Chapter 5496


Long Chen's palm was printed on Minglong Tianfeng's fist. The fist that gathered all the power of Minglong Tianfeng could split the sky, but it was smashed by Long Chen's palm.

The cross in Long Chen's palm cut through the void, the vertical part cut off the shoulder blades of Minglong Tianfeng, and the horizontal part cut him in half directly at the waist.


In the splash of blood light, the two parts of Minglong Tianfeng's body flew out, and the vitality was cut off in an instant.

Between heaven and earth, a huge "ten" character is inlaid in the void. In the blood-colored cross, endless dragon power is stirring, and the low roar of the giant dragon can be faintly heard.

The dragon's power is ancient, sacred, and magnificent, which makes the universe tremble, and makes all Taos submit. It does not shatter the void, and there is no tearing law, but it is so embedded in the sky and the earth, and it will not be separated for a long time.

"It turns out that this is his true strength."

Mo Yang's scalp tingled for a while, and only then did he realize that when Long Chen used the emperor's blood seal, he didn't use his full strength at all.

At this time, Long Chen's dragon blood power, under the squeeze of the power of the stars, exploded with all his strength, without a trace of reservation, this blow directly killed Minglong Tianfeng.

"Using the power of the stars to squeeze the power of the dragon's blood, both powers are exhausted, and your power of thunder and power of fire are also exhausted. Now, what strength do you have to resist me? Hahahaha..."

Suddenly, Silver-haired Cankong's laughter resounded between heaven and earth, and people's hearts trembled. Hell Dragon Tianfeng died, but Silver-haired Cankong was still alive.

At this time, the silver hair was empty, and milky white flames glowed all over his body. In the milky white flames, human-shaped runes flowed one after another.

These runes are figures sitting cross-legged. If you look carefully, it is exactly the appearance of Brahma. When these runes appear, the appearance of the silver-haired Remnant Kong changes again.

At this time, he has returned to his youthful appearance, his pale hair is also shining like bright silver, and in just a short while, he seems to have been reborn.

The silver-haired Cankong didn't care about the death of Minglong Tianfeng. For him, Minglong Tianfeng was a pawn to consume Long Chen.

At this time, Long Chen, after striking the emperor's blood seal, the divine ring on his back disappeared, and the sea of ​​stars dispersed. At this time, he was slightly panting, and even the dragon scales covering his body disappeared, and the star battle suit became ordinary. Heipao, at that moment, he lost all his aura.

"Fight with him"

The ancestor of the evil dragon clan stopped drinking and stepped into the void. Seeing this, the other ancestors couldn't help but feel a headache. Even if you make a move, you have to say hello in advance.

That's the silver-haired Cankong, one of the Eight Great Gods, it is only by gathering everyone's strength to deal with him and cooperating with each other that everyone can have hope.

As soon as this guy rushed out, even if the others were not prepared, they had to rush out together. As soon as they moved, all the powerful people in the Dragon Domain moved.

"Today's Dragon Clan is nothing but a group of ants. They no longer have the glory of the past. Get lost."

The silver-haired Remnant Kong sneered, and slashed with the Divine Brilliance Blade in his hand, and a sword energy streaked across the void, forming a billowing air wave.

"Boom boom boom..."

There was a burst of explosion, and the ancestors of Longyu flew out with a muffled grunt. They were horrified. At this time, their silver hair was still empty, and their strength was still there, and it seemed that they hadn't been reduced much.

The turbulent air wave surged, and the strong men in the Dragon Realm flew out backwards, and the huge Ten Thousand Dragons' Nest rolled out and was rushed far away.

Fortunately, the silver-haired Cankong's target is Long Chen, and he doesn't want to waste his energy for Long Yu, otherwise, after this blow, I don't know how many strong people in Long Yu will be killed.

"Call out that guy in white clothes. Today, I will meet him well." The silver-haired and empty long sword pointed at Long Chen and shouted coldly.

Guo Ran and the others were stunned, they didn't understand the meaning of the silver-haired Cankong, what is a guy in white clothes?

And Long Chen looked at the silver-haired Cankong, and a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth: "It's hidden deep enough, everything before was deliberately showing weakness, in order to pull Minglong Tianfeng, a scapegoat.

Use his laws of the underworld and the power of the Emperor of the Underworld to consume my strength. Now that my strength is exhausted, you jumped out to show off your power again. Not bad, not bad, child, I am very pleased that you have grown up. "


After Long Chen finished speaking, he still didn't forget to applaud the silver-haired Cankong. Long Chen's tone was like an elder educating the younger generation, which looked so funny.

However, at this tense moment of life and death, no one could laugh. However, Long Chen's calm appearance and peaceful tone made everyone feel at ease.

It seemed that everything in front of him was within Long Chen's expectations, and the ancestors of the dragon clan who originally planned to burn the remaining lifespan to fight desperately, also paused their actions at this time.

The silver-haired Can Kong yelled coldly: "Shut your stinky mouth, what are you, dare to teach me a lesson? Do you think that with your strength, you need me to use tricks?

This seat is just curious, who is that guy in your body and what is its origin.

And you, in front of me, are just an ant. Although you are a bit strong, you are still an ant.

Summon him, my seat, and let him die convincingly today. "

Last time, the silver-haired Cankong was defeated by the white-clothed Longchen. It can be said that it was a disastrous defeat.

The haughty eyes of Long Chen in white, his indifference, seemed like a god standing above the world of mortals, looking down on all living beings.

That defeat cast a shadow over the silver-haired residual space. When he went back to heal his wounds, as soon as he closed his eyes, the figure of Long Chen in white would appear in his mind.

Baiyi Longchen has become his inner demon, which caused his recovery to be extremely slow. After recovering, the silver-haired Cankong understood that if he wanted to get rid of this inner demon, he had to kill Baiyi Longchen.

And if you want to kill Long Chen in white, you have to push Long Chen into a desperate situation first. After many calculations and preparations, now, Long Chen has reached the end of the mountain, and he is ready to fight against Long Chen in white.

However, what Silver-haired Remnant Kong didn't know was that Long Chen in white was Long Chen's heart demon. He even thought that Long Chen in white was a remnant soul hidden in the depths of Long Chen's soul, from a peerless powerhouse in the era of chaos.

In fact, it cannot be blamed for the lack of knowledge of the silver-haired residual sky, because the temperament, demeanor, blood power, and soul fluctuations of Long Chen in white are completely different from Long Chen. Such existence.

He even couldn't think of how a person's inner demon could be so much stronger than the deity. He came to fight Long Chen this time. dust.

"Your original power has been exhausted, and I can no longer feel your original breath.

Now you are all supported by the power of faith, and what you use is basically the power of Brahma, right? "Long Chen asked.

"That's right, as one of the eight great gods, by burning the soul, sacrifice the throne, and use the power of the throne to induce the power of Brahma to possess.

This requires a process, and in this process, I need to keep fighting to stimulate my fear of death in order to stimulate it.

So, I asked this idiot to help me buy time. Now, I have achieved supernatural power, and the current me is my strongest state.

Cut the nonsense, call that guy out, I will be ashamed. "The silver-haired Remnant Kong said coldly.

Long Chen shook his head and said: "Since you are so shameless and use external force to deal with me, a heavenly saint, then I am shameless too."


Long Chen formed seals with his hands, and suddenly the void trembled, and then a figure appeared out of thin air. As soon as that figure appeared, the golden wings spread, blood filled the air, and the magic power soared to the sky.

"This is……"

Everyone was shocked when they saw that huge figure.