Chapter 674 - Little Fox, Don't Reject Me (1)

The two of them returned to the headquarters building again.

When they reached the top floor, Sheng Xiao found the guard captain and told him their intentions.

After knowing that Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang were going to see the Grand State Master, the guard captain looked troubled. He looked at Mo Xiao’s room carefully and lowered his voice. “I’m afraid it’s not convenient tonight.”

“Not convenient?” Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang looked at each other and found it strange. Yu Huang asked the guard captain, “Are there guests visiting the Grand State Master?”

“Yes.” The guard captain nodded with a strange and mysterious expression. He glanced at Mo Xiao’s room again and said very softly, “An extremely beautiful woman has come to visit the Grand State Master.”

The guard captain rolled his eyes and thought of something. He said mysteriously, “The door closed the moment we came. It’s been half an hour, but she still hasn’t come out.”

The guard thought to himself: So the Grand State Master also needs a woman.

After knowing that a beauty had visited Mo Xiao, Yu Huang was even more curious about her identity than the guard captain was. She was also curious about what the two of them were doing inside with the door closed.

Which beauty actually dared to visit the Grand State Master at night and was even lucky enough to be let into the room by the Grand State Master?

If Senior She Ying found out about this, they would probably fight.

“Since he has an appointment with a beauty, let’s come back tomorrow morning.” Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao went back to the Lovers Lake home.

* *

There was a carpet in Mo Xiao’s room. The blanket was made of the fur of some white ferocious beast. The fur was very thick, but it felt very soft.

At this moment, a woman in a white rose floral dress was sitting on the carpet flirtatiously.

The dress was very short and could cover her butt but not her thighs.

Two thin straps that seemed like they could break with a lift hung on her shoulders. Her wavy hair hung behind her head, and a pair of exaggerated golden pagoda earrings hung from her ears. Her fiery red lips looked beautiful and feisty.

Her legs were placed together on the fur mat. Her legs were slender and fair.

She was so beautiful that men couldn’t take their eyes off her.

“She Ying.”

Mo Xiao walked out of the bathroom and saw the woman sitting on the carpet with her back facing him. It was just her back, but it revealed her charm.

Mo Xiao walked to the entrance and took off the short white fur coat that the woman put on the clothing rack the moment she entered.

Mo Xiao took his coat and walked behind She Ying. He bent down and placed the fur coat on She Ying’s shoulder. “Put on your clothes properly. It’s cold. Don’t catch a cold.”

The temperature outside Jingdu was -3 degrees Celsius.

Jingdu was cold in winter.

Snakes were born to be afraid of the cold. During winter in Jingdu, there wasn’t a single snake.

She Ying lowered her eyes and stared at the hand on her shoulder with a smug smile.

Seeing that the hand was about to move away, she pressed down on the hand and brazenly touched the back of it.

She Ying held the person’s hand and brought his hand to her lips. Then, she opened her red lips and stuck out her snake tongue to wrap around his index finger.

Mo Xiao watched her actions calmly. There was no anger or desire in his eyes.

She Ying felt discouraged, but she said, “Cold? The Grand State Master’s body is warm. Lend me your arms to lean on, and I won’t be cold anymore.” With that, She Ying boldly leaned into Mo Xiao’s arms.

With a woman in his arms, any man would be flustered.

But Mo Xiao wasn’t so.

He pushed She Ying away expressionlessly, then got up and sat down on a sofa beside her. He frowned and said, “Get up. Don’t sit on the ground.”

She Ying opened her mouth and cursed. Then, she stood up angrily and sat down on the sofa opposite Mo Xiao.

She sat down, and the sides of her skirt shrank as she moved. Her skirt barely covered her buttocks.

Mo Xiao glanced at her and hurriedly retracted his gaze. He got up and went into the bedroom again. When he came out, there was a white blanket in his hand.

“What are you doing?!” She Ying was confused.

Mo Xiao threw the blanket at She Ying.

The warm and thick blanket covered She Ying’s good figure, leaving only her beautiful face exposed.

Mo Xiao sat back on the sofa and said coldly, “Speak properly. Don’t flirt with me.”

“Mo Xiao!” She Ying flew into a rage out of humiliation. She kicked the blanket off her body and stood up to walk to Mo Xiao. She grabbed his hand and pressed it on her slender waist.