Chapter 6175

"Yunmeng Dryad!"

"Master Wolf is tricky, this tree demon is hard to deal with!"

Eunuch Gui explained: "The vines that besieged Lord Wolf belonged to the tree demon. These vines are not only as hard as iron, but also have a strong regeneration ability."

"If Marquis Wolf doesn't find the core body of the Yunmeng Tree Demon, even if he kills thousands of vines, he won't be able to get out of this place!"

Emperor Chu suddenly realized and nodded, "The Lord Wolf is in trouble."

Eunuch Gui laughed and said, "The Yunmeng Tree Demon is considered a second echelon alien in the hunting world, and its strength is not too weak, but with Lord Wolf's strength, it shouldn't be a problem to deal with the Yunmeng Tree Demon!"

"And this Yunmeng Tree Demon's strength is not very strong, it's probably in the top-rank Taiyi Daoguo realm!"

Your father-in-law said to Emperor Chu again: "However, Lord Wolf is really not lucky. Yunmeng Tree Demon is the most difficult second echelon alien species in the hunting world, and there are only nine of them in the hunting world, and they were killed by Lord Wolf." Met one of them!"

Your eunuch's voice was not very low, and many people in Yuhua Tiangong could hear it clearly.

According to your father-in-law, Lin Bai was really unlucky. There were only nine Yunmeng Dryads in the entire hunting world, and Lin Bai met one of them when he went in!

Not only was Emperor Chu not worried about Lin Bai, but he smiled, "Let's see how Lord Wolf wants to get away!"

Another person in Yuhua Tiangong said: "What are you afraid of? As long as Lord Lang is willing to show his supreme appearance, it will be enough to scare the Yunmeng tree demon back."

Emperor Chu smiled, but did not answer, but said in a low voice: "If every time he encounters danger, he pins his hope of escape on the Supreme Prime Minister, then Lin Bai must have died thousands of times already."

"Lin Bai, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight."

"You are the biggest prey in this hunting world, I hope you can have this awareness."

Holding the wine glass, Emperor Chu said with a smile: "If you make it through, you will become a butterfly. If you can't make it through, Huangquan is not far away."


within the hunting world.

Hoo hoo... Thousands of vines with eyes are flying around Lin Bai. Those vines are as hard as steel whips, and each eye is like a devil, making people feel palpitating.

Lin Bai was suspended in mid-air, surrounded by four flying swords, looking around coldly and mercilessly, looking for a way to break the situation.


A vine struck fiercely, and before Lin Bai could dodge, thousands of vines roared forward, front, back, left, and right, and smashed towards Lin Bai.

According to Lin Bai's judgment, the power of each of these vines is enough to smash a mountain into pieces.

Lin Bai's movement was like lightning, and he moved quickly between the vines, avoiding blows again and again, but there were too many vines around, and Lin Bai had less and less room to dodge.

"Heavenly Will Four Elephants Sword Formation!"

The four flying swords transformed into phantoms of four kinds of divine beasts, chopping up all the vines waving around, but in the next moment, the chopped vines were cut out, and brand new vines grew rapidly.

"It's so difficult!"

Lin Bai lowered his head and glanced at himself. He was hit twice by vines just now, leaving two bloodstains on his chest and back.

Fortunately, the strength of Lin Bai's Five Elements Dao Body is not weak. If it was another warrior, he would have been beaten to pieces by these two blows, and only half his life was left.

"These vines can't be cut off." Lin Bai looked at the vines that he cut off just now, and they regenerated quickly, "Cut off a section, and immediately grow another section."


"I wanted to cut the vines all the way to kill, but there are too many vines. Before I can escape, other vines will stop me!"

"The alien species in the hunting world are indeed more difficult to deal with than the Nantian Hunting Garden and the Eastern Heaven Hunting Garden!"

"And the strength is not weak!"

Lin Bai looked at the flying vines around him, his heart skipped a beat, "I have to find a way, if this goes on, they will die here."

Lin Bai looked to the left, and saw thousands of vines flying in mid-air like demons; when he looked to the right, the vines were like a forest, like steel that was difficult to break through.

Looking up, the blood-red eyes on the tips of the vines are staring at Lin Bai; looking down...there is a towering mountain range below and a tree canopy covering the sky.

"I can't go in, I can't go back, there is no way to go to heaven...then see if there is a door." Lin Bai locked his eyes on the mountain forest below.

The next moment, the flying sword flashed, leading Lin Bai straight to the forest below.

Thousands of weird vines swaying in the air immediately turned around, followed Lin Bai's back straight, and got into the forest together.

In the forest, the situation is more complicated.

In the mountains and forests of the hunting world, the trees covered the sky and the sun, and the huge trees made Lin Bai seem to be the size of an ant.

The miasma in the forest is a paradise for poisonous substances.

The warriors of Southern Border Insect Valley should like this place very much.

The weeds in the miasma are all a hundred meters high. If they are placed outside, they must be shocking plants.

And these weeds don't seem to be dead things, they are wriggling in the forest as if they are about to come to life.

As Lin Bai rushed into the forest from a high altitude, it was like a sharp sword smashing through the miasma in the forest. Those living weeds straightened their bodies in an instant, like a sharp arrow, and turned to Lin Bai as he entered the forest. direction.

Swish, swish, swish... A hundred-meter-long weed leaves shot up from the ground, heading straight for Lin Bai like arrows.

"Ah?" Lin Bai was shocked at first, but he didn't expect that the weeds in the forest would also give birth to a lot of wisdom.

Although the arrows made from these weeds and forest leaves are not very powerful, they are extremely difficult to deal with because they are so numerous that they cover the sky and block out the sun, like locusts crossing the border.

Lin Bai rotated two flying swords into a Taiji Liangyi sword array, blocking all the weeds and arrows that hit, and thousands of vines behind him swam like snakes in the forest and came straight to Lin Bai.

Lin Bai was chased and fled in embarrassment in the forest. He looked at one of the vine roots and found that it came from the ground.

"The vines protruding from the ground, could it be that... each of these vines is an independent creature?" Lin Bai was a little surprised.

If each vine was an independent life form, it would be extremely troublesome to deal with it.

Lin Bai had to waste at least two or three days here before he could uproot all the vines.

"It's unlikely." Lin Bai noticed that these vines cooperated with each other tacitly, "If these vines were independent life forms, they wouldn't have such a high degree of cooperation."

"There is a high probability that they come from a different species, but... the body of this different species should not be near here, and this place should be regarded as his... hunting ground!"

Lin Bai narrowed his eyes and briefly analyzed the current situation.

"Then the problem is very simple. You only need to find the body of this alien species, and the problem will be easily solved." Lin Bai decided to pay attention, and began to look for the body of the alien species in the forest.
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