CH 9

Thursday and Friday passed by calmly, nothing happened.

The two unemployed women at home spent their days watching anime and occasionally studying modern technology and life.

But Yu Zhou didn’t intend to let her into the kitchen. Besides, the lady had never been in the kitchen before.

Before long, it was Saturday, the day that Yu Zhou carved in her DNA.

Script Reading, for some reason, these two words seemed particularly sophisticated.

As the mother of the novel, Yu Zhou felt that she was also shining.

So she got up early and posted a weibo: “If all appliances and furniture can cultivate into monsters, who will be the king?”

Soon, a few Weibo fans came to comment on her: “Author sama woke up so early~ [Win milk.jpg].”

Those who call her sama are usually new fans who have only been following her for these two days. Three days have passed, and Yu Zhou’s Weibo fans have already broken ten thousand.

It was still… thanks to that person’s blessing.

After receiving several weird replies, she refreshed again and found a pure blue avatar commenting: “Alarm clock. Because it absorbs the most resentment and has the strongest ability.”


Yu Zhou cursed in her heart.

Weibo became instantly lively, as if it had exploded, with numerous comments pouring in as netizens tried to catch Su Chang’s whereabouts.

From the fans’ reaction, Su Chang seems to have rarely commented on others, especially 15 words plus 3 punctuation marks.

The enthusiasm of the commentaries made it impossible for Yu Zhou to claim to be blind.

So she deliberately cooled down for five minutes and then replied in a crowd: “Ahahahahahaha, Ms.Su is so funny.”

Su Chang should know Yu Zhou very well. When she’s scared, she laughs with “hehehehahaha”, and “hahahaha-ge” when she’s happy. When she’s embarrassed, she adds an “ah” before “hahaha”. 

Yu Zhou waited for a while, but Su Chang remained silent.

Then she opened her repost and comment notifications, wondering whether to block this Weibo post with a lot of traffic.

F’s WeChat message came as expected.


“?” She knew that F ought to be wanting to ask about the Weibo interaction.

But F told her, “There’s a post about you on the forum!”


F shared a link, and Yu Zhou tried to open it, but could only see the original post with not much information. It was basically saying that Su Chang followed an unknown author, and questioned whether they were going to collaborate.

When she scrolled down, she was asked to download an app.

Yu Zhou sighed and started to download the app.

“In the 30 seconds she was waiting for the app to install, was she more afraid of someone finding out about Su Chang’s relationship with her, or curious about whether others were looking forward to her cooperation with Su Chang?”

Hahahaha, crossover, this was a line from the famous 30 Second Library Literature #1.

There was always the mood for making her own jokes. It was not too tense, as Yu Zhou thought so.

When she finally opened the post through the app, she found that it had already turned over two pages.

There was nothing special, just the guesswork of audio drama listeners. There were those who couldn’t find her unknown novel, and others kindly posted the link, and the other party politely thanked.

How embarrassing…

In the end, there was only a small point of contention. One netizen said, “How is it possible? What level of IP would be able to invite Su Chang as the lead CV? I speculate that it must be someone she knows in real life.”

There were comments from netizens defending Su Chang below: “Don’t say that, as if Chang only chooses IPs. In fact, no matter whether the IP is big or small, as long as it’s a good story, she’s interested. I think we shouldn’t pay too much attention to IPs. As long as they make the audio drama sincerely, the audience will welcome it.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yu Zhou nodded.

Turning off the discussion, she was still vaguely sad.

Even if only one person, very subtly, subtly enough, expressed that her story was not worthy of Su Chang, she had that sesame-sized, lingering sadness.

If it were another collaborator, she wouldn’t care at all. She might even gloat and say something like, “Wow, I really hit the jackpot.”

But that was Su Chang, so she couldn’t.

Perhaps it was because she had spent a few years, but still couldn’t say with confidence, “You and I are a perfect match.”

Yu Zhou played with Xiang Wan for a day, and when she looked at the time, it was 7:45 in the evening. Yu Zhou gave Xiang Wan a heads up, then went into the bedroom with her phone, tested the network, and waited for the WeChat group call.

The remaining fifteen minutes were spent on Weibo.

The WeChat call came at eight o’clock as arranged, Peng Xiangzhi was accurate to the millisecond.

Several friends’ WeChat avatars lit up one by one, and later the post-production specialist, as well as the screenwriter joined, closing their microphones skillfully.

So Yu Zhou also muted hers.

Her carefully prepared self-introduction was of no use, because this crew didn’t even have a greeting.

Peng Xiangzhi’s voice sounded:”Now everyone is here, let’s start, ‘Shrine’ S101 script reading, okay.”

The habit of using “Okay” as an opening, Yu Zhou hadn’t heard of it, let alone Peng Xiangzhi’s voice was so nice.

The voice of a mature woman, the kind that sounded like she’s wearing 10cm high heels.

Peng Xiangzhi started to sort out the plot according to the script. The screenwriter would explain any parts that she didn’t understand, and the post-production specialist would turn on her microphone at the appropriate time to discuss the scene setup together.

Everything was orderly, except for…

Yu Zhou, who didn’t know if she should talk.

Maybe Peng Xiangzhi found that someone hadn’t spoken, so she stopped and asked:”Author, do you have any comments?”

Yu Zhou was like being named by the teacher.

She thought about it and didn’t open the microphone, instead, she typed:”I don’t have the script.”

Peng Xiangzhi didn’t speak on that side, and typed a “?” in the WeChat group.

It should be sent to F who didn’t participate in the group call.

Then the muted post-production specialist sent a message:”@F, the author didn’t receive the script, give it to her!”

The screenwriter followed:”Give it to her!”

The third “Give it to her!” was said by Peng Xiangzhi.

Yu Zhou laughed softly over there and suddenly felt that the director Peng was also down-to-earth and lovely. She would also repeat others.

F was mentioned and she sent the script to Yu Zhou in a private chat. Just in case, she also joined the Wechat call.

Peng Xiangzhi probably got up to get a glass of water. After confirming that Yu Zhou had received the script, she continued the discussion.

When it came to the seventh scene, Peng Xiangzhi was a little confused.

Looking at the script and muttering to herself: “How is this room laid out? Do three people sleep diagonally? How big is it? I’ll let the actors walk around and set the distance of the sound when I’m rehearsing.”

Yu Zhou glanced at the group chat interface and post-production specialist and screenwriter were both muted.

She was about to open her microphone to explain, but a distant female voice came from Peng Xiangzhi’s side: “The room has a layout in the fourth chapter of the original novel.”

Clear and magnetic, Yu Zhou’s scalp tingled with the pleasant sound.

She saw that the screenwriter’s microphone opened and closed in an instant.

The post-production specialist was as stable as Mount Tai.

F’s private chat message popped up at the top: “WTF, was that Su Chang’s voice just now???”

“??? Am I hallucinating?”

“Did you hear it?”

Yu Zhou thought for a moment and replied to her: “I heard it.”

Peng Xiangzhi didn’t pay attention to the two’s small actions behind. She turned to look up the original work, as if she was about to say something.

Just as Yu Zhou was about to take a breath, she heard Su Chang’s gentle voice: “Close your microphone.”

A reminder that was as light as a feather and as calm as a cloud, it sounded like it was falling into someone’s ear. Judging by the sound of the distance, it seemed that Su Chang was sitting not too close behind Peng Xiangzhi.

Peng Xiangzhi’s microphone was turned off.

Yu Zhou couldn’t remember when it was turned on again. She wasn’t very focused on the rest of the live broadcast.

There was only one thought in her mind – why was Su Chang there?

How long had she been listening?

Was she still there now?