Chapter 22

Chapter 22

However, things changed after the devilkin broke the agreement and started a war.

Defeated by the union of the dragons and fairies, they were deprived of the privilege. The Demon Realm was erased from the map. Living in hiding in the underworld of humans was the devilkin’s situation these days.

The devilkin who were deprived of the world’s blessings were also relieved of their duty to close the rift that was the world’s disaster. That was why it was really unusual that there was devilkin in Sedition.

In the first place, Chryselua didn’t even know why Axen Arc was in front of her lab building that day.

“Originally, at least a few devilkins should come.”


“Yes. For the backstory, we have to match the composition of all races to protect the world.”


She had a strange feeling, but she didn’t know why.

Axen Arc turned his head slightly and looked at Chrys. The purple gaze lingered for a moment, then looked ahead again.

“…Also, isn’t this the fastest rift news? The underworld is the last land we are allowed to. If there’s a crack there, we’ll have to work it out ourselves. We can’t borrow the hands of dragons or fairies.”

She stretched her body. While it would put a little more weight on him, he gave no complaints. It was rather strange that he corrected his posture to make her more comfortable.

“Yes. You worked hard, too. That’s amazing.”

Chrys sighed. She had never been dispatched on a rift mission, and although she did serve as the representative of the ritual, it was not a very meaningful achievement after all. She accidentally ruined Lord’s assignment. It was amusing to see her struggling to solve a single problem.

“Then, compliment me more.”

“Hey, what kind of compliment do you need from me? Go get your compliments from your Lord.”

“Am I not doing more important things now? I have to do family duties first before other things.”

“…Uh, yes. Well done. You did well.”

Not wanting to get involved with Axen Arc, Chryselua gave a rough answer. This foxy b*stard fell in love with her, married her, and already made her have his child in his head.

“Darling, where will we raise our First Light?”

“Ah, wake up from your dream.”

But anyway, his softly laughing voice was like a lullaby, and Chryselua’s eyelids were gently closing.

Ah, what would Lord say if she knew that she got involved with the devilkin like this?

It was comfortable, with his back bobbing up and down with each step, and Chryselua dropped her head and closed her eyes. Although it was a very short time, she seemed to have fallen asleep for a while.

Chryselua saw someone in her dream.

[ Even if the sun doesn’t set in midsummer, nor does it rise in midwinter. ]

In her dream, she saw a certain man.

[ It is your right. ]

This was the man’s answer to a question she had asked.

[ You are a being who can be loved. ]

However, unlike the sweet words, the man was running somewhere. He seemed to be being chased by something… no, he was being chased by several people.

He fled relentlessly and was quickly discovered.

Every time he was discovered, his scarred body grew more and more scarred.

A gorgeous blonde fairy was at the forefront of a pursuit of him. Their armor was proudly engraved with white patterns. A tree whose roots and trunk are twisted like knots.

It was Skylte’s guards.

The man did not run long.

Cornered, he was covered in blood as his shoulders were pierced by several long spears. His escaping steps became slower and slower, and before long, he was pierced through the stomach by a huge spear.

As he trembled and stopped moving, one, two, more spears pierced him.

Having completely stopped his escape, he fell to his knees with his whole body in tatters. Then, he turned his head and looked back.

Intense purple eyes.

It was Axen Arc.



Axen’s worried voice brought Chryselua to her senses.

With her heart still beating from her vivid dreams, she took a deep breath and met Axen’s eyes.

“Axen Arc. You, you…”


Even though she knew it was a dream, Chrys glanced around anxiously. Was it the Skylte Guards? Those trainees? She checked closely to see if there were any such guys around. In particular, was there a blonde child whose name she hadn’t even checked?

Then, Chryselua realized that she was overreacting to a mere dream.

‘What… is it just a dream? That thing just now.’

Still, even though she knew it was just a nonsense dream, her beating heart did not subside. It seemed that she had just witnessed Axen Arc’s murder.


“Uh, uh…”

The light purple eyes that met her looked calm. The eyes that were looking this way in concern were very different from the intense and rebellious eyes she had seen in her dreams.

“Did you take a nap?”

Saying that, Axen fixed Chrys up again.

“They say that at the beginning, it’s hard to sleep.”

“…At the beginning?”

Chryselua didn’t understand what Axen was saying for a moment before she finally came to her senses. He must have heard somewhere that it would be hard to sleep when someone is pregnant.

As Axen Arc told the realistic story, Chryselua gradually escaped her dreams. Her heart, which had been beating as if she had just run one lap through Sedition, calmed down when she confirmed that he was alive.

“Ah, I see…”

“Are you okay? Your voice sounds bad…”

“No. I just had a dream. I must have slept a lot… I’m heavy, sorry for bothering you.”

“You are lighter than a feather, Chrys.”

“Can you not do that with your mouth?”

At those words, Axen smiled lightly and lowered his body. As Chrys complained, she climbed off his back. Even though she didn’t think she had slept that long, she had arrived at her lair before she knew it.

‘Though did I ever tell him the location of my lair…?’

She tried to think deeply, but she stopped. He must have figured it out after sneaking around. Even if he knew, it didn’t matter too much. There was nothing to steal from the unorganized lair on the outskirts of Sedition.

The sun passed by and was setting in the sky, the same color as Chryselua’s hair.

Axen opened his mouth as the scarlet sunset brushed his brittle hair.

“Is there anything you would like to eat?”

“What? No?”

Axen lowered his gaze and said.

“If there is anything that appeals to you, feel free to tell me. You have another life now.”

Just as Axen had finished speaking, another voice interrupted.


Chrys and Axen simultaneously turned their heads to where the voice came from. Large stature with broad shoulders. Dark blue hair like the dawn sky. Naskan, the Dawn Dragon, stood tall in front of her lair.

He came back before Chrys and seemed to be still waiting for her to come.

“What… another life?”

It was a cold and calm voice for Naskan, who usually spoke quite gently as he bared his teeth. Inside the sparkling eyes, the sharp pupils unique to dragons narrowed to the limit.

“Ah, Dawn.”

“Twilight, who is that?”

And, that gaze was very hostile.

She has been watching since he was young, though when Naskan was like that, Chrys was also a bit scared. She was fine with him because she knew his character well, but with everyone else, it was just scary.

The bright yellow eyes, whose pupils were barely visible, were only threatening, and they were emitting death without holding back. It was frightening enough that the golden red energy had completely drained out of it.

In addition, the hair all over his body stood on alert, and the blue hair in a high ponytail looked more puffy.

‘Ah… Come to think of it, I erased his memory.’

Although the two had met in front of the lab that day, Naskan probably didn’t know. For him, the events of that day would remain like a dream, so he might think he saw Axen’s face in a dream.

In any case, Chryselua gestured at Axen Arc, meaning not to pay him any attention.

The moment Axen Arc understood and smiled, the life force emanating from Naskan grew thicker. It seemed that her skin was going to be burned from the magic that he spewed without consideration.

‘Ugh… It’s a mess.’

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