Chapter 6193

The dense fog parted from it, as if a path had been cut by a sword.

The old man grabbed Lin Bai and rushed along the road, quickly crossing the foggy swamp.

About half an hour later, Lin Bai saw a huge black figure sitting in the fog in the fog-shrouded area.

When he got close, Lin Bai finally saw clearly... This was originally an ancient city.

This city is extremely majestic and magnificent. The city walls are made of blue bricks, and the houses in the city are also built in a luxurious style, which is not much different from the outside city.

There are not too few warriors in the city. Although it is not comparable to the large cities of the Chu Kingdom outside, it is also comparable to some small cities.

There are at least 30,000 to 50,000 warriors living in the city.

"Hey, old Zhangtou, your hands and feet are very fast. The hunting world has just started, and you have already caught a warrior and returned."

"Is this person a disciple of that sect?"

Just as the old man grabbed Lin Bai and flew towards the city, Lin Bai suddenly heard a laughing voice from the top of the city.

Looking up, I saw another old man standing on the top of the city, wearing a black robe, thin body, old face, cloudy eyes, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth, and a hint of shrewdness in the cloudy eyes.

The martial artist he called 'Old Zhangtou' grinned, "Good luck. I just walked to the Misty Swamp when I met this man and caught him back."

"As for the origin of this person? What kind of sect's disciple? I haven't found out yet, anyway, I will investigate slowly later."

From their conversation, it is not difficult to find that they seem to be waiting for the opening of the hunting world, and then go to capture the warriors who enter the hunting world to hunt.

But Lin Bai was very curious... Did the fighters they captured have a clear goal? And by whom? What purpose do they have?

The old Zhang raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile; "Is this old man the winner? No one should be able to catch the hunter faster than me, right?"

The old man on the top of the wall shook his head again and again, the old Zhang Tou was taken aback when he saw this, and exclaimed: "Could it be that there are people who are faster than the old man?"

The old man replied: "Seven or eight warriors have been arrested."

Old Zhang's face sank, as if he had lost a treasure, he was in a bad mood, and said impatiently, "I'll send him to the dungeon first."

After finishing speaking, Old Zhangtou led Lin Bai towards the city.

After passing through the city gate and entering the city, Lin Bai immediately looked at the surrounding streets.

There are many shops and restaurants on the streets in the city, and there are also inns and restaurants, which are no different from the outside city.

Old Zhangtou seemed to be very famous in the city. Seeing him walking in with Lin Bai, many people stopped to watch, even people in shops and inns poked their heads out to look at Old Zhangtou and Lin Bai .

"Is the outsider here again?"

"Has another ten thousand years passed?"

"Senior Zhang is so powerful, yet another person was caught by Senior Zhang!"

The residents in the city looked at Lin Bai curiously, and Lin Bai also looked at them curiously.

Most of the people in the city are similar to outside warriors, but Lin Bai still found other "people" in the city.

Lin Bai's eyes widened, and he saw a warrior standing in the crowd. His limbs and appearance were the same as ordinary warriors, but his eyes were exceptionally different.

The eyes of ordinary warriors are black and white, but this person's pupils... are golden yellow, with vertical pupils inside, like snake eyes.

"Monster?" Lin Bai had some guesses in his heart, but after carefully judging the aura of this person, he felt that he was not quite like a demon.

He has the monster aura of the monster race, but also the breath of the human race.

"Half demon!"

Lin Bai reacted.

The so-called half-demons are the children born after the union of the human race and the demon race. They have the breath of the human race and will also inherit the blood of the demon race.

Half-demon clans are not uncommon in the demon world, but most of them have extremely low status and are regarded as heterogeneous by the human race.

Before the demon world and the spirit world collapsed, the human race and the demon race were on the same land, and a war between the human race and the demon race broke out.

It was also because of that battle that the Yaozu was defeated. Since then, the human race has almost wiped out the Yaozu and suppressed it desperately.

Although the Yaozu is not in danger of being exterminated, after this battle, the status of the Yaozu in the heavens and all the clans is extremely low.

Especially the banshees in the demon clan are often reduced to playthings and slaves of dignitaries and nobles in the human race.

The status of the Yaozu is not high, and the status of a child born from the combination of the Human Race and the Yaozu is even more pitiful.

Lin Bai has been in the Demon Realm for many years, but he has never seen a half-demon in the capital of Chu Kingdom, but he did not expect to see a half-demon in the hunting world.

Under the attention of many people on both sides of the street, Lao Zhangtou led Lin Bai towards the city.

Along the way, Lin Bai also observed the surroundings, and got a general understanding of the residents in this city...almost half of them are warriors, and the other half are half-demons.

This made Lin Bai have many doubts in his heart?

Why is there still a world in the core of the earth under the hunting world?

Why is there still a half-demon in this earth core world?

Why are there still warriors here?

Where did these warriors come from?

But now is obviously not the time for Lin Bai to find out the answer, he was escorted by the old man outside a magnificent mansion.

Lin Bai looked up, and the plaque above the gate of the mansion read: "City Lord's Mansion".

There were also guards at the gate of the City Lord's Mansion. After the old Zhangtou greeted them, he led Lin Bai towards the inside of the mansion.

In the lobby of the City Lord's Mansion, a graceful and luxurious lady walked up with a smile. When she saw Lin Bai, her eyes were shining.

"What a handsome boy."

This lady's complexion was charming, her eyes rippling with spring waves kept scanning Lin Bai's body, and her delicate tongue stuck out from time to time to lick her lips.

"Old Zhang, where did you catch such a handsome young man?" the lady asked with a smile.

"I met you just outside the house."

"A disciple of that sect?"

"I asked, but he didn't say anything, but I think with the method of 'Mrs. Qianrou', he will tell the whole story."

This lady named 'Mrs. Qianrou' circled around Lin Bai, and became more and more excited, "Not only is she handsome, but she is also in good health."

"Shouldn't it be an ordinary warrior?"

Mrs. Qianrou lavishly praised Lin Bai, which aroused old Zhang's dissatisfaction, "Ma'am, what you said... the warriors who come to the hunting world to hunt are almost all the core disciples of every sect and family, and their cultivation bases are all Not low."

"For a high-level martial artist like this, after cutting hair and washing the marrow, all the women are as beautiful as flowers, and all the men are handsome and extraordinary."

"What's so strange about this?"

Old Zhangtou couldn't understand why Mrs. Qianrou had such a high opinion of Lin Bai, so he complained sourly.

"You don't understand." Mrs. Qianrou was not annoyed, "This little brother is very different."

After turning around Lin Bai, she returned to the front of Lin Bai, smiling like a flower, with spring in her eyes, "Little brother, tell sister, are you very different?"

Lin Bai stared at Mrs. Qianrou, his tone was calm and calm, "You are not a foreign species, nor a warrior, nor a half-demon!"

"You are a monster!"

"Hehehe..." Mrs. Qianrou covered her mouth and smiled coquettishly, Lin Bai wondered from the bottom of her heart, what's so funny about this?

Mrs. Qianrou smiled for a while, "Look, let me tell you that you are different from other warriors. It is rare to be able to remain calm and composed when you come here."

When she said those words, there was a sharp light in her eyes.

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