Chapter 3938

Following the old man's Xiexiu's stern shout, the young Xiexiu's original shape was revealed, and he no longer hid his aura and strength.

Infinite blood burst out from his body, condensing out a bloody long knife, which is the magic weapon of life.

I saw that his whole body was covered in blood, like a blood-bathed demon god from hell, slashed down with a single knife.


Seeing that the situation was not good, Chen Xiao hurriedly defended. The space above the Yunlou was too narrow, it was really inevitable, so he could only take this move.

However, he is not of the nature of sitting still, trying his best to resist.

"Wind Sword Water Prison."

The power of feng shui is intertwined, and the blue and blue colors are fused into one, harmonious and harmonious, as if they were one, a solid water prison defense enveloped Chen Xiao, and slowly rotated.

After he broke through the Immortal Realm, he had a new understanding of the two major principles of Feng Shui. This move was dozens of times more powerful than before.

He is confident and can resist for a while.

"Hmph, that's it?"

The young Xiexiu sneered, his body was full of blood, and he fell with a knife.


Under the shock force of the water prison, the bloody knife light was distorted, then collapsed, and scattered in all directions. The power was directly weakened, but it did not break through the defense of the water prison.

"Hey, it's strange, this move really has something, but it's useless, Xie Lao, let's attack together, this move's defense is amazing, only the two of us can break it together."

"Okay, let's do it together."


Immediately, the emaciated corpse under the control of the old man's evil cultivator rushed towards Chen Xiao's water prison like a sharp arrow.

At the same time, the young evil cultivator exerted his strength again, and the blood knife was raised up, ready to fall at any time.

Chen Xiao, who saw this scene, murmured in his heart, if the two of them joined forces to attack with all their strength, he would not be sure at all, and he might not be able to resist it.


Soon, there was another loud noise, and the water prison was shattered, and Chen Xiao's defense really could not hold back.

It's just that the two evil cultivators haven't had time to be happy, what awaits them is a powerful sword, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder, seven swords come out together, forming a large net of swords intertwined like rain, and rush towards the two .

"Seven Killing Sword Formation."

"Chi Chi Chi!"

The sword light danced, streams of light completely covered the two of them, without any blind spots.


The young Xiexiu let out a cry of pain, snorted, and retreated violently. His whole body was pierced by countless sword lights, bloody, and it looked like he was seriously injured.

And the thin and weak refining corpse at the side was also pierced by the sword light, lying on the ground on the ground, and the breath became much weaker.


The old man cultivating evil not far away, chanted a mantra, pinched the formula, typed out runes one after another, and merged into the thin corpse. The next moment, the corpse stood upright on the spot. This scene was quite strange.


Chen Xiao felt chills in his heart, without saying a word, he picked up Fu Zhenghong and turned his head to flee, walking in the air with his feet, and escaped several miles away in an instant.

"I want to leave, hehe, it's not that easy, I'd better stay." The old man Xiexiu was furious, turned into a black cloud, and chased after him.

As for the young evil cultivator, he didn't fall behind, his body was covered in blood, he jumped into the air, and chased after Chen Xiao.

In terms of speed, he is obviously not as good as Lao Xiexiu, let alone catch up with Chen Xiao.

But at this moment, the two had only one thought in their minds, that is to catch up with Chen Xiao and silence him so as not to leak out what happened today.

"Chasing, he's right in front of us, and he's carrying a burden, so he won't be able to escape far." The old man Xiexiu said angrily.

"Well, I have tried my best, but you also know that I am not good at speed." Xueguang Xiexiu said sharply.


The old man Xiexiu snorted coldly, and didn't say much, no matter what the latter thought, the most important thing was to silence Chen Xiao first.

"Don't forget, if things go wrong, you and I won't be able to live, so don't be so narrow-minded."

The old man Xiexiu warned.

The young Xiexiu's eyes turned cold, and he nodded, "I know, that kid really deserves to die, and I don't know what method he used to see through our origins. This person will surely have endless troubles."

"Well, go after it with all your strength, and you must silence it."


Immediately, after a brief summation, the two of them didn't have another word, and went after Chen Xiao with all their strength.

It's just that this scene was completely under Chen Xiao's divine sense, and the investigation was clear, and he sneered in his heart.

"This speed is too slow. It's ridiculous to try to catch up with me with just this trick."

Having said that, Chen Xiao didn't increase his speed immediately to increase the distance between the two sides. He had to leave a little false hope for the two of them, draw them away, and help Fu Xue and the others leave a distance. Enough chances of escape.

Therefore, Chen Xiao deliberately slowed down, hanging the two evil cultivators far away.

Soon, Chen Xiao went deep into the sandstorm, and he didn't know how far it was, because under the interference of the sandstorm, there was a problem with his spiritual sense, and it didn't work at all. He could only confirm the direction by sight.

Fortunately, these two evil cultivators seemed to be a little out of their wits, and they were still behind Chen Xiao, chasing after him.

"Oh, let me see how long you two can catch up."

After a while, the two evil cultivators finally came to their senses and noticed something was wrong. The two of them seemed to be being led by the nose, chasing after them in vain.

Every time it seemed that they were close to catching up, and they were immediately pulled away again.

It looks like playing a monkey, the more times, it becomes ineffective.

In the midair of the sandstorm, the two evil cultivators stopped. The young evil cultivator looked angry and said, "Is he playing tricks on us? He is clearly faster than the two of us, but he deliberately hangs us. What is the meaning of this?"

"What do you mean?" The old man Xiexiu thought about it, and he patted his brains to wake up a little, "No, he deliberately diverted the tiger away from the mountain, so that the Heiyu Yaopeng and his accomplices could take the opportunity to escape, we were fooled. "

"This..." The young Xiexiu's face was ugly, black and blue, and he was extremely depressed.

Perhaps it was because of practicing the evil magic technique that his brain became difficult to use. Although his strength became stronger, he also became stupid.

"Oh, why is my brain so stupid?"

The young Xiexiu beat his brain with a distressed face, trying to wake it up.

"It's useless." The old man Xie Xiu kindly reminded.

"how do you know?"

"I tried it just now."


The young Xiexiu let out a sigh of relief. He also knew that after such a delay, the other people in the Yunlou might have taken the opportunity to slip away, so they would not be able to take hostages to threaten Chen Xiao. In the end nothing was found.

"Then what shall we do now?"

"Would you like to go back and have a look?"

After pondering for a while, the young Xiexiu nodded and said, "That's fine."

"Go, go back and have a look."