Chapter 1537: Family portrait (finale)

After Xiang Hu was promoted, all the cooks in the village spontaneously came to Xiang's house to help. Because they said before that they were going to hold the wedding in the hotel, they didn't need a chef. Now I heard that they were going to hold a water banquet, and the time was so tight, so there was no notice, as long as the chefs came.

In addition to these, many people also spontaneously went to buy dishes. Vegetables are easy to say, they have them in the greenhouse, but chickens, ducks and fish have to go to the county to buy them, and everyone is busy again for a while.

In such a busy day, the wedding soon ushered in.

The old fifth was wearing a straight suit, with a happy smile on the corners of his mouth, and went to pick up his bride. The Zhang family didn't clean up the house very well, but it was much cleaner than before, but fortunately, the big red and happy characters were posted, and it could be regarded as a bit of a marriage atmosphere.

There was a long line of this wedding car. They had never seen this kind of battle in their village. Everyone knew that Zhang Qinqin had found a wealthy in-law, and most of them came out to watch the fun. The streets were full of water, and the cars were stuck in the crowd, almost missing the time to pick up the daughter-in-law.

But fortunately, at this time, all six of Zhang Qinqin's elder brothers appeared, and they came to open the way.

The groom can't hide his excitement, and the bride can't hide his shyness. The two of them finally entered the palace of marriage. From now on, Zhang Qinqin's good days will come.

In this day and age, it is not fashionable for the family members to take them to the wedding ceremony at the in-law's house, at least not for the parents. This is the rule left by the older generation. A few years earlier, in-laws might not even meet each other in their entire lives.

However, Zhang Qinqin and other brothers can follow him, and his nephews and nieces are also excited and can't wait to see the big high-rise building of his aunt's house.

Although it was true that there was some unpleasantness before, but at least when he got married, his family was able to support his face.

On the way, the fifth told Zhang Qinqin to change his plan and to hold a water table in the village. Zhang Qinqin is considerate and sensible, and naturally he will not have any opinions. Instead, he feels that there are so many people who come to send blessings to them. A very happy thing.

The fifth child hugged Zhang Qinqin. He was so considerate and sensible. The fifth child was extremely relieved. When he hugged him, he felt as if he had gained the whole world.

The wedding proceeded smoothly with cheers and applause. Almost all the people in the village were dispatched, young and old, men and women, and almost no one was absent.

Because of Xiang Jie's benefit to the whole village, the young people in the village have jobs, and they don't need to go out to work. They can support their families and make money.

Zhang Qinqin has never seen such a battle, and was indeed shocked. This is enough to see how big their family's face is and how high their status is in this village?

Zhang Qinqin's brothers also opened their eyes today. I didn't expect that Xiang's family would have such a big wedding to invite the whole village. This kind of cohesion is really unimaginable, and they are also nervous inside. Fortunately, their family was not completely offended at that time. Otherwise, their brothers would really have no way out.

Fortunately, the younger sister Zhang Qinqin didn't seem to be very angry with them, so in their opinion, this matter can actually be reversed. It is better to take advantage of today's opportunity to please my sister and please him. Mother-in-law's family, maybe it will help you in your future life.

Firecrackers erupted, gongs and drums sounded in unison, and even the dragon and lion dance team was invited. The whole village was immersed in a joyful atmosphere. The main road in the entire village was closed, and no vehicles were allowed anymore. In the past, the banquet was filled with people from start to finish, and the battle was evident.

The emcee is also the emcee of ceremonies in their hotel. He has rich hosting experience and makes everyone laugh.

Finally, at the wedding that was blessed by everyone, the fifth child married the woman he loved back home. At the wedding, he stared at Zhang Qinqin affectionately, and everyone in the audience was teasing him and asked him to kiss one.

The fifth was very embarrassed, but in the end, the brothers pressed their heads and kissed Zhang Qinqin's mouth fiercely.

The wedding was going on with the sound of blessings. On the water table, there were people chatting and punching. On the road were the figures of children running and jumping. There was also the uncontrollable happy smiles on the corners of the mouths of the old people.

The spring sun shines down, hitting everyone's face, reflecting their happiness, and the birds are also chirping, as if they are also sending blessings to the whole village.

When it came to the photo session, the photographer organized them to take a family photo. The yard was full of tables. Here was the chairman and important guests. So they simply took photos in the living room at the end.

The photographer didn't even have to help them arrange their seats, they had already settled in by themselves. Xiang Danian and Liu Cuifen were elders, so they actually wanted to sit in the middle. .

I couldn't sit on the sofa, so I lined up behind the sofa. Wei Hong, Wei Yan, and Wei Xiaobing were also indispensable. They were a big family.

The children and their wives go into battle together, the children are held in their arms when they are young, and the older ones can get in when they are free. Anyway, everyone must be on the mirror.

Xiang Jie turned his head inadvertently and looked at Wei Xiang who was standing in the corner next to him. His eyes were full of envy, but he consciously did not participate.

Xiang Jie was happy in his heart. He saw that the fourth child was in a better mood recently, and he knew that Wei Xiang had credit for it. Even if it wasn't, their whole family had already accepted Wei Xiang's return, so he should learn to integrate. Come to this family.

Xiang Jie waved at him and said, "I'm taking a family photo! What are you doing standing there stupidly? We don't call a family photo if we don't have one in the family."

Hearing Xiang Jie's words, Wei Xiang burst into tears with excitement, but in the end he mustered up the courage to walk over and stood in front of the fourth child cautiously.

Although the fourth child's expression still looked a little unnatural, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth, because he knew that his eldest sister had truly accepted Wei Xiang at this moment.

"Okay, let's go next and call eggplant together." The photographer instructed the crowd.


Everyone cheered in unison, and everyone's faces were filled with happy and sweet smiles. With the click of the camera, they also recorded their harmonious and warm happiness...

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