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Seeing Long Chen forcibly breaking Ye Linfeng's palm, the face of the old man in Brahma Pill Valley changed drastically. Among the strong people present, he was the only one who knew how strong Ye Linfeng was at the moment.

However, Ye Linfeng, who was so strong, still couldn't compete with Long Chen in terms of strength, and suffered a big loss in the first move of the peak duel.

Ye Linfeng's palm was broken abruptly, and the endless power of the stars spread along his palm to his body rapidly. His god power couldn't block the invasion of the power of the stars alone, and his body instantly turned into a star, unable to move. .

"Until now, I can't see the gap between you and me. What's the use of your eyes?"

Long Chen's left hand was like lightning, and he stretched his fingers, piercing Ye Linfeng's eyes. Ye Linfeng's right hand was pinched, and his whole body was invaded by the power of the stars. He was numb and wanted to avoid it, but it was too late.


Ye Linfeng's eyes were forcibly gouged out by Long Chen's two fingers, and Ye Linfeng let out a shrill scream, which resounded through the world and shocked countless strong men.

Long Chen's ruthless methods are creepy, even the hidden dragon warriors who have already comprehended life and death can't help but fight a cold war when they see this scene.


The vision behind Ye Linfeng trembled, and the pair of huge eyes trembled in the vision. Long Chen's star power, which almost covered Ye Linfeng's entire body, was forced out in an instant.

Ye Linfeng roared and waved his big hand. The palm held by Long Chen was unexpectedly broken by him. Long Chen had already firmly grasped his hand. If he wanted to break free, a strong man had to cut off his wrist.

Ye Linfeng also had a lot of ruthlessness, and made the most correct choice at the first time. After breaking his wrist, he quickly backed away, and his other hand formed a seal, and the severed palm was reborn.

However, a severed hand can be reborn, but the gouged out pupils cannot be regenerated immediately. He can only replace his eyes with his consciousness and the pupils of the Valkyrie in the vision behind him.

However, when he looked at Long Chen, he heard the exclamation of countless people in his ears, and at the same time mixed with the roar of the old man of Brahma Pill Valley, Ye Linfeng suddenly felt bad, and he lost his vision for a moment.

He shouted angrily, waved his fists in front of him, and retreated rapidly, but just as he retreated, Long Chen had already appeared beside Ye Linfeng.

It turned out that Long Chen blinded Ye Linfeng's eyes, knowing that Ye Linfeng would use the pupils in perception and vision as eyes.

He struck out with his big hand, and a curtain of stars blocked Ye Linfeng's vision, and at the same time disturbed the space. Ye Linfeng had just lost his eyes, and when he was flustered, he definitely couldn't think of a way to deal with it immediately.

As Long Chen expected, he backed away like a headless fly. Long Chen's big hand was rounded, and the power of the stars flowed rapidly on the entire arm, and he slammed it.


Ye Linfeng's face was blasted instantly, his cheekbones exploded, his cheeks exploded, and half of his mouth was directly pumped.

Ye Linfeng screamed and flew upside down like a gourd rolling on the ground.

"Why are you pissing me off?"


"Why are you pissing me off"



Long Chen roared, two big slaps, as if he didn't want money, slapped Ye Linfeng's face frantically, each slap could accurately cover his entire face, no matter how he dodged or attacked randomly Meaningless.


Long Chen's body is as fast as a shooting star, every slap can explode the void, and every slap comes with the power to destroy the world.

People saw that Ye Linfeng was so slapped that he had no strength to fight back, and everyone's scalp was numb. If it was Ye Linfeng, if it was someone else, if they were slapped by Long Chen, it would be guaranteed that there would be no bones left.

But even Ye Linfeng couldn't bear such an attack. His face had been completely smashed, his mouth had disappeared, and he was blown out abruptly. His mouth was full of teeth, and he didn't know where he flew to.

Ye Linfeng was completely stunned by Long Chen's continuous slaps, he only knew how to resist and attack randomly, and couldn't cause any harm to Long Chen at all.

Ye Linfeng is powerful and has rich combat experience, but his combat experience is the experience of suppressing the strong from all walks of life, deciphering various magical powers, and almost no experience of being beaten.

At this time, he is not even as good as an ordinary strong man. When an ordinary strong man falls into a desperate situation, the first thing he thinks about is how to get out of the desperate situation, rather than blindly dodging and defending.

"Use the map of the emperor's blood."

The old man from Brahma Pill Valley roared, and Ye Linfeng, who was stunned, finally came to his senses. Suddenly, the Destiny Roulette behind him trembled, and a divine map flew out of the vision.

As soon as the divine figure came out, the terrifying majesty of the emperor surged. This is a terrifying divine weapon, made of the skin of an ancient divine beast, with various runes drawn on it. As soon as it appeared, Long Chen would cover the star power of the destiny roulette. , was instantly dispelled.

At that moment, Ye Linfeng regained his vision in an instant, and when he regained his vision, it was as if the blind man regained his light and saw hope.


The divine map appeared and rushed towards Long Chen. The runes on the divine map were distorted, and the terrifying suction made Long Chen stagger, and he was about to be included in the divine map.

With Long Chen's stagger, the continuous attacking rhythm was interrupted. Ye Linfeng immediately got rid of Long Chen's attack and flew backwards.

When Ye Linfeng stepped back, everyone saw Ye Linfeng's face, and they all exclaimed. At this time, Ye Linfeng's entire face almost disappeared, and there was not much flesh and blood left on the bones. The mouth without teeth, It's just a blood hole. If it wasn't for that fate roulette, people would hardly recognize Ye Linfeng.

Ye Linfeng had already lost all consciousness in his head at this time, and could no longer feel the slightest pain, but when he heard people's exclamations and saw their horrified eyes, he knew that he was uglier than a ghost at this moment.

Ye Linfeng roared furiously, but just as he was halfway through the roar, a black long knife with a domineering shape and an evil spirit appeared in Long Chen's hand.

"Your mouth stinks, close it for me..."

Keel Xiyue appeared in Long Chen's hands, and Long Chen stopped drinking:

"The Crescent Moon Shocks the Heavens!"

The keel evil moon whizzed down, the black blade was like the sickle of the god of death cutting the thread of life, this knife killed all life, without the blessing of the power of the stars, without the supply of the power of the blood, this knife was completely the keel evil moon One's own strength, after this period of cultivation, it has become stronger.

Keel Xieyue crossed the sky and went straight to Ye Linfeng, or in other words, slashed at the divine picture above Ye Linfeng's head.


There was a sound like cracking brocade, and the terrifying divine map, like a piece of paper cut by a sharp knife, split into two in an instant. The divine weapon was destroyed by Long Chen.

"How is this possible?"

At that moment, Ye Linfeng was completely dumbfounded. Although this divine map is a human emperor's divine weapon, it possesses boundless magical powers, comparable to a divine emperor's weapon, but before it could unleash its terror, it was abolished by Long Chen. .

"Tat Tat Tat..."

Long Chen carried the dragon bone Xieyue, his eyes were cold and his killing intent was boundless, and he walked towards Ye Linfeng step by step. At that moment, he was like a god of death who harvested life, making all living beings tremble.