Chapter 47

Chapter 47


Avisak, frightened by the red flames that suddenly burst right in front of her eyes, stepped back and tripped on a rock and fell backwards.

Even so, she couldn’t escape Tarhan’s anger towards her.

The torch in Tarhan’s hand, which was turning in a circle, was pointed at her beautiful face without hesitation. He finally opened his mouth in a piercing voice. The way he moved was like a ghost from hell as a demon-like roar erupted from his distorted face.

“Anyone who tries to take that woman from me will be torn to pieces and burned right here…!”

She collapsed, her legs losing strength.

Avisak, who was almost kneeling in front of Tarhan, swayed and stared at the monstrous man in front of her in disbelief, with her eyes wide open. The emotion on his face was sheer terror itself. Similarly, the people present stood still at that moment without exception.

Even Enya felt her legs go numb with Tarhan’s anger and fury.

It was then.

Among the tremendous silence, a new, never-heard-of sound of horses’ hooves rang out loudly.

Servia’s servant arrived at the temporary court, which had become a mess. It was like a shower of sweat dripping down his face and the nape of his neck, and he was gasping for breath.

He looked conflicted as he glanced at the judge, who had become a mess while searching for Servia with shaky eyes. Soon after, seeing Servia with open arms blocking Gernan, he hastily ran towards her.

“Servia…! Lord Kahanti…! Lord Kahanti—!”

Enya saw the eyes of all the chiefs present widening. It was possible to guess what had happened to Kahanti from the look on the servant’s face, who could no longer speak and knelt in front of Servia and bowed his head.

“Lord Kahanti…passed away.”

At the same time, Servia’s slender body fell to the ground. Likewise, a gasp erupted from the group of elders in Aquilea, but the confusion was short-lived.

Tarhan’s hand, holding a torch dripping with fire oil in the face of the Perugian Princess Avisak, withdrew. When the light went out, his face was again hidden from view in the darkness. However, his momentum, who pulled out the sword he was wearing at his waist, looked more calm and stern than anything.

While everyone was holding their breath, Aquilea’s chieftain stepped forward step by step toward the fallen Servia. None of the soldiers who were supposed to protect Servia seemed willing to stand in his way.

Servia’s empty eyes were already floating in the air like an unconscious corpse. Her sanity seemed to have flown away as her head dropped as if it would fall to the ground at any moment.

Then, Tarhan’s sword was slashed without hesitation towards the kneeling Servia.


However, it was Gernan, her child, whom she was hiding right behind her, who made a terrible sound like a pig’s throat tearing.

Red blood spewed like a fountain from on Gernan’s face as parts of his nose and lips, which had been severed, lay like chunks of meat on the bloody ground. In an instant, part of his face was cut off, and he screamed in pain as he rolled across the puddles of blood.

Shortly thereafter, Tarhan turned to the elders of Aquilea and the forces of the plains with a sword dripping with blood. There was not a single hint of agitation or excitement on his face under the light of the fire, only shuddering anger and absolute authority that surpassed him.

Everyone was silent, but at that moment, everyone present could notice that Aquilea had a new chief.

“The union remains as it is now. In the war with Argon, the Great Plains will win, but whatever force…”

He gave a savage warning while holding the drawn sword high.

“From this moment on, if there are those who talk about using my woman for war, or who try to keep her away from me, I will make them realize with their bodies that what just happened was not even harsh.”

Upon returning home in his arms, Tarhan roughly undressed her.

Under his strong grip, the tightly sewn clothes were ripped off helplessly. Enya was caught in that terrifying gaze, motionless like an animal that was bitten by the scruff of the neck and could only receive his touch.

He seemed like someone who couldn’t control his anger.

His rough palms rubbed against her raised n*pples. Before long, Tarhan, who had turned Enya’s body and gazed down at the two exposed behind, opened the gap and entered her.


When the erect object was halfway inserted between the not-yet-wet area, the opening could not handle it and complained of weak pain.

The cold expression on the man’s face softened at the low scream.

Finally, the man’s face turned dark. Tarhan tried to get out of her again with a hesitant face, but it was Enya who pulled him back.

“No, don’t pull out…! Do it, Tarhan. please…”

Her body instinctively crawled forward to run away, but something else came out of her mouth.

At that moment, Enya’s eyes widened as well. Right now, the sensation that her body gave off was so desperate. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to tell whether the ground she was stepping on was real or a dream.

She quickly reached back, squeezing the tight opening against him before she begged once more, pulling his thighs eagerly.

“Please! Don’t pull out, Tarhan! Ahhk—! Just, just like now…!”

As she expected and so desperately wanted, Tarhan couldn’t stand the words. With a crushed groan, he began to gallop like an unbridled horse. The flesh slapped against each other as his magnificent thighs hit the shimmering white mound.

As the pain overlapped with the intensity and volume that she had never gotten used to, the opening struggled in surprise and began to get wet in order to contain the object that was somehow digging in.

“Aaahh! Ah-heuk! Aaaaaahhh…! Huht!”

Enya screamed as she felt her eyes shake relentlessly. Her receiving place, that was pressed by the huge man from behind, swelled up red, unable to swallow the pain.

Her head bent and lifted as her lips parted, and she let out a breath.

Her overpowered lower body somehow tried to lessen the pain by positioning her hips low. It made way for his thing, which was brutally swollen, to be inserted vertically from the bottom to the top. Tarhan struck almost twenty times from that position.

Couldn’t breathe, she held out as the man rammed into her.

“Ah! Heuk, uht, HAAAAHHNG!!”

Her body, which had been driven to the extreme of shock and tension, easily reached the extreme of pleasure that it had been looking for. In the subtle climax that came along with the pain, Enya howled as she could.

Tears streamed down her eyes and wet her cheeks, while her inner walls twitched and began pouring out clear liquid.

The manly hand, digging through her clothes, gripped her chest that rose skyward. His palms, as rough as the bark of a tree, rubbed and scratched the sensitive n*pples.

Then, suddenly, a weak force grabbed her hair. Lifting her chin, he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. At the same time, a rough hand touched her lower body that was shaking helplessly at a climax.

“Ahht, hng, ugh! Aahh!”

There was neither room nor consideration in his hands that were rubbing at random and without hesitation. Enya couldn’t stand it as his hands rubbed against her sensitive nub, like pleasuring an organ, and her body fell forward.


Tarhan started pounding the thing that was still stuck in her.

Surprisingly, the body that had reached its climax quickly heated up again. She was going crazy as he grasped both sides of her raised mounds and pressed her body against his lower body again and again, like whipping a horse.

“Ha-ahk! Hahk! Ah-haaauhk!”

It was copulation only with extreme friction between the two flesh. It was the clinging of a beast in heat. He was grafting his flesh, bouncing between her sloppy buttocks, revealing her chest that was leaning forward.

Another inevitable climax came.

Enya didn’t know what to do and squeezed on Tarhan’s thing. She twisted her body, repeatedly pulling her butt back as far as she could.

A moan close to howling erupted.

“Huhh-uhh…! Ang—haahk! Aahh…!”

Tarhan, who had stopped moving for a moment until her terrible climax was over, grabbed her by the rear as she tried to run away and inserted himself again.

From the beginning until now, he was taking her from behind, purely like treating a female animal. It was the first time that he had induced her to climax only from behind, even though they had been together for such a long time.

It was as if she had become an animal.

Like a male and female in heat with only the stimulation of their flesh and the instinct of erotic love remaining, they got entangled just for the pleasure that would make their minds far away.

“Huuhh! Hah!”

“Ah-hahk! Hahng, uht! Hahk! Aaahhng…!”

He showed off his excitement with no intention of hiding it. His thing that was filling her opening, stood erect and hard, filled with seed. It was the same with Enya. It seemed that her whole body had become an orifice to receive him.

As if she was born to receive him, she squeezed her bottom tight.

“Haaah—! Ha-uh, haaahk!”

The third climax came just as quickly.

At that time, Tarhan also groaned like a beast and poured himself into her. Enya bit her mouth, trembling under the weight that was pouring into her. It felt like her whole body was being torn apart by the stimulation she couldn’t handle.

Enya’s body trembled without even noticing the saliva dripping from her mouth.

After a long time, Tarhan, who had poured himself into her once, pulled out the pillar that didn’t look like something that had just climaxed. The column, surrounded by glistening liquid, was still standing tall.

Enya froze and opened her eyes.

She could feel the man’s hand tearing off all the torn clothes on her body, which was so droopy that she couldn’t even move. Her body was lifted up the next moment before she cradled Tarhan in her arms as he began to drive himself through her body again.

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