Chapter 5572

Under the cloak turned out to be a skeleton with bloody flesh on it, as if it had been bitten by something, but it wasn't clean.

Even with Long Chen's knowledge, he was taken aback. Just when Long Chen was shocked, he opened his big hand, and the bone claws grabbed Long Chen like lightning.

The moment the Bone Claw was grabbed, the runes gathered into five heavenly veins of dragon energy, and the entire space collapsed in an instant.

"I go……"

The five-veined dragon energy, this is a terrifying five-veined heavenly sage, the most terrifying thing is that it neither seals nor utters words, and can fully erupt the power of the five sky-veined dragon energy with a wave of hand.


Long Chen didn't even think about it, facing such a terrifying attack, he directly sacrificed the Yaoyue cauldron, slammed it at the man, and with a bang, the Yaoyue cauldron was blown away by the bone claw, directly piercing the ground.

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At this time, Long Chen's figure had disappeared, and the man was taken aback. This was the first time he had seen such a strange movement.


At this moment, a big hand stretched out from the air to pull out the bone sword on the altar. At this time, Long Chen still wanted to steal the treasure. When Long Chen's hand touched the long sword, At that time, the long sword trembled suddenly, Long Chen's face changed drastically, and he let go hastily.


There was a shocking explosion, and above the hilt of the sword, a beam of light rose into the sky, and the violent power sent Long Chen and that strong man flying at the same time.


This underground world exploded with a bang, followed by a huge monster slowly rising from the ground.

It was a giant egg. As soon as it appeared, Long Chen's soul trembled due to the terrifying coercion. In this giant egg, there was a terrifying existence sealed.


Without even thinking about it, Long Chen summoned the Yaoyue cauldron and smashed it hard on the giant egg. With a bang, the giant egg was smashed into a big hole by the Yaoyue cauldron.


As soon as the giant egg was broken, purple immortal energy gushed out of it. Seeing that purple energy, Qiankun Ding, Dragon Bone Xieyue, and Xiaotian all went crazy and went upstream directly into the giant egg.


When they rushed, Long Chen suddenly became a loner, and the mysterious strong man was shocked and angry at this time, his figure flickered and disappeared instantly.

The moment he disappeared, Long Chen suddenly felt a sharp killing intent, making his scalp numb.

"Eight-star battle body—open!"

Facing such a terrifying powerhouse, Long Chen didn't dare to have any reservations, and directly summoned the strongest force, punching the void with a punch.


With a bang, the starlight flew, and the blood splashed. The black long sword shattered the starlight on Long Chen's fist, making Long Chen's fist bloody.

This was the first time Long Chen had encountered such a terrifying opponent. With a single blow, he broke through the defense of his starry sky suit.

"Heir of the Nine Stars?"

Fighting against Long Chen, the mysterious strong man let out a cold snort, with a touch of surprise in his voice. Although he was a bone skeleton, from his voice, it could be heard that he was a man.

There was a touch of surprise in his voice, but when he learned of Long Chen's identity, his breath became more and more fierce, and the five heavenly veins of dragon energy circulated behind him, and the breath was rising rapidly.

"What a terrifying coercion!"

Long Chen was taken aback. Long Chen had never seen such a terrifying existence. When the five dragon veins flowed rapidly, they gradually formed a space gate.

The mysterious weirdo looked at Long Chen with empty eye sockets, and said coldly:

"Unexpectedly, I will meet the descendant of the Nine Stars here. Very good, let me, Li Changgeng, experience whether the legendary descendant of the Nine Stars is really that strong."


With a loud bang, a huge door that covered the sky emerged, and that huge door covered the entire sky.

Five celestial veins and dragon energy are inlaid on it, forming a strange picture of the door lock. The picture and text circulate, instantly lighting up the entire dark door.

When he saw the gate, Long Chen was shocked:

"Door of hell?"

Long Chen recognized it at a glance. It was the gate of hell. He was too familiar with it. Back then, he stole the door knocker and bolt of the gate of hell, and released Wu Tian unintentionally.

Now seeing the gate of hell again, the terrifying sense of oppression almost overwhelmed Long Chen.

"You actually know the gate of hell. It seems that you have been contaminated with the karma of hell. Today, let me end your life and end this karma."

"The gates of hell—open!" Li Changgeng roared angrily.


The huge portal opened slowly, and then the nine-color divine light rushed towards the face, illuminating the whole world.

And the moment the whole world was lit up, the spirit of killing rose, the trees were withering, the earth was rotting, the mountains were collapsing, and the vitality between the heaven and the earth was drained in an instant.

The gate of hell opened, and the nine-color divine splendor fell from the sky. It was a series of waterfalls. Seeing them, Long Chen was stunned.

"Nine Springs"

Long Chen has seen this scene before, and now seeing it again, Long Chen seems to be in a dream.

The gate of hell opens, nine springs emerge, ten thousand ways mourn, and the universe is overturned. This is Li Changgeng's vision. At this time, he seems to be the god in charge of hell, looking down on Long Chen.

In front of that huge vision, Long Chen was as small as an ant. Long Chen had never seen such a terrifying vision.

At that moment, Long Chen seemed to be facing not one person, but the entire hell. The nine-color waterfall was rushing, as if it was the reincarnation of heaven and earth, endless, and the power was desperate.

Long Chen's body was trembling non-stop. He was not afraid, but excited. The strong sense of oppression made him a little out of breath.

However, this sense of oppression deeply stimulated every nerve and every drop of his blood. The stars behind him were swaying, the stars around him were flowing, and endless power was churning.

Facing a peerless powerhouse, his fighting spirit was awakening. He had never seen such a powerful opponent in his life. At that moment, his fighting spirit was overwhelming.


Li Changgeng and Long Chen roared at the same time, the nine-colored brilliance and the stars trembled, and they collided fiercely like a meteor.


With a shocking explosion, Long Chen spat out a mouthful of blood and flew out backwards, while Li Changgeng just swayed, and with one blow, he was judged.

"Heir of the Nine Stars? That's all."

Li Changgeng sneered, and his figure disappeared in a flash. Under the light of the Nine Springs, the whole world was his dominion.

"Damn, so strong"

Long Chen was so shocked that his blood surged, and the vision of the Nine Springs covered the sky, covering the sky, and even suppressed Long Chen's vision of the stars.

This greatly reduced Long Chen's star power, and he suffered a big loss after only meeting each other.

The most important thing is that the opponent has condensed five Tianmai dragon energy, while he has no hair, and the gap is widened in an instant.

If it is an ordinary Tianjiao, with this gap, Long Chen still has the strength to fight, but this Li Changgeng has a mysterious origin and amazing strength. With the gap between the five heavenly veins, even Long Chen is somewhat powerless.

Being at an absolute disadvantage, it inspired Long Chen's strong desire to survive, and he quickly formed a seal with his left hand.


The stars trembled, tens of thousands roared, and star shields formed one after another, forming thirty-six shields in an instant.


However, the thirty-six shields were pierced by a punch, and in front of that fist, the star shield condensed by Long Chen was like a blank sheet of paper.


However, at the moment when all the shields were shattered, Long Chen's right hand suddenly pulled towards the void, and with a bang, the void exploded, and a figure emerged, it was Li Changgeng.

Li Changgeng appeared, but at this moment he was stunned. Long Chen actually slapped him. Although he had no face, the blow did not cause any harm to him at all, but his killing intent soared to the extreme in an instant. .


Li Changgeng roared and shook the sky, his hands formed seals, and the nine-color spring flowed behind his back, and hundreds of millions of chains protruded from it, and the overwhelming chains came straight to Long Chen.