Chapter 151 Overcoming Depression

After the others finished consuming the Kikal Tonic, they worked out every day to make use of the energy remnants inside their body. Their stats didn't increase further, but the energy remnants allowed them to improve their physical condition.

In merely two weeks, their condition improved enough to make use of the stats they attained from consuming the Kikal Tonic.

Everyone got to know Claire Orion as well. At first, the natives were against the thought of purchasing slaves – especially the girls – but they changed their opinion seeing that Claire was happy being Liam's slave.

Buying her from the slave market was similar to pulling her out of hell. He even paid Claire Orion for her work, promised her to help purchase her clanmates as long as she worked diligently, and provide the opportunity to buy back her freedom.

That way, Claire Orion was more like a servant with a long-term employment contract rather than a slave.

Even if enslavement was a big no-go for Olivia, Felicia, and the others, it was not as if they had the power to do anything against it. Liam actively funded the slave merchants by purchasing Claire Orion, but he changed her life forever – in a good way.

Furthermore, he gained a means to make more money, which could be used to find his expenses and purchase more slaves. Using the profit of Claire's work allowed him to become stronger rapidly. Once strong enough, he could deal with the slave merchants, if he wanted to.

Olivia and the others could do the same. They could purchase slaves and use them in a similar way as Liam did, while secretly plotting to eliminate the slave merchants one after another.

That way, they would do something to rescue the slaves one after another while working toward the downfall of slavery, rather than saying that someone should or shouldn't do something.

Actions showed your determination, while words were just empty shells as long as no actions followed.

"She is not doing better, yet?" Liam asked lightly, nodding in Jennie's direction. He circulated his entire pool of Arcane Power through his body to make sure that he was able to endure the pressure of using his entire Arcane Power at one point.

They had yet to talk about it but he wanted to hunt the Lava Salamander. Not only was the Lava Salamander a 1st Circle Monster, whose body was a treasure trove for someone like Liam, or Claire, to be precise, but it was also for Jennie's sake.

Jennie's Soultrait was very helpful and certainly worth an investment. Investing into her character growth was not what Liam initially wanted to do but she was still in a bad mood. She was hibernating in the corner of the wooden hut and seemed to be depressed.

Liam didn't need this type of person, even if he could understand her very well. However, he was never the type of person who would end up in the corner of the room just because he was depressed.

His dear friends and lover had been killed in front of him – by his own family. If that was not enough to get depressed, Liam was not sure what worse would have to happen to fall into depression. Liam didn't back down even after his dear friends and lover had been killed.

There was a phase of void, a time he felt as if nothing made sense, but he overcame it with the thought of revenge. Taking revenge was enough to motivate him, to fuel his entire being with the energy he needed to take one step after another, slowly and steadily approaching his goal.

Ending up in Haltan was not part of his plan neither was it to lose all of his power. However, Liam considered this an opportunity. His Circles disappeared, and so did the flawed foundation he build up hastily when he was fueled by rage. He had been too hasty and rushed to become stronger.

Now he could build his foundation, create the most formidable Circles and work tirelessly to achieve his goal. Liam wanted the same for Jennie. She deserved revenge, and Liam was ready to serve it here.

"I don't know if she is doing better honestly," Hellen said and sighed deeply.

Jennie consumed the Kikal Tonic just like everyone else. She also ate and slept when everyone else ate and slept. However, Jennie hardly spoke a word to anyone during the last two weeks. Everyone was worried.

Liam scratched the back of his head and approached Jennie. He grasped her wrist tightly and pulled her up from the ground.

His Devil's Eyes were activated, staring deep into her eyes.

"Are you going to give up, or will you take revenge? The Lava Salamander killed your parents and thousands of innocent natives. Will you leave the Lava Salamander alone, just like that? Will you be satisfied if I end up killing it, while you're staying here, sulking about your loss?" Liam asked, his voice growing colder, "Will you be alright being useless while your parents died miserably? Will they be proud seeing you like this?!"

Jennie flinched as Liam's words pierced her heart like a searing hot blade. She began to tremble and tears dwelled in her eyes. However, she lifted her head and looked back at Liam.

"Y-You…" She screamed, trembling in anger and frustration. However, she froze upon seeing that the corners of Liam's lips were curled upward.

"Looks like you want to release your stress on me. Rather than attacking someone totally unrelated to your misery, how about you come and hunt the Lava Salamander with us?" He merely said as his grasp around he wrist loosened.

Liam let go of her and turned around.

"I went a little bit ahead of myself, but looking at everyone, I guess I won't have to hunt the Lava Salamander by myself," Liam said without a change in his expression.

He noted that everyone, including Claire, stared at him with burning eyes. They had been set ablaze and mirrored their blazing battle spirit.

In the next ten minutes, everyone readied their equipment. Felicia used her Soultrait to pinpoint the Lava Salamander's location and the location of its lair. Once they knew the most important information, it was time to come up with a plan.

This didn't take long either. After Liam checked his equipment and the equipment worn by the others, they were already done planning their first fight against a 1st Circle monster.

There was no need to go overboard with planning, in the first place. Liam's stats were high enough to consider him a 1st Circle powerhouse. After all, the Lava Salamander was a monster that could only create an Intermediate Arcane Circle.

Liam was confident to be able to defeat the Lava Salamander by himself – though it would be very difficult and exhausting to solo a bus-sized colossus.


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