Even though Qin Sheng has reached the semi divine state, he still can't see clearly what this huge face looks like.

"Is this the power of the gods?"

Qin Sheng's demigod body was trembling faintly. The emperor's pulse was not so easy to use. The real body of the spirit didn't move. It was just a huge face. Did it make him lose the courage to fight?

The gods are superior, which is not comparable to any demigods at all. Fortunately, Qin Sheng has the emperor's sword. Otherwise, he will be crushed into powder by such a real God in an instant, and the gods will be destroyed!!!

Hearing this, Qin Sheng gnashed his teeth and said, "your son wants my wife and children. He has a deep blood feud. If he kills them, he will kill them!"

"I will not only kill your son, but also kill God!"


The gods were furious, but no matter how much Qin Sheng had done, the gods had already come, and the grudges between the two sides had already been settled. Besides, this is a God and devil. Wherever we go, the killing will spread!

It's not you, it's me!

Qin Sheng is a forbidden area in the north. This is the last pure land of human beings. Even the gods must be slaughtered. Otherwise, human beings will be doomed!

Under the North forbidden area, there are Qin Sheng's parents, wife and children!

As for his own life and death, Qin Sheng has long been out of the way


The spirit is indifferent and ridiculed, but he doesn't see his joy and anger clearly. His eyes shoot out two flames, which are divine flames, which directly ignite a large amount of void, which turns into nothingness. Once infected, even half gods will turn into ashes.

Poop! A flash of divine flame is as fast as lightning. No, it's much faster than lightning. It directly touches Qin Sheng's body. Although Qin Sheng has reached the semi divine state, how can he carry these two divine flames?

Qin Sheng felt extremely hot, his skin was burnt black, Yuan Li and soul force were all dried, and he was about to fall.

"Is there such a big gap between demigods and gods?"

Qin Sheng despaired. He felt really powerless in the face of the gods. At this time, the God-made stele, which had been dormant in his body, crossed the world, suppressed the God flame and made it disappear gradually.

"The heaven monument?"

The gods above the sky showed an unexpected expression. Unexpectedly, the God made stele of the last era's immortal devil war came out again, and even lay dormant on a human being.

When the gods reach out their hands, they will suppress the steles.

"If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to save the last pure land of mankind?" There were waves coming out of the steles, which were translated into common language in Qin Sheng's mind.

Qin Sheng changed his color, hesitated for a moment, looked at his parents and Chuqiao with his own blood. At last, he left his eyes on Xia bingning, who was no longer indifferent. These people were the most important people in his life.

"I will!"


Qin Sheng looks up to the sky and roars, lighting up his empire. If he wants to kill the God, he will sacrifice to the heaven!

The sky changed a lot, and five other celestial steles came into the void. Each stele carries a dead human emperor.

Creation, destiny, destruction, eternity, reincarnation, karma and six celestial steles represent the six human emperors in the battle of immortals and demons.

One Tianbei can barely suppress the gods, let alone six Tianbei now!

The spirit roared and finally revealed his real body, but it did not help. He was suppressed by six Tianbei tablets and died.

Finally, Qin Sheng's body disintegrated. He finally took a look at the forbidden area in the north. He used his last strength to make the six heaven steles into the sky mending stones, completely sealed the sky, and protected the last pure land of mankind.



Three years later, the Heilongshan temple has completely become the fiefdom of the Qin people, which belongs to the emperor.

There was no miracle. Qin Sheng was praised as the emperor of war by the world. He didn't even leave his corpse in the capital, only such a tree stained with his emperor's blood.

Some of the most powerful people who are good at prophecy and divination assert that if one day the emperor tree can blossom and bear fruit and become a mother born emperor tree, then Qin Sheng, the emperor of war, may return.

Therefore, this place has become a place of imprisonment, which is absolutely inaccessible to ordinary people.

"Your Highness, your highness, you can't go there!"

Qin Tian, Qin Sheng's son, is three years old. He is naughty and mischievous. He is so funny that he climbs on the emperor tree. Then he bangs, falls and hurts, bleeding all over the ground, and seeps into the root of the emperor tree.

This is the last cemetery of emperor Zhan Qinsheng. It's the only proof of his life.

Qin Tian cried. He shocked everyone. Chu Qiao, Xia bingning, Qin Zhongtian, Qin Mu, Long Wei and long Dawei all came.

Everyone in the North restricted area is worried about the life and death of the emperor tree, because if the war emperor dies, who knows if the gods and demons will come again.

"Wow, the emperor tree is blooming!"

Everyone was shocked and someone shouted."Is it because the real blood of the son of emperor Zhan activated the emperor tree?"

Someone guessed.

All of a sudden, the wind and cloud changed, and the dark clouds above the imperial tree split the terrible thunder.

Finally, the sun came out, and everyone was scared.


Qin Tian shouts first, others are petrified,


"Qin Sheng!"


Everyone rushed to Qin Sheng

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