CH 68.2

Chapter 68… A sumptuous dinner

[Part (2/2)]

King didn’t say a word, and walked all the way to the parking lot with the little orange cat in his arms. Xiao Luo caught sight of the most coquettish bright yellow sports car parked on the far right, and was slandering that this could not be the car of “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan, right?

As a result, King opened the car door and put him in the passenger seat.

Xiao Luo’s mood was particularly complicated: I always felt that Master concealed his identity in order to… free himself?

“Meow?” King, do you have a driver’s license?

“Yes.” King threw the driver’s license over.

Xiao Luo picked it up with his front paw, and found the date on it was a bit strange, the expiration date: February 30, 2020 to February 30, 2026.

Who’s fake license is this? It’s too unreliable!

When he found that King stepped on the accelerator and the sports car rushed out like flying, Xiao Luo finally understood: this driver’s license should be a fake certificate made by King himself.

“Meow!” King, you forgot to fasten your seat belt!

“Oh.” The tone was all calm, and the next second, the seat belt was automatically fastened.

Xiao Luo firmly grasped the mat under his feet, and sincerely felt that his shit-shoveling officer would drive much more safely. If there is nothing important to do in the future, he must not take King’s car casually, it is simply playing a joke with his own life!

Throughout the way, the wind howled past the speeding yellow car. The miracle miracle is that King did not run into a red light even once. Everything was safe, except for one thing: serious speeding.

In a section with a speed limit of 60 mph, he at least drove at a speed of 120 mph.

Xiao Luo couldn’t help but start to worry: If King is caught by the traffic police uncle and goes out with a driver’s license that looks fake at first glance, will he be detained?

But King’s luck is really good. The journey was safe, but Xiao Luo was frightened into a cold sweat.

When the car stopped, less than half an hour had passed.

“Meow?” LOLO Pet Shop? Whoops, he’s back here again.

“King, why are you here?” The petal-headed little loli who was sitting behind the counter stood up abruptly with a surprised look on her face.

Xiao Luo remembered this little loli. The character he had drawn once with a random transformation card was called Ye Wei. It was a Satanic leaf-tailed gecko who could perform stealth and petrify. The point was: the gender was male.

Before he was adopted back by Ling Su, Ye Wei was the temporary owner of LOLO Pet Shop. The pseudo-loli didn’t do anything else, but played games on the computer and downloaded dungeons every day.

“Give him an injection.” King walked in holding the little orange cat.

Xiao Luo looked around, the pet shop was the same as he remembered, the only change was: there were two little golden retrievers in the place where he and Husky were staying, and they looked like they had just been a month old.

“Do you want him to be vaccinated, King?” Ye Wei asked very enthusiastically, “I checked the records, and this orange cat has been two months old, and he can get a health shot once.”

“Yes.” King nodded, and handed the little orange cat to the other party, “His spirit has been a little unstable recently, and I will give him some medicine.

“Do you want to go and see?”

Xiao Luo listened to the conversation between King and Ye Wei, and he was a little confused: the mysterious backer behind LOLO Pet Shop is King, right? But why does he feel like it’s not quite right?

“Little cat, don’t be afraid. My technique is very good, once the needle is injected, you will definitely feel nothing at all!” Ye Wei carried the little orange cat and walked to the disinfection room, while swearing.

Xiao Luo meowed, turned back to look at King, and found that the other party had already walked to the cat’s daily necessities area. Recalling the backpack that King specially brought him for food last time, he couldn’t help feeling warm in his heart: Why is my master so caring?!

Ye Wei said that his technique was very good, and he really didn’t lie to the cat. After two injections, Xiao Luo didn’t react. He guessed that the other party had secretly used the petrification skill on him and his five senses were dulled.

After the injection and the medicine, Xiao Luo felt much better. The most intuitive manifestation is that his chubby body has shrunk. After the puffiness is lifted, he feels refreshed in every way!

“Little cat, what’s your relationship with King? Tell me secretly, okay?” Ye Wei asked quietly after taking off his mask.

Xiao Luo pondered: This is a demon, and its level is not low. Being able to serve as a temporary shopkeeper in LOLO Pet Store should not be an evil demon, so he tilted his head cutely: “Meow!” King is my idol! Powerful, domineering, handsome and cool, invincible in the world!

Ye Wei: “…a fanatic.”

Xiao Luo shook his body indifferently, thinking: It’s true that King is invincible or something. Take “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan who is arrogant and domineering, but in front of King, he has to be beaten obediently!

“I want all of these, check out.” King picked out a pile of cat food and canned food, as well as some clothes for cats.

Xiao Luo opened his eyes wide in surprise: How come I didn’t realize that Master is still a shopaholic at heart?

“Okay! King, wait a moment.” Ye Wei took out a shoulder bag from the counter and stuffed everything into it. Xiao Luo was stunned when he saw it: This shopping bag is really extravagant.

King handed over a black card, but Xiao Luo didn’t see the consumption amount clearly. Thinking about the 1998 set meal that Ling Su was robbed off when he first came here, it should be quite a lot.

“This Guling pill, once a day, a course of treatment a week.” Ye Wei handed the beautifully packaged square box to King, and then touched the little orange cat’s head, “Little cat, take your medicine when you go home, you will be in good health!”

This cute tone, no matter how you look at it, he doesn’t look like a boy.

“It’s four fifty.” King glanced at his watch and said to Xiao Luo, “We’re running out of time.”

Around five o’clock is the peak time of traffic flow, and there is a high possibility of traffic jams on the road. It is to say, it was a bit difficult to reach home before five o’clock.

Xiao Luo understood this meaning, what he couldn’t understand was the meaning of King’s last glance, until——

The bright yellow sports car suddenly grew wings and propellers like a Transformer, and turned into a helicopter!

Xiao Luo was completely shocked.

“Meow?” King, can you fly a helicopter?

“I have a driver’s license.”

King casually threw a copy of his driver’s license. Needless to say, it was another false one.

Xiao Luo wanted to cry but had no tears: Master, I finally understand your good intentions. You have been hiding your real identity from me. In fact, you are trying to establish a tall and powerful image for me, right?

At 5:30, King returned to the Professor’s apartment building of W University on time with the little orange cat in his arms and a bag of cat food on his back.

With the concerted efforts of Ling Su and “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan, a sumptuous dinner has been served on the dining table.

Steamed hairy crabs, garlic vermicelli scallops, steamed tuna, steamed cod, steamed large yellow croaker, crucian carp tofu soup, seaweed and wolfberry pork ribs soup, mushroom stewed chicken soup, steamed okra, hot and sour potato shreds, hot and sour baby dishes… the table will soon be full!

The large plate of hairy crabs in the middle especially made Xiao Luo salivate.

What should he do, he really wants to transform into a human form, and then feast on it!

Ling Su’s craftsmanship is definitely too good, it is full of color and fragrance! The only bad thing is that he doesn’t put much salt in his cooking, of course there is a reason for this.

Xiao Luo licked his tongue, feeling that he was about to lose control!

“I’ll cut the watermelon later, let’s sit down and eat first.” Ling Su put the tableware, turned his head and smiled at the little orange cat, “Xiao Pang, I have reserved a place for you too.”

“Meow?” Xiao Luo replied suspiciously. He thought that the shit shovel officer would continue to find an excuse to go out today and reserve time for him to eat.

When he was carried to his seat, Xiao Luo was still a little dazed. There was also a plate in front of him, which seemed to be the same size as the one used by his shit shoveler, but the plate was already full of food, and they were all in small portions. Servings of fish, chicken breast, mashed potatoes and okra, and crabmeat that took up a third of the plate! The plump and tender crab meat is covered with a layer of golden crab roe…

Xiao Luo’s saliva flowed out: “Meow!” Ling Xiao Su, I must give you thirty-two likes!

“Today’s dish is really delicious!” “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan scooped up the chicken soup with a spoon while sighing, “It’s a pity that it’s a little overcooked.” Can it not be overcooked? Ling Su prepared dinner for Xiao Luo first, and added salt for them to eat at the end. Whether this dish is soup or not, the cooking time is too long.

Xiao Luo lowered his head calmly, deeply moved in his heart: How can my shit-shoveling officer be so warm! I need to hold Ling Xiaosu tightly for the rest of my life, and never let go!

“Ling Xiao Su’s cooking skills are so good. Your wife will be blessed in the future!” “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan peeled the hairy crabs while nagging, “It’s a pity that someone can’t even cook instant noodles. He is doomed to be lonely in this life.”

Xiao Luo glanced quickly at King sitting opposite him, and encouraged his master with his eyes: “Hurry up, beat him up!”

It’s a pity that King didn’t care about this little rooster at all, and grabbed the food without saying a word.

On the contrary, Ling Xuan was very angry: “I said, why do you keep grabbing my food!”

“You talk a lot of nonsense.” King moved his chopsticks again, snatched the chicken leg from “Xiaojiejie” Ling Xuan, put it in his own bowl, and gnawed it clean.

Xiao Luo purred happily, and continued to eat with his head down…

“Don’t worry, eat slowly.” Ling Su stared intently at the little orange cat. He didn’t care about the behavior of the two people sitting next to him. It’s a good habit to be seventy percent full, and never rush to eat, besides, the meals on this table are originally prepared for guests, as for Xiao Pang’s portion?

That’s all without salt, no one will grab it!

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