Chapter 21

Chapter 21

“Don’t worry. I can put it in you thirty times today.”

“What… did you say?”

Axen pressed his lips to Chryselua’s forehead and gave her a very firm smile before repeating what he had just said one more time.

“I can put it in you thirty times today.”

“I’m not that crazy, really!”

She’d die of how hard this was with just once. Not three times, but thirty? Again, the swollen weapon-like pillar stabbed her sensitive spot from the inside. Even the slightest movement of his waist gave rise to a terrible pleasure.

“Ah, haa… haa…”

Chrys was out of breath. Even though she was only receiving dense magic power, her eyes were spinning as if she was drunk.

“Uht, ah—!”

“Then… shall we do it twenty times?”

Hugging Axen and burying her forehead in his chest, she shook her head furiously.

“Then ten times?”

“Aht, hu-uht… you’re crazy?”

No, why was he here showing off his energy? While there may be other people who could respond to that, Chrys, who was weak, could not keep up with him.

“Five times?”

“Hey! It’s too hard.”

Chryselua whined, raised her teeth, and bit his lip as he approached viciously again. The purple eyes narrowed slightly.

“…Hmm. All right.”

As she continued to pull, he, too, pushed, and Chrys felt a little regretful.

“One more… I think we can do one more.”

“I’m glad, Chrys.”

Immediately, he buried his lips on her forehead. Feeling the quivering breath across his lips, Chryselua realized that he didn’t actually intend to do it thirty or five times. This was his intent from the beginning.

“You fox.”

“Yes, Chrys. You are lovely.”

“This punk keeps crossing the line, aht, ah! Haht—ha-ahng!”

She couldn’t think of anything to argue with him.

Chryselua screamed and clung to Axen. As if the movement up until now had been a joke, she was drenched in the violent insertion. Up until now, it had been quite a burden though the pleasure that came rushing in now brought tears to her eyes.

“Uh-aht, ahng! Please, ah!”

Instead of pushing away the pleasure, she hugged him tightly.

When she first did it with him, even if she borrowed the drug’s influence, she did like it quite a bit. It seemed right. The pillar, which had been pressed deep inside, squirmed, and he poured out a much more viscous desire than before.

He didn’t even take out what was inside, and Axen just gently hugged her. He rained kisses on her forehead, on her cheeks, on the bridge of her nose, and all over her face. It was so cautious that she couldn’t blame him.

Instead, great fatigue came over her. Chryselua closed her eyes and groaned as she accepted the shallow kiss.

Axen’s things started wiggling inside again.

“Hu, hu-uhk…”

‘…Is he not tired?’

When Chrys looked at him with a tired face, Axen shook his head as if he knew what she was thinking.

“Did you really intend to do it thirty times?”

“If you wish. I am a devilkin, so I am confident in my magical power.”

“No, no, that’s not it. Why am I the only one struggling here…?”

Logically speaking, it should be harder for the one who gave it than the one who received it. But now, Chrys was the only one who was exhausted, while Axen Arc really looked like he could do it thirty more times, as he said.

She had no strength left in her body. It seemed that the heat of the climax had shaken her head, too.

To be honest, from the time she received his magic power, she was rapidly fatigued. She really wanted to rest now.

‘I heard that pregnancy is hard on the body, maybe it is true…’

It seemed that there was an effect on her body. Even if it was Axen who poured his magic into it, it seemed like it was still straining to her because Chrys was the one holding it.

Even if she lacked the stamina for a dragon, she wasn’t one to be exhausted this much simply by having a relationship. If it was this hard when the four of them madly lusted after each other, she might have been sick on the spot.

“I’m having a hard time… let’s stop now.”

Chryselua gripped his shoulders tightly and breathed heavily.

Was she misunderstanding? Axen, who seemed to be stabbing and stirring inside her again, hadn’t moved since a while ago. However, the flesh inside her stood stiff, wriggling with every breath Chrys took.

Axen Arc just stayed there and stroked Chrys. Touching the back of her back and brushing her long, sunset-colored hair before pulling it to one side, he stroked her back like tickling her and gently pulling her into his arms.

It felt good to feel the touch on her shoulders and back with his hands.

Chryselua closed her eyes and leaned against him. Her body, which had been hot all along, seemed to calm down a bit.

And Axen, showing he had no intention of tiring Chrys anymore, began slowly pulling his still ferocious pillar out of Chryselua. However, no matter how cautiously Axen moved, the stiff, erect flesh and bumps were still there.

Every time they were caught at the entrance, her body trembled.

“Uht, hu-uht…”

“I’m sorry. A little bit.”

When the club-like thing was finally pulled out, a thick, white liquid rushed out from the end of the pillar.


She struggled to pull her legs together with all the strength drained from her. After carefully laying her on the bed, Axen Arc kissed her on the forehead very affectionately.

Chryselua stared up at Axen, who silently started cleaning up. Before she knew it, her body was clean, and she even yawned at the end as he washed the clothes soiled with bodily fluids and waited to get dressed again.

“Chrys, can I take you to the lair?”

“Hoo. Alright…”

It was closer to ‘do whatever he wants’ rather than agreeing with his words. She was so tired that she didn’t even want to move her body, but she also liked the way he used magic to clean things up. Soon, Axen knelt down in front of Chrys and held out his broad back.

He must have wanted to carry her on his back.

It was better than carrying her in his arms, so she readily climbed on him. Even though she knew it from scratching it with her hand earlier, this devilkin had a very wide back and it was solid. He didn’t even budge even when she stepped on him.

Axen, who glanced back, seemed to be pleasantly surprised by this.

“You seem to piggyback comfortably.”

“Yes. I’ve done a lot of piggyback-ing.”



As expected, was he someone with this kind of experience?

What a bad guy.

The devilkin had very long legs, so his gait was also brisk. However, even after offering to take her to her lair, he was going round and round. This was clearly an intention to carry her around a little more.

Chrys gave the brazen devilkin a slap on the shoulder.

“Hey, you. Stop going around and just go.”


“You don’t even give an excuse…”

She almost gave up and slumped on Axen Arc’s back. Still, the ride was good.

“By the way, Axen Arc.”

Looking at the laboratory building moving away, Chrys made a hint.


“What are you doing in Sedition?”

She remembered the first time he entered Cedition.

“Come to think of it, I think I remember… you came in not too long after I came here.”


Dark skin and jet-black hair, seemed like a mixture of earthy tones, and light purple eyes like violets. The reason why he left such a deep impression was probably because she felt that his eyes were quite intense whenever they met each other on rare occasions.

“It’s rare for devilkin to come here. You don’t have to do rift missions.”

Resolving the rift was the way the world’s blessed races did their duty—a dragon with high magic power and longevity, the parent tree of the spirit realm that commands fairies with infinite vitality, and the wisdom of the world were passed on to the devilkin from generation to generation.

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