CH 211

Chapter 211: Floating leaderboard! Results announced! The shocked crowd!

Bu Jing Yue knew how much her teacher paid for the sake of this high school entrance examination.

She only paid for that one heart of the stars.

Even for a level 5 planet master, it was an extremely important treasure.

This treasure could even make her teacher go one step further.

She could ascend to the level 6 planet master realm where few people have ever set foot!

However, to make Bu Jing Yue’s high school entrance exams go more smoothly, this heart of the stars was given directly to her!

It was not just the heart of the stars, other resources were also supplied as much as possible!

This was what made the ranking of Bu Jing Yue in Heavenly Pride list.

In less than two months, it was sudden progress!

From over two thousand, she jumped straight up to 100th place!

This was almost the most exaggerated leap in history……!

Tang Qingqing’s ranking improved even more.

However, for the world to be shocked, it was far inferior to that of Bu Jing Yue.

After all, the top 100 were all geniuses among geniuses!

They were like demons among demons!

All of them were the most outstanding geniuses in each city!

“Everyone outside should think that my third subject examination will not be able to compare to Tang Qingqing’s dual-energy civilization.”

Bu Jing Yue continued to think: “But they don’t know that she relied on the heart of the stars. What a terrifying new transcendent species has been bred! It’s absolutely unimaginable. In just a short time. I will be able to build this new transcendental race to a point where it is close to taking shape! None of them are my targets! My target is to be in the top 10 in the entire Dongyang Province!”

Bu Jing Tue’s cold eyes showed a trace of confidence!

And in other parts of the province all the geniuses were waiting for the official announcement of this result.

Some of them had been famous for a long time and were regarded as peerless demons by everyone.

There were also those who were not that famous but they were dormant.

The low-profile genius waiting to erupt in the college entrance exam!

On the East star city’s college entrance examination square, there were millions of candidates.

In the middlemost there was a neatly arranged team!

This team was the most demonic group of geniuses in Eastern Star City this year!

Which received two months of personal training from the City Lord of Eastern Star City!

It was well known that the training of the City Lord of East Star City was very famous.

Each of the geniuses trained by him had a soldier-like bearing and discipline.

Even if it was a top candidate of the college entrance exam, they were just standing neatly.

Basically, no one was talking about it.

Everyone was waiting quietly for the test results to come out and in front of these people, there was a tall, beautiful girl in black!

This young girl was extremely famous!

She was the leader of this group of geniuses!

Even more, she was the daughter of the City Lord of East Star City!

She was best known to the world as one of the four legendary super-devils!

“I will defend the glory of East Star City this year!”

Looking at the huge list in the sky, the girl in black thought silently.

In the previous year’s high school entrance examination.

In each session, East Star City’s results were the best.

In the previous ten years, the position of the provincial champion was even more……

All of the positions fell into the hands of the genius of Eastern Star City!

However, this year was a little special!

Not only was it the most competitive and scariest session in history!

In addition, there were also four super demons!

Every one of them was a dragon among men.

Many city lords believed that these four super geniuses, if placed in the previous year’s high school entrance examination, almost all of them could take the overall first prize of the year!

This year, four of them appeared at once.

East Star City, Amber City, Tianjing City and Purple Star City!

One for each!

This put a huge pressure on East Star City as the boss!

Even if the overall number of geniuses was high, East Star City crushed the other three cities on other college entrance examinations.

However, if the overall first place position was taken away by another city, then what if there were more geniuses who got into the top universities?

For the world, second place, third place and all the ones after that add up were not as dazzling as the first place!

As the leader of this generation of East Star City.

She was also the daughter of the city lord of East Star City.

The girl in black knew her duty.

That was to defend the glory that belongs to East Star City!

“The first place in the second subject is bound to be Wei Qingqing of Tianjing City.” The black-clothed girl secretly thought: “But…… this subject I can’t be much worse than this, I can’t pull the gap!”