Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61 – Part 1

It’s already been over a year. Adeline had been maintaining a secret correspondence with Missus Seymour.

At first, it was merely a fellowship. However, it was a trap set by Adeline. And Missus Seymour was well caught in the trap.

It’s fortunate that things are gradually getting better in the estate, but the fact that someone from the Everett family is still in Valentino is very complicated.

From one day on, Missus Seymour began to confide her concerns to Adeline.

Over the course of several months, she interacted with her, and she insisted numerous times, ‘I am entirely on your side, Missus Seymour.’ Finally, Anabella Seymour began to open up to her.


Adeline raised his lips in a mocking manner.

People tend to get weaker as they get older. Even though it felt as if one’s youth would last forever, the moment it’d fade away, one’s health would deteriorate and their mind would shake and be wracked with anxiety.

An older person’s field of vision would get narrower, and it would become difficult for them to accept unfamiliar things. They would rather settle for what they’re used to.

Unless they have a tolerable desire for improvement and will, most people would be the same.

That was the case with Missus Seymour.

She seemed to have iron flowing in her veins instead of blood before, but she eventually weakened as she grew older. What defeated her was the ruthlessness of time.

Nevertheless, her pride was strong. Despite opening up to Adeline, she didn’t give everything. Because of that, Adeline did not know the detailed circumstances of the Valentino Duchy.

But for now, Adeline was satisfied with having Missus Seymour completely on her side.

And finally, today.

The old lady told Adeline so quickly that Lily Everett had run away secretly?

Missus Seymour was a very easy person to deal with.

‘Looks like she’s doing her crazy acting right.’

It was also Adeline’s advice that Missus Seymour pretend to be crazy for the time being.

Was it about four weeks ago? Adeline didn’t know what Theodore had told his aunt, but Missus Seymour seemed very uneasy, and Adeline advised her to use a strategy to arouse Theo’s sympathy. After all, it was better to have pity than anger.

And Missus Seymour followed Adeline’s advice, perhaps finding that acceptable.

To think that that Missus Seymour was pretending to be crazy… It was ridiculous. But outside she pretended to be concerned about Missus Seymour. Her amiable image, which she had so painstakingly crafted, was her own treasure.

Theo too, Missus Seymour too… Everyone would consider her a kind person.

And it was actually true. She was always kind to those she loved and cherished.

When she felt angry or terrible, it was for a good reason. It was like that with Lily Everett. Lily’s bad, Adeline’s not bad

‘Then… Shall I proceed soon?’

Adeline went into her dressing room and began getting ready for her outing. Now that Lily Everett, the culprit behind all the twists and turns, had freed herself from Theodore’s protection, the time has come for Adeline to finally carry out her plan.

‘I just need you to disappear, Lily. If not for you, who drives the waves wherever you go, everyone can be happy.’

It’s all Lily’s fault that Adeline couldn’t connect with Theo. It’s all Lily’s fault that Theo became unhappy.

Lily Everett is the problem.

So, she just has to disappear.

The effect of the disguise magic tool dissipated on its own shortly after we left Veronis.

After using this magic tool too much, the magic circuit got worn out, so in the end it could no longer be used.

Still, I had put it to good use. Lastly, it helped me and Charlotte escape a lot.

‘…This magic tool was what Owen gave me when he asked me to find out Valentino’s secret.’

It ended up being used in a completely different place. With this, I took the form of a maid and helped the people of the estate, and also gathered information about the employees who harassed me.

Although it was an item that had been given to me through Owen’s hands, I was confident about only using it for good. I don’t know if that’s why, but I felt a little bit sad about throwing it away. Even though it’s now broken and useless.

‘I wonder if I can still keep it as a memento…’

I looked down at the magic tool in the form of a silver pendant necklace and was lost in agony. After a while, I heard Charlotte’s voice.

“It’s October now, so the weather is really chilly… Madam, are you alright?”

“Yes… I’m fine.”

In fact, I’m not fine.

We succeeded in escaping from Veronis safely and entering the full-fledged escape route, but the problem was that we had to pass through the mountains.

This may be a shortcut, but the air in the mountains was so cold that even though I was in the carriage, my body shivered endlessly. I was already under several layers of blankets wrapped all over my body, but I was still cold.

‘Still, it’s a relief that I can ride a carriage, but…’

If it wasn’t for that, it would have been a big deal.

Since this mountain road was frequented by peddlers, the road was well paved for carriages and carts to pass through.

Thanks to that, our party was able to ride the carriage, but there were a few problems.

First, it’s too cold.

Second, we might run into bandits…


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