Chapter 1332

Looking down at Qin Lin, her face is unbelievable.

Qin Lin apologizes to her. There is no obstacle between her and long Chen

All this came so suddenly that she was unprepared.

Long Chen also surprised looking at Qin Lin, he really did not expect that she would apologize. His mother, what a proud person

"Jenning, my mother agreed." Longchen then happy, put Jianning embrace in the past, "this, you how also can't go. Are you happy that we can be together? "

Long Chen says and kisses Jian Ning.

Jianning just recovered and pushed longchen away shyly: "no..."

"Jianning, as long as you promise to get back together with longchen, you can let your aunt do anything." Qin Lin cut off Jianning's words in time, "aunt this time is really really think through, some of my self righteous beauty may just be superficial.

Accept my aunt's apology and come back, child... "

Jane Ning: "I'm not sure."

Between her and long Chen, the biggest obstacle is Qin Lin.

Now, Qin Lin agreed, she and long Chen a smooth road.

No matter whether Qin Lin is for children or not, she and long Chen have no obstacles.

The most important thing is to have a father.

If not forced, who would like their children to lose their father's love?

Long Chen picked up Jianning: "you don't want to run, I hold you, you can't run away."

Qin Lin patted him: "put it down, where can you hold it now?"

"Yes, yes." Longchen puts Jianning down, embraces her and lowers her head. The two people's forehead is the sweetest gesture.

On one side of Ke hang, the corner of his mouth gently pulled.

It's time for him to go. His story is over.

He handed the ticket and passport to the staff.

"Miss Ke." Janine's voice sounded.

Ke hang turns around and smiles at her.

"I'm sorry." Jenning bent down deeply.

She is most sorry for him.

Ke hang patted her on the shoulder: "I wish you happiness!"


Two months later, longchen and Jianning held a grand wedding. The belly has not yet bulged, but also can put on the wedding dress, do the most beautiful bride.

Xu wanwan has been pregnant for more than five months. Her thin shirt in early spring can't cover her abdomen. She is pregnant and has grown a little. In the whole process, Jin juefeng hugged Xu wanwan and didn't give up for a moment.

This kind of love is the envy of others.

Tang Nan and Zhuang Xuxu also came to the wedding, and their marriage is also in preparation.

Liu Zhi left Zhan Tianye's company and returned to a city to run his logistics company. Tang Nan and Xu worked in the same hospital. In order to be with good sisters, Zhuang Xuxu encourages Zhan Tianye to move the development company back to a city.

Considering that grandma and Zheng Xuezhi are older and need more company from younger generation, the relocation is in progress.

Gu Youtong and Qin MINGYE live happily in C City.

In a few days, Gu Tingchen will be released from prison, and his family can finally get together.

A few months later, Xu wanwan gave birth to a white and fat boy. All the people were very happy, except Jin juefeng. I don't want a son, but a son is my enemy.

After that, Jianning gave birth to a daughter, and Xu wanwan recognized her as a dry daughter. Jin Jue's daughter is more painful than his son.

A year later, Xu got pregnant again, gave birth in October, got what he wanted, and gave birth to a daughter, which became a good word.

Xu wanwan and Jin juefeng are also successful in the past and this life( (end of full text)

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