CH 10

“Close your mic.”

Yu Zhou thought of these three words  for a whole night.

In Yu Zhou’s opinion, sound without image is the most compelling. Because it can stimulate your emotions to the maximum while also stimulating your imagination to the maximum.

Imagination, ah, imagination is invincible.

For example, moments ago, before Su Chang’s reminder for Peng Xiangzhi to turn off the mic, there was a distinct sound of pages being flipped. What did this indicate? It meant that Su Chang was calm, composed, and not in a rush, perhaps still engaged in reading a book.

Of course, she was also not worried about being discovered by Yu Zhou.

This book may be a magazine casually flipped, or a script printed in advance.

If it was the former, Su Chang may have come to listen to the script reading on her way after finishing work; if it was the latter, she may have specifically gone to the studio to find Peng Xiangzhi, who had just finished her work, then she was well prepared.

Until the script reading was complete, Su Chang remained silent. Even when everyone turned on their microphones together and said “well done, good night” at the end, she didn’t utter a word.

So Yu Zhou’s imagination was used for guessing, guessing whether Su Chang left or not.

Sigh, Yu Zhou threw her phone aside, and lay on the bed, feeling that Su Chang’s participation was probably not her luck, but fate.

The door was knocked lightly.

“The door is open.” Yu Zhou sat up.

Xiang Wan pushed open the door and poked only half of her body inside. “I didn’t hear anything. Is it finished?” she asked.

“It’s finished, I’m exhausted.”

“Miss Yu, would you like something to eat?” Xiang Wan asked with a smile. “You didn’t have much for dinner.”

“No, I’ll take a shower and go to bed in a while.”

Xiang Wan said: “The meaning of asking Miss Yu if you are hungry is that I am hungry.”

Damn. In her words, turn it back on her.

Yu Zhou got up: “Let’s go, I’ll cook you a bowl of noodles.”

It’s alright, do something to shift the attention.

Xiang Wan was polite and did not sit on the sofa like a grandpa. Instead, she stood behind Yu Zhou like a guard and watched carefully.

First Yu Zhou pressed the button of the kettle to boil a pot of water.

She then retrieved two cylindrical boxes from the storage container adjacent to the refrigerator, removed their packaging, unwrapped several sachets, and sprinkled in the seasoning.

Xiang Wan was about to say something but hesitated and stayed silent.

The small bags and Yu Zhou’s mixing movements were just like poisoning.

Xiang Wan couldn’t understand why Miss Yu would be so treacherous when she and Yu Zhou had no prior conflicts. She took a deep breath to calm herself.

After getting these things ready, Yu Zhou hunched over and played with her phone while waiting for the water to boil.

The water in the pot soon came to a boil and the “Dang” button popped out. Yu Zhou picked up the kettle, poured the hot water into the food box, covered it, and placed a fork on top. She then carried the box from the kitchen to the dining room table.

Xiang Wan gazed at the colorful food box and asked, “Miss Yu just said these are ‘boiled’ noodles?”

It’s hard to believe.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

The two stared at each other for a few minutes before Yu Zhou glanced at her phone and said: “It’s ready to eat.”

Yu Zhou opened the food box and the aroma of the food wafted through the air, making her mouth water.She bowed her head, blew a few times before taking a sip of noodles.

She was eating so deliciously that Xiang Wan raised her eyebrows, her eyes moved up and down several times, and then she held the fork and mimicked her eating.

“Is it delicious?” Yu Zhou asked her while chewing the noodles.

Although there was a slightly unusual taste, it wasn’t bad. Plus, she felt guilty for inconveniencing Miss Yu with a late-night cooking session.

“Yes, it’s delicious.” Xiang Wan wiped her lips with a tissue and smiled.

Yu Zhou gazed at Xiang Wan’s expression, she couldn’t help but feel content. Seeing Xiang Wan enjoy the food so much gave her an even greater sense of satisfaction. It was as if with every bite of the moist and delectable cat food, kitten Wan wan was shedding tears of joy. 

As the owner who had fed both her cat and Xiang Wan, she felt a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, akin to the joy she felt when waking up to discover dozens of comments on a chapter she had posted online.

While eating noodles, Yu Zhou suddenly remembered something important. “Oh, I’ll tell you.” she said. “I took part in the script reading today and it was truly enlightening.”

“The professional voice acting is not the same as the voice acting show I listened on TV.”

Ironically, when she was with Su Chang, she deliberately kept her distance and never participated so deeply.

“You didn’t see it, Director Peng, post-production specialist and screenwriter, it was amazing. I was stunned by the professional terms. It’s very high-end.”

“I feel like I was participating in a movie shoot.”

Xiang Wan understood half of it and listened quietly.

“So my conclusion is that this industry has a lot to do, you must get into it, and get into it seriously.” Yu Zhou wanted to do an action of putting on glasses, but found that she had no glasses, so she put hands down.

Xiang Wan sighed: “So, how do I get into it?”

Yu Zhou looked at her gentle long hair and beautiful eyes and eyebrows, while  quickly calculating in her heart.

A moment later, she pulled out her iPad from the side. It had been set to full traditional Chinese interface since yesterday, making it a little difficult for her to read. She opened the browser, typed in a few words to search.

Finally, she satisfactorily  handed the screen to Xiang Wan.

“Let’s start with the basics. Starting from tomorrow, get up at 7 a.m. to practice tongue twisters.”

“Tongue twisters?”

“Yeah,” Yu Zhou clicked on the iPad, “Ba-Bai-Biao-Bing-Ben-Bei-Po, I just searched specially.”

Xiang Wan looked down and saw that the search bar wrote “What tongue twisters do students practice in the Central Academy of Drama?”

Yu Zhou followed her gaze and explained: “I don’t know voice acting or the schools that teach it. We are both laymen so we can only learn from everywhere. Do you know the Central Academy of Drama? It’s very popular, many actors graduated from there. Yang Mi is one of them.”

Xiang Wan looked up: “Yang Mi is from Beijing Film Academy.”

Yu Zhou was shocked: “How do you know?”

Xiang Wan lowered her head and continued to look at the screen: “When you were in the house, I wanted to read, so I asked for help from this black box. However, I accidentally opened a page of books where wrote “beauties like stars”, the first one was this Miss Yang Mi.”

“I clicked her painting, then her life was revealed. I read it carefully and knew something about her.”

Yu Zhou was stunned when she heard it. She wanted to correct her, it wasn’t “beauties like stars”, but “beautiful female stars” in the browser’s recommendation bar.

But she didn’t, because more importantly, she was doubtful if ancient people were all so smart?

“You have such a good memory, it’s a pity that you don’t use it to remember the lines.” Yu Zhou smiled.

Xiang Wan still had a question: “7 o’clock, what time is it?”

Yu Zhou took out her phone and checked: “Dragon hour.”

“Why start at dragon hour? Is it for an auspicious time?”

“No,” Yu Zhou shook her head. “It’s just to be diligent. Think, if you become famous in the future and talk about the past, is it the same to say that you got up at 7 o’clock or 11 o’clock in the morning to practice?”

She hugged her arm and suddenly felt like she was an agent.

Xiang Wan put away the iPad and ate the last bite of noodles: “I remembered.”

“You practice first, I’ll think of a way to get you an ID card.” Yu Zhou said.