Chapter 1569: Extra 4 happy them

The scalp was in severe pain, and her head was forced to lift up. No matter how hard Pei Yayuan struggled, she couldn't break free from the strong man's strong arms.

"What are you doing? Let me go!" Pei Yayuan struggled desperately.

However, after struggling like this, the tall and strong man was startled by Pei Yayuan's disfigured face, and subconsciously touched the palm of Pei Yayuan's head directly to the ground!

Pei Yayuan's forehead slammed heavily on the rough stone slab on the ground, blood was pouring out!

"Let me go! You monster! You look so scary, I got goosebumps all over!" It was obviously the one who beat up the strong man, but at this moment the strong man seemed like a frightened little daughter-in-law. Touch three feet high.

"Fuck! I make you scary, I make you scary! TMD, you are so ugly and you dare to come down the street, I will kill you. I will kill you crazy woman!"

The drunk strong man seemed to have some way of venting. With red eyes, he beat Pei Yayuan again. Under the punches and kicks, Pei Yayuan groaned in pain.

The onlookers around didn't know what was going on here. A few wanted to dissuade the tall and strong man, but looking at the strong man's body, they had the intention of retreating.

Until there were more and more bloodstains on the ground, the brawny man spit at Pei Yayuan as if he was having a good time, took his wine bottle, and staggered away from here.

In the sky, heavy snow drifted down at this time, and the already dim sky was completely dark at this time.

Pei Yayuan was beaten all over by the strong man, and she curled up on the ground. She wanted to get up, but she couldn't get up...

Close your eyes.

Pei Yayuan had a long, long dream.

In her dream, she was still the eldest Miss Pei family, the first lady and the first beauty in Xinghai City.

But Qiao Yi'an, who was originally proud of the spring breeze, couldn't raise her head at all under her deliberate suppression, and her whole body looked rustic, completely different from the star-studded man on the TV.

In her dream, she knew about the blood relationship between Qiao Yian and Zhou Manqing and Pei Jizhou, but she directly asked someone for a paternity test.

She just hooked her finger, and someone followed her to help her deal with the woman Qiao Yian. The fire devoured the other party's appearance, and the other party directly killed himself and went to the cell. Everyone was played around by her without knowing it.

Whether it is Qiao Yi'an's biological parents Zhou Manqing and Pei Jizhou, or her mother Zhou Yelin, everyone hates Qiao Yi'an.

In the dream, her talent for gambling stones is unparalleled, and the jade and jade carving in her hands has reached the pinnacle of excellence. Everyone can only look up to her height...

Pei Yayuan looked at herself in a dream, like a queen, standing on a high place, looking at everyone with her body, playing with everyone in the palm of her hand, and grinning...

This is the life she wants!

This is her original life!


The next afternoon.

Today's news in Xinghai City reported that a beggar was beaten violently in the street and froze to death on the street, and the police are looking for the strong man who beat him yesterday, hoping that after someone sees the escaped prisoner, someone can tell the police Report him.


Except for Huo Tianchen, no one knew that the beggar who flashed by on TV and was reported dead was Pei Yayuan.

Since he knew that Pei Yayuan was not burned to death in the fire a few years ago, he has been keeping people under surveillance, lest this person turn around and hurt Yi An and the two children inadvertently.

"What are you thinking? Are you watching the news?" Pei Yian walked into the living room with a plate of cut apples, and happened to see the news of Xinghai City on TV.

The news is reporting about the snowfall last night, pay attention to preventing cold and freezing.

"Why do you suddenly read the news of snowfall?" Pei Yian asked curiously.

"Aren't you going to have a maternity check tomorrow? I just happened to see that the snow was so heavy. Should we go to the hospital or let the doctor come to the door." Taking the fruit plate from his wife's hand, Huo Tianchen stood up and hugged Pei Yian, who was stout. A lot of waist, looking at the woman's bulging belly.

Pei Yian gave Huo Tianchen an angry look. After this person knew she was pregnant, he was very sensitive.

I really don't know if it's him or himself.

"Dad, you started to abuse dogs again... Mommy, look at Daddy bullying small animals~!"

Just came home from school and entered the door, Zhou Shanshan, who ran home with a small schoolbag, covered her face and threw herself into her mother Pei Yian's arms.

But before the little girl jumped into Mommy's arms, she was pulled by Pei Wenbo, who was her brother, "Don't be so reckless, what if you hit your brother?"

"Wow! Brother, you bully me too! I'm going to be angry!"

"No, I didn't mean to bully you..."

Seeing a pair of children making noise, Huo Tianchen couldn't hide the smile at the corner of his mouth any longer. This kind of life is the life he has been pursuing.

Instead of the cold and lifeless empty room I saw in my dream two days ago.