Chapter 2016: season finale

Chapter 1894 Finale

Wang Feng stared at those eyes.

From those eyes, Wang Feng felt a cold and dead silence that ignored all beings.

'what is that? ’

Wang Feng’s pupils shrink slightly.

He vaguely felt that he might be thinking something wrong.

This game may have nothing to do with those gods.

Even, they are also pawns in the game?

‘Is it the natural disaster of this site? ’

Wang Feng murmured.

The supernatural power in his body is boiling, and he prepares carefully.

The next moment, I saw a divine light of heaven and earth suddenly burst out of those eyes, blasting into the lower center position.

The earth shook, and the sky revolved.

Seems like something opens.

Countless dark mists disperse it.

Wang Feng felt an extremely terrifying breath.

He took two steps back subconsciously.

"What's the matter?" Jin Ling behind was very excited and asked, "Look, the world has changed, and there really is a treasure born!"

Wang Feng glanced at her, but did not speak.

Perhaps at this time, the rest of the life races in the place thought that there was a real treasure born.

But Wang Feng didn't think so.

He stared at the map in his mind.

The mark revealed by the power of the tunnel has changed.

The precious light in the center of this place has completely changed.

became a dark icon.

The icon Wang Feng has never seen before, but it is definitely not something.

In the next moment, the earth splits.

An ancient coffin rose slowly from the ground.

The originally silent bushes began to cry.

It seems to be fortunate to be happy with something.


Wang Feng gave a cold drink.

"?" Jinling still didn't understand.

Wang Feng took her and evacuated quickly.

But it seems to be a step too late.

The moment that ancient coffin appeared, bursts of black as ink-like black tides spread to the surroundings.

Wherever he went, all living beings were annihilated and turned into an invisible torrent of life.

The several gods standing on the sky seemed to have noticed the same in advance and evacuated quickly.

"What's that?" Jin Ling lost her voice.

"It should be..." Wang Feng whispered, "It is the ancient life in this ruin, the ancient coffin closed in..."

This relic of will is full of weirdness.

There are countless Ten Thousand Dragon Balls here, and Ten Thousand Dragon Balls contain a lot of great power.

The power of the great road itself is formed by the broken jade disc of good fortune.

Naturally means that this place is closely related to the breaking of good luck jade discs.

Seems to think of something.

Wang Feng looked at the shadow and flew over there suddenly.

At this time, Wang Feng would naturally not take into account whether the divine power was consumed.

In an instant, Wang Feng flew in front of the shadow of the picture.

The other gods were immediately stunned when they saw Wang Feng.

"Why do you send that piece of Su Fan's fragment to me through Yan Qingjue's hand?" Wang Feng's eyes were slightly cold, staring at the pattern shadow, "What does it have to do with this?"

Several gods of the **** system universe stunned their feet, all looking at the shadow.

The dark tide is coming like a surge.

"If you don't tell me, are you planning to die with me?" The shadow smiled, and the voice revealed a touch of mystery.

"So what?" Wang Feng said lightly.

"Then you too underestimate the gods of our **** system universe?" The shadow said lightly, "We entered this place, but we only used three-pointed spirits to fabricate the flesh to enter, and the main body would not enter such a dangerous place. If you die, just die. It's also dead. But if you're dead, it's different."

After that, the shadow looked at the other places again, "What's more, your confidantes, but are they all here?"

Hearing this, Wang Feng was taken aback.

was not surprised.

Before learning that the Red God Fox Emperor and the others had also entered this place, Wang Feng had already guessed it, maybe they had indeed entered here.

Because the Red God Fox Emperor took them away.

"Why, do you still want to die with me now?" Shadow smiled lightly.

The other gods remained silent.

This is indeed the case.

The gods of the gods universe are not so simple. They want to kill unless the body descends.

But most of the gods' bodies are in the realm of gods.

"You know the origin of that fragment." Wang Feng looked at her and said suddenly, "You divine universe, should you know the origin of this fragment back then? You handed this fragment to me, hoping that I would restore it. Then take it over?"

"Your gods are the universe, it seems that you don't care about the battle of gods. You already knew my origin?" Wang Feng stood in the void and took a step forward. "You just want to get the civilization of the wild universe through me. ?"

"The so-called battle of gods is just an opportunity you provide me. I want me to take this opportunity to rapidly develop the ancient civilization of the year."

Wang Feng squinted his eyes and looked at the shadow, "It is precisely because of the agreement of the **** war that I thought of using the ancestral realm to develop it into the realm of gods through the power of faith. And this method, It is the master system of your God System universe."

"When I develop the ancestral realm successfully, after the battle of the gods, whether it is defeat or victory. Your gods universe will not hesitate to take action, directly kill me, seize the ancestral realm, and obtain this piece of my painstaking effort and development. The seeds of ancient civilization."

"Including Pangu Axe, Chaos Qinglian, and this jade disc of good fortune."

Speaking of which.

Wang Feng closed his eyes, as if he had thought of it a long time ago, and suddenly he seemed to understand.

The shadow was silent.

"God of Origin Tribulation, is it yours?" At this moment, Wang Feng said suddenly, "Back then, there were no creatures left in the ancient civilization. All the creatures that I have seen resemble the ancient civilization. They are all your gods. Is it because the universe was created to study the ancient civilization?"

"Including, the dragon ancestor of Wanlong Universe?"

"And Yan Qingyue said at the beginning that the seed of the ancestral world she got. She didn't find it at all, but you gave her!"

"How can she have such a huge causal opportunity for the Heavenly Way of the Dark Demon Realm, and by coincidence, she can find the seeds of the Ancestral Realm, as well as the Chaos Qinglian, and Pangu Axe in the various universes?"

Wang Feng didn't have any doubts about these before he knew the universe of the gods and the power of the universe.

But after understanding.

is amazing.

Whether it is the seed of the ancestral world at that time, or the chaotic green lotus, or the Pangu axe, this is a great opportunity.

How could    happen to be found by Yan Qingju?

At that time, Wang Feng's position was not high, and he could only see that far, so I believed it naturally.

But nowadays, with different strengths and different positions, you naturally see different things.

"If Yan Qingjue knows that you doubt her so much, you might get chills in your heart." The shadow said with a smile, "After all, I have never interfered from beginning to end. However, you have thought of so much... I have to say, yours. Growth is really exaggerated."

"It seems that the ancestral world is in your hands, and you have a certain degree of completion."


At this time, the Kuroshio rushed from behind, and the ancient coffin in the middle of the Kuroshio began to make a cry like coming from the netherworld.

"Are you still leaving?" The shadow suddenly said, "Aren't you hurrying to find your confidantes? You are not afraid of death, they may die."

Wang Feng did not leave.

His palm moved slightly, and a simple axe appeared in the center of his palm.

"I think you should be more afraid of death." Wang Feng said faintly, "If there is no accident, this relic of will, should you have made it back then? Also, you should make it out to study the ancient civilization. Let me guess, it’s a pity that afterwards an accident occurred in the research and the world was also lost."

"Even your divine system universe is difficult to find, and due to some special reasons, the rules of this world have changed drastically. Even your divine system universe cannot easily be changed. Otherwise, relying on the strength of your divine system universe, there will be a trace of will. , How can it be rare to live with you?"

"During the process of research, it caused the explosion of this jade dish of good fortune? Or, the fragments of my jade dish of good fortune were taken away from this place. Unfortunately, after the explosion, there are countless inside of the jade dish of good fortune. The power of the great avenue is scattered in this ruin."

Wang Feng shook his head and said, "You want to use me. Here, I will restore all the jade discs of good fortune."

"What you said are all your guesses." The shadow said faintly.

"Is it?"

Wang Feng smiled, without saying anything, with an axe, he slashed towards the coffin in front of him.

In an instant, the axe light that broke through the world, at that instant, broke through the black mist like a wave.

fell on the ancient coffin and directly split the ancient coffin into a crack.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Feng didn't pause at all, but directly hacked away with the axe.

Void trembles.

The ancient coffin finally shattered.


An angry and low-pitched roar came from the broken ancient coffin.

I saw that it was a powerful creature with a gray complexion, but with ray of golden light on his body.

There is one thing, but it is enough to prove its identity.

The power of faith.

Surging power of faith.

Slightly different is that those powers of faith have a breath of silence.

"The gods of the universe of your gods are not ordinary gods. How can this aura is also a supreme god?" Wang Feng sneered, "Moreover, it is still a fallen supreme god. His spirit and body are here. The ruins are immortal and immortal, and they have lost their will... The appearance you are now is caused by what you left behind!"

The shadow is silent.

Wang Feng closed his eyes.

He turned and left.

The shadow slowly dispersed, revealing a graceful figure.

"It's not so good." She murmured, "I didn't expect it to be guessed by him... Next, it's not easy to control... Yan Qingjue shouldn't know it..."


Next, Wang Feng used the map to quickly find the Wanlongzhu.

At the same time, I also met Hu Liena, Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong and other confidantes.

Even the Red God Fox Emperor also met.

With the help of Wang Feng, he found several seeds of cosmic will and was able to spy on cosmic life.

When in the four major areas of the ruins, on the four maps, all the Ten Thousand Dragon Balls were found by Wang Feng and swallowed with a jade dish of good fortune.

Thirty dark night hours have passed.

At this time, Wang Feng also understood that the Divine System Universe did not intend to let him go.

Using nearly 90% of the jade discs of good fortune that have been restored, combined with the various laws of the avenue, combined with the will of Pangu axe, Wang Feng forcibly opened up a passage for the ruins.

At this point, Wang Feng returned to the ancestral realm.

At the same time, all Wang Feng's confidantes and friends brought into the ancestral realm, hid the ancestral realm in the chaos gap, and disappeared in all the universe.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Feng immediately merged the three avatars, combined with the three chaotic treasures, gathered together, and went to the universe alone.

Knowing that the ancestral realm has disappeared, and that the primordial civilization and universe have lost their traces, it is difficult to detect.

The universe of the gods was furious, and sent countless supreme gods to kill Wang Feng, intending to take back the three chaotic treasures of the prehistoric universe first.

Then, he was shocked one by one by Wang Feng, who was one of the three gods at this time and integrated the three most chaotic treasures.

Until the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the universe **** shot, but at this time, Wang Feng's general trend had been achieved. It was the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty **** who shot, and it only severely injured Wang Feng.

Wang Feng flees easily, and wanders in the various civilization factions of the **** system universe, secretly spying and waiting for opportunities, thousands of years have passed.

Until the beginning of the divine universe, the round of calamity is approaching...Wang Feng shot at the critical moment of calamity, and fought fiercely with the five great Yuanchu gods, wounded three or four.

Under the overthrow of the calamity, the universe of the gods collapsed instantly...

The era restarts, the heavens and the universe, the multiples stand side by side, everything seems to be rewritten...

I don’t know how long it has been.

The ancestral world.

The sky is faintly blue, and there are beautiful cities floating in it.

Below    is the shining star-like land, with countless lives, turning into streams of light, traveling through this world.

There are countless kinds of flying objects from various civilizations rippling in the sky.

In the sky, inside a palace.

"Mama, Aunt Xue wants me to call her sister Xue today, why?"

A little girl with pink jade carvings, wearing a beautiful white princess dress, with her head up, looking at a beautiful woman with many small question marks on her head.

"Probably..." The woman pondered for a while, thought about it, and said, "Maybe it's because your Aunt Xue's innocent heart is still not...You don't have to worry about her."

"But I have a lot of aunts." The little girl clenched her hands and said, "Aunt Rong, Aunt Qing, Aunt Yue, Aunt Na, Aunt Bing... There are many. If there is one less aunt and one more sister, Sisi is not against it. ."

The woman lowered her head, looked at the little girl, and shook her head helplessly: "It's okay, you can call her anything. Anyway...she is also your sister..."

The little girl didn't seem to hear the next sentence, and suddenly cheered, "Then I will call Aunt Xue to call Sister Xue from now on."

Excited, the little girl asked again: "Mama, when will dad be back?"

The woman seems to have heard this question many times, and she replied without thinking: "When you grow up, your dad will come back... You haven't grown up yet, so dad hasn't come back yet."

"But I had a dream yesterday. I dreamed of my father." The little girl said suddenly, "He said he will be back today."

The woman smiled, her smile a little bit sour.

I have done this dream several times.

So, Wang Wu, when will you come back?

"Mom, look, is that Dad?" The little girl suddenly pointed to the distance excitedly.

I saw the void slowly cracking open, and a figure came out of it.

The figure is smiling, and his face seems to be the same as before, without any change, except that in his eyes, there are endless vicissitudes of life, as if it is no longer what it was before.

But the voice opened, but the woman burst into tears instantly.

"Everything is solved... I am back."

(End of the book)

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