’s appearance immediately came into view. She left the door to the terrace wide open and sat enjoying morning tea.

As the young attendant trotted toward her, she turned and smiled softly… On the outside, he had a kind face, but the attendant had heard from many people that he must never let his guard down.

The Young Lady of the Alvinith family was not as she looked.

They must not be fooled by her mask of kindness. The Lady would be a little nice, but if they acted arrogantly, even their bones would not be left to be picked up. He should never forget his manners for a moment.

The young attendant kept those points in mind and greeted the Lady politely and courteously.

Then the Lady laughed softly and held out her hand. She was asking for the letter. The attendant quickly pushed the letter he had put on a silver tray. The Lady gracefully reached out and picked up the letter. Each movement was theatrical, but it was as smooth as flowing water, so it didn’t feel awkward at all.

The Lady smiled a bit deeply after checking the details of the letter. Curiosity stirred once again in the young attendant’s heart who watched the scene.

Who the hell is A. S. Who sent that letter?

“What are you doing? Run along.”


At that moment, the attendant who came to his senses hurriedly lowered his head. It would not be an illusion that the Lady’s eyes looked cold. The attendant quickly stepped back and retreated. His startled heart was beating loudly.


After the servant had left, Adeline Alvinith was left alone in her room again. She slowly opened the envelope.

Seeing that it was sent in such a hurry, something must have happened to Valentino Castle.

Adelaine opened the letter, hoping that it would be good news for her, and read it.

Soon, a smile began to form on her lips as she read slowly. When she finished reading the letter, Adelaine laughed out loud.

Maybe this world was on her side.

Yes, that’s how it should be.

‘I’ve liked Theo for so long after all…’

But one day, Lily Everett suddenly intervened and wrenched Theo away from her.

When she was the lowly illegitimate daughter of the Everett family.

‘That place belonged to me originally.’

If it hadn’t been for Lily Everett, she would have married Theo. It didn’t matter if Theo didn’t care about her. The important thing is that the place next to him was hers.

It was ridiculously taken away by Lily, but she was determined to get it back. By any means.

Adelaine rose from her seat and approached the fireside. She threw the letter into the blazing fire and watched it still. The letters A.S. were swallowed up by the scarlet flame and gradually disappeared.

A. S.

Annabella Seymour.


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