CH 212

Chapter 212: Floating leaderboard! Results announced! The shocked crowd!

“The key is the third subject! In this section. If nothing else, first place should be mine.”

The girl in black did not normally have any arrogance that belonged to a genius!

She was approachable.

She wasn’t too proud but she was also clear.

The completeness of the civilization built by herself, let her own father nod in satisfaction!

If it was on the high school entrance exam, it would make the examiner look bad.

That wouldn’t make sense.

“When these two subjects are added together, I’ll be number one and can close the gap with the other three!”

A light flashed in the eyes of the girl in black.

In her eyes, naturally, there were only three other super great demons.

It was her competition!

“Let’s set the tone first. I’m not afraid of the most important exam tomorrow! This time the overall top position in the college entrance examination is still our East Star City’s!”


“Shanzi, this time you are either the first or the second, I don’t care. As long as it’s in the top four, it’s fine. On the other hand, you’re a wild wolf. I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult to be in the top ten.”

In Amber City’s College Entrance Examination Square, the two boys were talking.

One of them had an old-fashioned appearance and a steady demeanor and the other had messy hair.

There was a pair of big slippers under his feet.

His expression was a little unrestrained!

The people around were watching but no one dared to bother.

The crowd was aware that this year, these two were Amber City’s two most outstanding geniuses!

The one with the messy hair was named Lei Xun.

For acting crazy and uninhibited, he had the nickname “Wild Wolf”.

He was ranked in the top 20 of the Heavenly Pride List!

His reputation in the province was very big.

The old-fashioned one was even more unbeatable.

His name was Wang Shan!

He was this year’s chief genius of Amber City, recognized by the teachers as one of the strongest geniuses in the history of Amber City!

He was in the top 4 positions in the list of Heavenly Pride list !

He was recognized by the outside world as one of the four super great demons.

He was a calm and steady-minded person.

He was favored by many city lords and many powerful people, thinking that with such a temperament, he would definitely be able to go far in the future!

Even if the list was about to be released.

He was still not in a hurry, still talking and laughing with Lei Xun.

“Haha, there are so many talents this year. As far as I know, there are some people who don’t usually show up, just waiting for the college entrance examination to break out this time. I’m not only in the top ten, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep the top twenty. .”

The messy-haired boy Lei Xun responded with a smile but there was a flash of light in his eyes.

Jokes aside, which genius would admit that you are not as good as others?

“Instead, it’s you.”

Lei Xun looked at Wang Shan with a mature face and said, “Among the four super demons, you are the least famous!”

“There’s no way out.”

Wang Shan spreaded his hands!

Fame was something that depended on each person’s behavior style.

Wang Shan was very low profile.

Naturally he was not famous.

“This time, for the position of the overall champion, the people outside have the most support……” Lei Xun glanced at Wang Shan and said, “It’s the two from East Star City and Zixing City! They completely don’t care about you, Wang Shan!”

Wang Shan smiled faintly but there was no response.

Lei Xun also smiled.

Knowing the nature of his good friend, he didn’t care about such rumors.

However, that position of the provincial champion was absolutely determined to win!

Low profile did not mean no ideas and actions!

In the past two months, Lei Xun had seen with his own eyes how hard Wang Shan worked!

He spent almost all the time building the planet!

“It’s still early for the championship. Let’s take a look at the results of these two subjects in the afternoon.”

Wang Shan smiled and said, “Wait until the results come out. Maybe the battle for the champion will lose its suspense!

“How is that possible!”

Lei Xun shook his head and said, “You four super monstrous geniuses, it’s possible for anyone to take first place! Everyone knows about the second section. The first place definitely belongs to Wei Qingqing of Tianjing City but the third section, I still know a little about your situation, Shanzi. The first two didn’t run. Combined, it’s bound to be in the top two as well, haha, I’m still being conservative with this estimate.

“Let’s see.”

Wang Shan didn’t say much.

Compared to the star-studded crowds of the other big cities’ college entrance exam!