Chapter 4096: Tsing Yi Bai Yi (plus 4)

Qing tears fell slowly, and Qin Xuan understood that Li Xuancang had arranged for him to meet An Luo.

He knew everything, the Great Killing Emperor left two children, and he also understood that An Luo would not die easily.

However, he put the cause and effect on him, Qin Changqing.

An Luo and him are Li Xuancang's neutron.

The boundless immortal land is also in it, with the immortal city of immortality as its son.

And all of this, on top of no beginning and no end, is whether it is a given thing.

Qin Xuan no longer thought about the so-called game and chess pieces.

He ignored Li Zhenren and walked outside, leaving a footprint of karmic fire with each step.


The first emperor of the ghost looked at Qin Xuan's appearance and didn't understand what happened.

Qin Xuan turned a blind eye, and his thoughts at the moment were all in a broken state of mind.

If the consciousness is in the sea of ​​​​fire, countless cracks have emerged on the scorched earth below.

Cang Yehuo will swallow the karma of the gold world, making the person who masters the karma fire burn with the pain of karma fire, but the karma of others, no matter how great the pain, Qin Xuan has never cared at all.

But it is precisely because he has refined the Cang Ye Huo too deeply, and has endured the pain of the karma fire for too long, and the current backlash is even more terrifying.

If Qin Xuan can't make up for the crack in his heart within a certain period of time, his origin will definitely be devoured by Cang Yehuo.

In the endless karmic fire, Qin Xuan sat cross-legged, he was dressed in white, and his thin lips were indifferent.

In front of him, it is a fairy, with a face of profound gold and a blue robe like the sky.

"If it is the Tao, the creatures of the immortal city of immortality should be destroyed."

"If you don't raze this city, you should break it!" Xian was talking, and Xuan Jin's face actually leaked a sneer, "But you are hesitating, there are cracks in your heart, which also proves that your Tao has been broken, you There is simply no way to kill and raze that city."

"You are still Qin Changqing, not a fairy!"

Qin Xuan sat cross-legged, he looked at Xian, facing Xian's words, his face did not fluctuate at all.

"For too long, I have established a way, my way, that is, family, that is, old friends."

"If I were the Taoist, it would be impossible to raze the Immortal City of Longevity."

"I'd rather walk the river of time ten more times!"

The sneer on Xuan Jin's face became stronger and stronger, "If that's the case, why are there cracks in your heart? An Luo is just the reincarnation of the Great Slaughter Emperor. This life is gone, and the next life will be there."

"Why don't you fight for the immortal city of immortality, who cares, the life and death of a poor **** in this world."

"Oh, by the way, do you feel that you owe the Great Emperor Killing? Your heart is disturbed. If you owe it, he will pay it back in double the amount. Why do you have to sacrifice the lives of your relatives and friends."

Xian is speaking, but these words are like a knife, cutting off Qin Xuan's back path.

Yes, if this is the case, why is his mood chaotic, and why is the karmic fire around him getting more and more intense.

"Because you understand that the immortal city of longevity is wrong. They rely on the boundless immortal land, become chess pieces, and slaughter the weak!"

Xian opened his mouth, he stood up, and he was immortal in this karmic fire.

"You understand that they imitate you and follow you, but they are also obsessed with you, obsessed with you, and paranoid."

Xian spoke again, and these words made Qin Xuan more silent and silent.

"Because you understand that Li Xuancang arranged for you, but in fact, even if it's not Li Xuancang, there will be similar things after all, and everything is caused by you, but it will become someone else."

Immortal's words, every word is heartbreaking.

Qin Xuanfei didn't know anything, because he understood it too well.

"Your cause has become his evil result. You are not a good person. In the past, you once killed the stars with one sword and buried tens of billions of souls, but now you are shaken by the death of one person."

"It's not about the life and death of one person or the life and death of tens of billions of people. It's because everything starts with you, everything happens because of you, and everything results because of you."

"These are not what you think, they contradict your way, and your heart wants to refute them."

Xianwang looked at Qin Xuan, his figure became more and more stalwart, "This is not a choice between An Luo and the immortal city of longevity, but a choice between you and you."

"You have a crack in your heart, because you blamed everything on yourself. You understand that the immortal city of longevity is very wrong. You did not cultivate, but blamed everything on yourself."

"Qin Changqing, you are old!"

Xian smiled, and Xuan Jin smiled strangely, like a demon, bewitching everything.

Qin Xuan raised his eyes, he looked at Xuan Jinmian, "Old!"

Qin Xuan murmured two words softly. He had to admit that after a long period of time, after nine trillion ancient years, he had lost too much in those nine trillion ancient years.

"Yes, you are old, you have seen too many things, and you no longer have the sharpness of the past."

"You have endured too much pain, and it also makes you feel weak in your heart for the old friends."

"You can hide all this from others, but you can't hide it from yourself."

Xian moved forward with one hand and held Qin Xuan in the palm of his hand.

"You already have the answer, but this answer makes you too painful, so you will be in such a situation."

"Xian, is the real you, and Qin Changqing was buried in the past before you stepped into the long river of time."

In front of the majestic immortal, the white clothes became smaller and smaller.

The immortal's palms are slowly closing, and the karmic fire around them is gradually getting smaller, and the cracks are gradually closing.

Just when that hand was about to cover all the white clothes, Qin Xuan smiled.

His thin lips picked up gently, "But without Qin Changqing, where would the immortal come from!?"

"Perhaps, there are changes in the world, the vicissitudes of life, in the face of time, no one can change, behavior, behavior, behavior, ideas... But there are some, but they will never change, just hidden in the corners and gradually become dusty."

Qin Xuan sat cross-legged in the Wuzhi Mountain, he did not look at the fairy, and said softly: "If I were the Qing Emperor in his age, I would like to bloom with the peach blossoms."

"There are six billion people in the world, and I am the only one who is arrogant."

"When I first met you, I was in the cold window with you; when I met you again, you were incomparable!"


Many voices sounded from Qin Xuan's mouth. His voice was like a downpour, which completely extinguished those karmic fires.

The smile on Xian's face froze, and he looked at Qin Xuan.

"Do you remember!?"


Qin Xuan raised his eyes, he looked at Xian, and chuckled: "How dare you forget each other!"

"What are you going to do!?" Xian asked again.

"I do it in Qin Changqing's way, whether it's Li Xuancang or Boundless Immortal Land."

"Perhaps, this road is destined to be better than a catastrophe, but I, Qin Changqing, have never been afraid!"

"Huaxia Longchi, I am the top of the world!"

"Qingdi Palace of the Cultivation Realm, the universe can do whatever I want!"

"Qin Zu of the Immortal Realm, the change of heaven and earth is only a moment of my thought."

"Gods, I'm still Qin Changqing, even if the thin knife scrapes the bones, even if the flesh is burnt, so what!?"

Qin Xuan sat cross-legged, and with a light hand, he collected Taiyue like a mayfly, like a white robe holding the stars, and the majestic and majestic body of the immortal was completely inside the white robe.

"The heavens and the world, from ancient times to the present!"

"Only I am a mad fairy..."

"Qin Changqing!"

I, Qin Changqing, are right here, the game will be broken, and the disaster will stop it.

The big deal is how sad in my heart, and the big deal is the tears in my mouth.