Chapter 72 72. First Blood [3]: Battle Of Boobs.

72. First Blood [3]: Battle of Boobs.

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[Middle of the forest.]

While Lisa and Sara were busy fighting each other, a large-scale war broke out where Anna and Lara were fighting.

"<Wrath>" Blood Knight shouted and his body released a red air that had some black particles.

"Just die already!!! You moron!!" Chiffon, an average-looking woman shouted while her body was writhing in pain. She had been mercilessly beaten by the Blood Knight. It was only because of her defensiveness and the treasures in her possession that she was still alive.

The wound that the Blood Knight had inflicted on her was effective in letting the [Corruption], miasma enter her body.

The only reason she could keep up was because of some potions she was carrying, otherwise, she should've died long ago.

Her cries filled with pain and agony echoed throughout the forest.

The worst part was that her comrades were not with her for her support.

"Chiffon!!" Charmina shouted as she heard echoes of Chiffon's pained cries. Her small body ran at full speed toward the source of the cries.

Earlier, when she heard these cries, she rushed, however, the place where she was right now was unlike what she had thought.

"R-Rina!!! Julie?!! Where are you?!" Charmina called out her other partners whom she had followed but got no response.

It was too late to realize, but-

"I cannot let my master down, can I?" Lara said and appeared in front of Charmina.

"Is that you Rina?!" Charmina turned abruptly but her body tensed as her eyes met with that of a beautiful seductress.

"It's a waste that my master cannot pound you. But it's good this way too." There was a vein that budged on Lara's head when she looked at Charmina.

Despite her thin body, two big melons were hanging on her chest, they bounced like two water balloons.

Although Lara didn't want to admit it, despite being a little saggy, those boobs were the biggest she had seen in her life. Those boobs looked too heavy to lift!

"I hate you, so let me try something new," Lara said and pounced at Charmina, annoyance was clear in her voice.

It had been a while since she released her frustrations, so she did not hold back at all and punched right into Charmina's boobs.


"Ahn!" A moan escaped Charmina's mouth as she was sent a few meters back. Even Lara was astonished by this. Instead of bursting like balloons, those boobs rebounded her punch! The elasticity!

"Ha... ha... You bitch!" This was the first time Charmina had felt so humiliated. Her boobs were her dignity and pride. The anger was visible on her face.

The demoness in front of her had tried to do something she shouldn't have done! So, infuriated by Lara's audacity, Charmina attacked as well.

"You won't get away with this, Holy Summoner!" A long and thick stick appeared in Charmina's hands as she said called for her ultimate weapon.

A thin stick that radiated a golden light, albeit a little faint, appeared in Charmina's hands.

'A stick..?' Lara was intrigued as she saw the unique stick. Her instincts were calling out for the danger.

"Fufufu~" Charmina laughed evilly as she held the stick with both of her hands. Her boobs were squeezed between the two arms.

"Are you scared, you busty demoness?" She said while chanting something under her breath.

"W-what's with that stick?!" Lara started breathing heavily. Her body started heating and her face flushed a little. Something was off, but she could not point it out.

"This weapon is called Holy summoner!" Charmina said proudly and the two melons hanging on her body were released as she raised her hand. Without a doubt, those boobs loved the freedom, thus following the motion they kept bouncing a little.

"This stick will replicate your desires and will give me half of your power!" The proud smile on her face had no end. As if Lara was one unlucky woman.

"The deepest desire that you have, I will have it! And you will suffer the trauma of not having it!! Your love, your possessions, everything! I will have it! Fufufufu~" She shouted like a maniac.

The stick called "Holy Summoner" had the power to replicate the deepest desire of the opponent, creating an illusion.

Desires like having loved ones, having a family, or weapons you desire the most, anything could be granted in this; anything that practically exists and is possible.

On the other hand, the opponent will be sent into the illusionary world where he can do nothing but look at the person with envious eyes. The enemy suffers since it cannot participate in the illusion, and also cannot close its eyes!

The enemy eventually loses the will to fight and Charmina always beheaded such enemies after the illusion ended. An evil strategy indeed!

Since she felt Lara's strength to be far greater than hers, she used almost all of her mana to dig into Lara's deepest desire.

"Let my enemy see the power of you, Holy Summoner!" She shouted and the world around the two of them changed.

Inside a room filled with sweet scents of roses, illuminated with pink light, and beautiful artifacts and paintings, like those of ancient European times, a circular bed was placed in the center of this room.

An object similar to a gramophone was placed near the circular bed while some calm music was played on it.

There were rose petals scattered on the bed along with a beautiful woman lying on it.

She was moving her bare and slender, smooth and long white legs. Her bare legs had a thin tight tore from one side. Her legs were spread wide and her ankles were tied by the side of the bed.

There were sexy black undies slid to one side, revealing her beautiful pink pussy that was opening and closing periodically. Her black undies were a size smaller for her, thus they were tightening her butt and pussy.

Her small belly was heaving up and down as she was gasping for as much air as possible.

Although her body was small, she had humongous breasts that were tied in a black bra, not enough to even hide the tips of her nipples, the bra was accused of the restricted freedom of those mountains.

Her body was shaking as she tried to free herself from the ropes that tied her.

The ropes that tied her to the bed, tightened their grip on her as she moved. As if they were living beings.

"Ahn! S-stop it! You Demon! L-let- Ahn! Go!" The woman moaned as the bra moved and played with her nipples.

Her hair was disheveled and her eyes were fierce along with the tears in the corner of her eyes. She had been tortured like this for a long time.

She looked like a trapped cat, who will attack the moment she gets an opportunity.

"Mhn~" but that was only possible if those ropes let her leave. They were touching her body from tip to toe but they did not touch the part she wanted to touch the most.

'W-what's this?! What is happening?' the woman tied to the bed was none other than Charmina.

She had expected to be a dominant demoness, take everything Lara wanted, and make Lara lose her mind. Make her jealous and break her will to live.

This had been a strategy that worked numerous times! However, this was the first time she found that a demoness can also have the desire this weird!

The ropes suddenly stopped as the figure of an enchanting male approached the bed.

He had two long black horns along with a pair of black, bat-like wings.

'Huh?' Charmina was dumbstruck the moment she saw the figure of the man approaching. Her eyes reached the bottom of the man and stopped abruptly.

One must note that the holy summoner could only show the desire that is practically possible, hence as Charmina saw how thick and sleek the man's cock was her body froze. Her head felt dizzy as she imagined getting rammed by such a thing!

But the problem was,

'I cannot succumb to the desire!' That's right!

The only condition Holy Summoner had was the user mustn't succumb to the desire of its enemy otherwise the user will suffer the most.

"Stop resisting my cute milf. This is a punishment for not following my orders. So be obedient." The man said as he pulled a purple potion out of nowhere and poured it on her body, especially her breasts.

'C-cute..?' Charmina flustered but her eyes did not waver, "L-let me go! You fucking demon!" Charmina said aloud.

"Ha… resistance is futile, my dear Milf~. Also, you cannot cum until I permit you~," He said and came closer.

"Mnf!" Charmina's jaw wide opened as the ropes suddenly entered her mouth. On the other hand, the man rubbed his cock against her rim! Her already sensitive vulva could not bear this!

She was living what Lara had always dreamed. To be handled like a toy and played roughly!

The music in the background intensified and so were her moans.

The ropes were deep inside her throat and she could not breathe. Along with this, the man's dick was silently playing with her rim, his hands with her nipples and he was gently kissing her nape!

"Kheuk!" She breathed heavily as he removed the ropes abruptly. The tears in her eyes were evidence of her pain.

"Now, now~ I won't waste my time either." He said and emptied the remaining bottle of purple potion on her pussy.

"Ahn~ N-no!! Mhn~" Charmina's body, which was already at the peak of pleasure, felt the cold liquid dripping over her vulva.

The panties that were soaked with her feminine juices also soaked the cold liquid.

Her boobs were begging for freedom, but the merciless bra did not waver. The potion had increased her sensitivity by a few folds!

"Now this place," The man pinched her clit and removed his hand immediately, and just before she could cross the line and let the bed shower in her juices.

"Ahhh! Please let me cum! Ahhhn!" Charmina shouted.

The rocking hard dick in front of her had already maddened her, and now the man did not let her cum either!

"No means no~ You said you won't follow your master's order, such a rebellious girl needs to be punished," He said while loosening the ropes.

Immediately her

"Please! I beg you, please!!! Let me cum! Please!" Charmina had already lost it. She wanted the man's dick and nothing more.

"Fufu~ Cute." The man said and slid his cock directly inside.

"Ahn! Yes! That's it!" She was blessed the moment that thick dick entered her pussy.

Within a few moments, Charmina's moans echoed inside the room.


Lara was shedding tears of blood as she saw the mad smile on Charmina's face!

She was feeling broken inside as her dream of getting thoroughly rammed by her master was being used by Charmina.

The more she watched, the more she cried, the only thing that kept her sane was the hope that this was nothing but a mere illusion.

She watched Charmina riding on his cock while the man beat her soft ass.

Half an hour passed, the mana inside Charmina's body was emptied and her body turned into a dried husk.

This was the punishment from the holy summoner for getting succumbed to the pleasure and forgetting its real purpose…

The force restricting Lara was removed and she freed herself from the torture, but the anger in her eyes did not die.

She was enraged! Taking the holy summoner and putting it inside her storage ring along with every treasure on Charmina's body, she looked at her small body which was dried, but the smile on her face remained.

She beheaded Charmina in a swift motion and moved.

That day, she swore that she will do anything to make her dream possible and not let anyone steal her master from her.

<Ding! The host has received Evil points 5000 for sinning Lust.>

Logan who was in the middle of the battle got confused by the message.

What evil deed? Why did he receive points? He was confused but he couldn't care much since the opponent in front of him was a greater headache.